Yeh Vaada Raha 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
merriment and festivities are on in full swing, as tai receives guests humbly, to the function. Pyare comes and warns tai yet again about aniket’s plans of marrying survi, being in love. she asks him to go and mind his business and not poke around. he complies. Kartik comes out, and is distraught seeing a slideshow of survi. he finds aniket, still drssed casually, and asks whats the matter, doesnt he want to get married. Aniket smiles and says that its nothing like that. he teases him to go and get dressed for the wedding. Then he leaves. He eyes survi, from the door, as she is being groomed as a bride. he eys her lovingly, remembering their past moments. She eyes him distraught. kartik comes upto her, and says that she is looking very

beautiful, and sits beside her. he then takes out the bangles, and she eyes him boggled. her friends comment that she is lucky to have found such a good friend. they all leave as they are hollered at to come down. He then clarifies that he didnt get them made, but lata did, long back for her marriage, and then jokes about how it must be loose now, since she has lost so much weight. He fights tears, and then asks her to try it on, if its fits. She asks him to do so. He is tensed, but complies nevertheless, both of them emotionally overwhelmed, as they eye each other, with teary, emotional eyes. As he gets to go, his handcuff gets entangled in her cloth, as always does. Survi says that she decided to take this journey, separating them by miles, based on her belief on his decision but she cant take these final steps now, and requests him to hold her hand and lead her to the altar. he eyes her shocked and tensed, but complies to her request. He himself takes her hand, and vows to lead her to the altar, to get her married to aniket. She follows him, while he leads her sternly, remembering their past moments. he gets her till the mandap, eyeing her emotional, and then making her take her place, leaves from there. srikant eyes her. the priest asks for Aniket, and tai says that she shall just get him. She leaves.

In aniket’s dressing room, pyare sneaks in to hear aniket ordering for the tickets soon, on call. He is amused at the irony, that the mother is wanting to ruin survi, and he is trying to get romantic. he comes in, and aniket gets tensed. Aniket chooses his dress, and is eyeing himself in the mirror, when he asks him to get the sehra. He leaves. Aniket is oblivious that the doll is lurking in the room. Pyare comes and asks the iron fellow to hurry up. the iron fellow turns around, and it turns out to be kishore, seeing whom he is scared. pyare tries to run away, but the door shuts and he is scared. he tries to run, and then almost collides into tai somehow. When she gets angry and asks whats he upto, pyare again rants about kishore. tai slaps him, and he frustratedly asks whats her problem, and takes her to show the room. But finds it empty now. she slaps him yet again, and reprimands him to remember that kishore is dead and the dead doesnt come back. he is thoroughly boggled. She asks him to come along, as they have to take aniket to the mandap. he silently complies.

Aniket is brought to the altar, by tai and aniket, while all watch on. in maharashtrian style, they stand for the jaimala, while all look on. survi and kartik are apalled as they eye each other. the priest starts the ritual, and then ask the cloth with their partition to be taken off, so that they can see each other. Its pulled, down, but the purdah gets stuck halfway. The doll lurks around the mandap, and suddenly the lights go off. All are boggled. People go to check the lights. when they come back on, all are shocked to find the purdah down, and aniket nowhere to be found. Srikant asks her not to worry, and then asks kartik where is aniket. Just then, a video goes on the projector, with aniket dressed as a groom. aniket says that he wont apologise as whatever he did, intentionally and within senses, and he never intended to marry her. all are shocked to hear this. Tai and bindu smile amused, while pyare is shocked too. He says that some relations and evils are never forgotten, and that he cant ever douse the revenge fires, and hence enacted to be in love with her. All are shocked, while survi is apalled. tai says that its good, and aniket showed his colours at the right time. srikant rushes to kartik and asks whats the matter. he reinforces that aniket cant do this, and there is some issue, and he shall go and get him. they all start searching for him. Kartik misses aniket unconscious behind a pillar, and the doll moving past him mysteriously, and then dragging aniket away, while kartik searches frantically. he returns back and tai asks where is he. Srikant frazzled asks him. Kartik hangs his head low, and all are distraught. tai and pyare smirk at each other. Srikant collapses on the floor. survi and kartik rush to him. she asks him to control himself, while he breaks down into uncontrollable tears. kartik asks him not to lose hope. Srikant laments that he had wanted happiness for her, and look what happened. Kartik and survi are distraught. Pyare tells tai that its a brilliant gameplan. She says that the credit is to aniket, as he did this. He is boggled and asks if she didnt do this. she says that she thought he would marry, but good that he ran at the last minute, but did a favour. Tai tells pyare that had she become the bahu today, she would have guaranteed killed survi. Pyare is tensed at her callousness. raghu comes and says that he is nowhere to be found. Hema comes and hurriedly tells tai, that she found this bottle in aniket’s room. All are shocked, while tai is stunned as she eyes the bottle, since its the same that she had given to lata, to get her to speak whatever she wanted her to, and wonders who gave this med to him. the screen freezes on her boggled face.

Precap: People start insinuating about survi’s character, and srikant is apalled at their comments on his daughter. he turns to kartik, and is apalled, as he says that he has no clue who shall make survi, his wife now. in aggression, he takes survi’s hand, and asks the priest to start the rituals. while she is still dazed, he dons the marriage rituals with her, making her his wife.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. Razi

    Waiting fr Monday’s episode ……I am so excited …..really a serious problem for two weeks ….nw it’s going to end….thanks Rhimjim for fast update ….

  2. Razi

    And thank you so much dear doll…whoever you be…..whoever sent you dnt matter…..And Karthick for the first time in your life you have made right decision……

  3. Fatarajo

    OMG OMG such a good episode wow. Thank u so much Gudiya for making that Aniket reveal his true colors, I love dolls 😛 aniket n Gudiya rocked today’s episode 😛 C’mon Karthik marry Survi, can’t wait for Monday’s episode , when Surthik will be married it will be such a relief

  4. josphine muthoni

    wow soo swt ….i cant wait to see surthik getting married…..poor aniket but ankit dint intend to hurt survi anywai

  5. Devil

    I am so surprised. Karthik and survi marriage is going to happen. I am at the top of joy. I love that doll. It is so cute. And I want to know about the one who is behind that doll… Thanks for uniting surthik?

  6. Razi

    Hw lata can direct the doll when sheis prisoned????? I think it’s Kishore….he is not dead…..And he’s not a ghost…..I would be glad if he threats Tai too…..

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