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Yeh Vaada Raha 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Survi stands tensed, as khushi excitedly talks about shopping and lots of other arrangements with kartik. she gets emotional, but then asks about her parents’ teacher’s meeting, with jatin, intentionally. kartik gets tensed. jatin takes khushi inside, for rest, while the shopkeepers disperse too. then kartik leaves enraged. survi breaks down on the floor, into tears. Jatin comes and asks her no to hurt herself like this. she wonders what to do, and he says that what she is doing with him, is paining her the most, since she cant see him in pain. she is shocked. she says that she can bear any amount of pain, but right now, doing the right thing of not be defeated by kartik, is priority, and she shall not let khushi get away, come what may.

Scene 2:

On the road
Kartik drives rash on the road, remembering survi’s excitement about the marriage, andmeets with an accident, and goes unconscious. .

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai is asked by pyare to do something, or else she shall have to beg all life. they both are distressed. they wonder what to do now. she says that he went to survi, and if she gets to know the truth, noone can save them from uniting. the phone rings, and when tai hears what the speaker says, she is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Survi’s residence
Jatin tells survi that his car met with an accident. she drops the tea tray on the floor, in shock, as she gets to know that he is in the hospital. she is apalled and distraught, as she retreats back. she rushes out, screaming his name. she rushes distraught and dishevelled on the streets to get to him. while trying to get an auto, she falls on the ground, and her hand bruises severely, but she is more tensed, when her mangalsutra falls on the ground, and she begs the lord for it not to be a bad omen.

Scene 5:
Location: Hospital
Tai and others console lata, who wonders what is causing kartik such ill fate. just then, survi rushes in, distraught and apalled. they are tensed to see her. As the doctor comes out, survi asks how is kartik. she says that he got sever wounds and sustained injuries, but he is out of danger now. they are releived. the doctor allows them all to go, and they all rush in. survi waits along with others in anticipation, for kartik, as he groggily opens his eyes. they all ask him how it happened. he says that its nothing, and he is fine. lata again points out that he has ill luck. tai blames it all on survi, who always has problems with kartik. they start reprimanding her, for not wanting to let kartik be in peace, and asks why is she doing this. survi stands mortified. kartik cuts her short, and asks her to listen. but he is interrupted, when khushi comes with jatin, and asks how did he get hurt. he becomes loving, and talks animatedly with khushi, trying to cheer her up, and apologising, that due to him, their parent’s marriage got postponed. lata asks him to stop it, as after sustaining such injuries, he is still talking about marriage. but he says that he has promised her. the doctor comes and disperses them all. As all leave, khushi asks him to get well soon, and she shall come everyday to meet him. as they talk with each other, survi is apalled to see this. she then takes a marker, and writes a good wish on his fracture. then taking survi’s hand, and blowing him a goodbye kiss, she gets her mother to go, while survi and karti eye each other tensedly.

Outside, as survi and khushi leave, tai and pyare discuss as to how, survi and kartik didnt talk to each other, but now tai says that they have to use this to their advantage, and utilise the one month, and get them to separate by instigating one against the other with misundertandings.

Scene 6:
Location: Survi’s residence
As they come back from the hospital, survi is tensed, while kushi tells jatin that kartik was vry happy to see her, and hence she shall go everyday so that he gets better soon. He ssures that he shall but for that she has to get well soon and asks her to go and rest. he complies. after she leaves, he expresses with relief that its good that kartik’s condition is this. she gets enraged and asks how can he talk like this. he says that he deserves this, and he wishes both his legs got fractured. survi is apalled. jatin sees the effect, and then continues to bad mouth about him, and what all he was doing to survi, and asks how can she side with him, as they should celebrate and party. she asks how can he say that, when kartik is in such a state. he talks tensedly, if her lost love has revievd again. she is taken aback, as she is silenced and speechless. she gets to go, but he continues to pinch her on this, that kartik is irritating her so much, because he still loves her, and as far as she is concenred, she is madly and hopelessly in love with him, thats why she is bearing all this. he asks whats going on, and asks her to talk to kartik, for the sake of their friendship, as love sheds all egos, and she wouldnt become short, if she goes and talks. he tells her to look at kartik’s positive side, and how much he had loved her, and asks her to atleast think about this. she is lost in introspection.

Scene 7:
Location: Hospital
Later, kartik, who was actually putting up the pretense, of this all, gets up and walks around on his two perfectly fine legs, and talks to survi on the phone. SHe is oblivious that he is alright, and he too is oblivious of her presence in the hospital, as she has come to surprise him. he apologises to her, for the postponement of her marriage, as khushi was this excited, and asks her to make him talk to khushi. she tells him that khushi has slept. she keeps progressing towards his room, while he talks to her, oblivous of her increasing proximity. but he doesnt realise that survi stands right outside the door, while he keeps talking that she wishes to get the vidaai done by him, and for that he needs to get better soon. she is apalled to see his conspiring plan, and is enraged. she says that whatever he is doing is because of khushi. he says that indeed it is, and he shall make her go through the same pain. he says that he is doing all this, to snatch khushi from her, and that she can save all the trouble by imply admitting to her mistake. she says that she wont when she hasnt made any mistake, but he made a grave one, by reminding her of this, all over again. The screen freezes on survi’s angry face, as she cancels the call.

Precap: Survi comes and feeds food to kartik, who enjoys that she is servicing him, without knowing that she knows her plan. he is tensed as she takes the foodbites. after she is gone, he gets down the bed, hurriedly. He rushes around for water, and gulps it all down, when survi reenters. he asks what had she made in the name of food, as it was full of chillies. she smirks at him, as he realises that he is standing on his bare feet and that survi knows his leg isnt fractured.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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