Yeh Vaada Raha 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
kartik and survi drive back tensedly, while he keeps thinking about what pyare said. he starts to drive reckless when she asks him to watch his speed, as he is driving rash. he says that he wishes to get home asap, as he doesnt know how tai is. she wonders whats this new plan of tai, that she is upto, to distance kartik away from her. they both continue to drive obliviously, unaware of the bomb underneath their car.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence
Pyare however is shocked to know that tai plans to kill them both. she says that she had no other choice, as she didnt want kartik to be killed, but survi made her so frustrated, that she thought she would get them both out of the way, so that she never stands the risk of being exposed.

pyare asks what about lata, shanti and kishore. She laughs it away, saying that they are no concerns without kartik and survi. But she swears that she shall give kishore such a terrible death torturously, so that he is scared to face her again. she says that as of now, she merely waits for the good news to flash in. The countdown starts, as the bomb has one minute left to explode. Finally the bomb explodes. As tai gets a confirmed news, that kartik and survi are killed, she is ecstatic and thrilled and overjoyed, and celebrates with pyare. She guffaws loudly, and starts dancing, praising the lord. she remembers survi’s threat to her, and smiles evilly. later, she drinks to enjoy, as she eyes kartik’s pic, and then tells pyare that the world’s most painful thing is, to be made aware of one’s poverty, and she felt that, when she had to give the room to survi, and that as she sits there back again, she feels that she finally got back her place in the room and the house, fulfilling her long cherished dream. she gets nostalgic saying that she didnt want kartik to die, as he was like her son, but she had to kill him due to survi. hema and bindu come in, and tai explains the happy news, saying that now they both can lay hands on anything, and it belongs to them. he speaks inadvertently that they are his too. Jusrt then, the doorbell rings. tai says that it must be shanti and kishore, who were overexcited, and shall now be grieving. Bindu is shocked to hear that kishore is back now, and how did he come back. tai asks why is she tensed for kishore, as survi didnt stand, then whats kishore, and that she shall teach him a lesson for ditching her daughter.

meanwhile, pyare and hema come down to open the door. Tai and pyare are tensed when the police come in one more time. Pyare hesitatingly asks whats the matter. he says with deep regret that survi and kartik are nomore, as they were rushed to the hospital, but they succumbed to injuries. shanti is apalled and aghast and breaks into uncontrollable tears. bindu comes in the balcony, and is amused at the scene below, while tai asks bindu to stop shanti from crying, so that she has some tears saved for when she sees her brother’s dead body. Bindu says that tai also needs to go down, and asks her to come along, and pretend to be aghast at this news. tai complies to this, saying that she lost her dear son. they have a good laugh. Downstairs, shanti tells them that they got the wrong news, as nothing can happen to kartik and survi. tai comes down with glycerine in her eyes, along with bindu. tai is amused, oblivious meanwhile of two apparitions that seem like survi and kartik, lurking around in this vernadah of the house, circling the mansion. When tai sees kartik and survi coming in, she is shocked and downright boggled. shanti and kishore are plesantly relieved. tai, and everyone else is shocked, when kartik comes in with survi, addressing shanti’s name. They are left stunned, as they face the couple. tai is boggled. bindu and tai run away from there and back in the room. Shanti rushes and hugs kartik, as she explains what just happened. Pyare pretends to be relieved, and asks how could the police say that there was an explosion in the car. kishore tries to speak, but kartik sternly shuts him up, saying that he shall deal with him later. kishore signals survi, and remains quiet. tai wonders when she got the call, then how were they saved. kartik explains to the police, as to how they were approached by a wounded couple, and when they gave them a lift, they turned out to be hooligans. kartik and survi were looted and ransacked, and then they took their car too. This means that they must have died in the explosion. kishore says that it seems a conspiracy and someone tried to take their life, and what if they hadnt stepped out. he then eyes tai, and says that those who are saved by the lord, arent killed easily. survi asks the police to do a proper investigation as kishore’s insinuation is right. kartik asks who would try to take their life. survi says that their life is like that, as enemies come up from anywhere and after this, they cant trust anyone. he complies to it and says that they shall have a thorough investigation. the police complies and leaves. Suddenly, he remembers about tai’s wounded hand, and hurriedly asks pyare, who is shocked himself. tai hears this from the balcony with bindu and hurriedly takes her inside. she then tells bindu about pyare’s story about her wounded hand. she thinks that now she shall have to actually cut it. Meanwhile, Kartik hurriedly comes and says that tai isnt in her room. pyare says that since kishore came and she was upset, he sent her to kartik’s room only. he rushes in, towards his own room. survi asks shanti to go to the room, and rest, and be relaxed since as long as she is there, nothing shall happen to kartik. she smiles.

In the room, Bindu says that she shall manage anyhow, by faking it, but tai thinks that she cant take the chance with survi being oversmart. She comes out with the axe, and places it on her wrist. bindu asks her not to do so, and tries to take the axe. She shoves bindu away and then cuts her hand with the axe that she has, while bindu watches aghast. Blood drips, as tai musters the courage to finally cut herself, bearing the pain. finally, kartik rushes in, and finds bindu catering to tai’s wounds, and asks why did she do this to herself. tai creates an emotional drama, as to why he left her, and went, and who came. survi wants to do it, but bindu doesnt relent. survi says that she is a nurse and shall handle better. Bindu complies. tai eyes her shrewdly, while he asks why wasnt the doctor called. bidnu says that tai became arrogant. tai says that she wishes to die rather than live like this in insult, and that she has ruined her son’s life, hence she deserves this punishment and even to die. Pyare says that someone else deserves punishment, and somebody else is getting it, and asks how can they trust kishore, and that she cant take the blame for him leaving, and spoiling bindu’s life. he asks kartik which mother can bear this, and that she wanted to die due to this kishore, but he stopped her anyhow. kartik is thoroughly enraged, and grabs kishore’s collar, and asks how dare he accuse tai of crimes allegedly. Bindu comes and grabs him, asking how dare he come back in the house, after such drama. She says that he doesnt deserve to be here, and last time, he went unannounced but this time, he shall be thrown out by her only. Survi and shanti stand tensedly. They leave.

Later, tai tells survi that she ahd to cut her hand due to survi, today. Tai tells to survi, in front of hema, bindu and pyare, that she shall do anything, but not let her win at any cost, and once this kishore chapter is taken care of, then she shall teach her a lesson too. she gags her throat, and says that she shallplay with her destiny, for every drop of blood shed. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Kartik along with survi, tells bindu that the greatest thing in marriage is trust, and the reason they are together still, is because survi never left his side, and kept trusting him. survi looks back with tai eyeing her angrily, and then turns back. tai is tensed to hear this. he says that he loves survi very much, and that now they shall always be by each other’s side. he says that he can live without his breath but not without survi. In their room, later, kartik asks survi if she loves him. She says that she loves him galore. Then they get to consummating their new found love, as they finally give in to each other completely.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wowww..recape…is unbelievable…. Wowww..yar..karthik se to control hi nahi ho raha…..amazing…..and then that.line of karthik that..he can live without hir breath…but can’t live without survi….wowww.and tai…..face..was amazing……. But recape..was amazing….and over all episode was boring….wainting for……tomorrow

  2. Day by day I m loving this show a lot but due to the timings can’t watch it regularly Surthik scenes are always a treat to watch and I found tai quite cute in the first half when she was dancing and second half was so creepy 😛 and I hope no one disturbs Surthik this time so annoying 😛

    1. Why u changd d name????

      1. Haha razi u got me just for fun and I don’t know why all my relatives/cousins loves to call me that so decided to change my name for a while 😛

  3. Too lovely. … … … Fatarajo epi 8 of YVR FF?

    1. Hey lovy I have submitted it already

  4. wow surthik sweet moment

  5. Omg finally kartik n survi will have they moment n i hope tai burns in hell n rotten

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I just so hope n peay Kar/Sur consumate der marrige.. tai flip offff man…unhapoy miserable ting lolllll

  7. I like the pace of the show. Rest of the zee tv shows r dragging so much except this one. Also, I love the fact that the evil tai’d evil plan always fails hehe. Survi and kartik deserves to be happy.

  8. The hamster in Kartik’s brain is working overtime but the light bulb is blown. There is no one at home. Lights are out. Why didn’t Kishore show them the knife wound in his stomach from the attempted murder. Please writers , write shows fit for adults with intellect and more brains than Kartik. Is kartik’s character suppose to be this slow??


  9. Wow….fabulous epi. ..I love it so much….

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