Yeh Vaada Raha 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence and Kartik’s factory
The children are in rage and angry at tai for letting survi stay. when she comes, they flock her asking how could she do this, but indu doesnt say anything. tai asks if she doesnt have anything to say. Tai tells the children, that by keeping survi in the house, she is giving them all a chance to take revenge from survi. They are boggled. She says that she remembers every scream of aniket when he had gotten shot, and that everytime they get they have to torture her, but very carefully, as they have to pretend to give all the love and affection to survi in front of kartik, and torture her once she is alone. hema asks how shall they bear it and her stay. tai says that she has no clue whats going to happen tomorrow. she

says that kartik played a big game, as when things were to be distributed, he made srikant a partner of 50% partnership, and now she shall play her game, and take away everything from him.

Downstairs, all perform the puja, with tai leading it, while survi isnt to be seen. survi joins in with shanti. Tai sees her and signals the children. One by one, all of them come and apologise to survi for their misbehaviour saying that they shouldnt have done it. She says that tai explained them that she and srikant werent at fault, and apologise again. Survi smiles and forgives them. kartik and lata smile. tai praises her children. she then goes to survi, and comes and asks if she isnt bothered anymore, and that she explained it to the children nicely, that survi wasnt at fault. Survi eyes them all tensedly. she holds her hand, and survi flinches in fear. she says that she is getting her to do the arti, for seeking blessings of lord Ganesha, and the last arti before the procession shall be done by survi, who is scared as she is surrounded by tai and her children from all sides. Tai asks her children also to go with her. She starts the arti, while tai eyes her. she then moves aside and places a call to a goon, saying that she needs him to do a work, and thats to murder someone who he shall know when the time comes, and but the money shall come before, and she herself shall tell him how the person is to be killed. she then explains him the entire plan and cancels the call. She apologises to the lord, saying that she doesnt like it, but doesnt have any more option, as if survi tries to take whats hers and her children’s. as she does the arti, tai eyes survi doing the puja, thinking that if they have to live on, then she has to die.

While lata is working, survi comes and asks if she can help as she is feeling bored. kartik comes in just then and lata instructs her to get survi admitted to a school. kartik teases her thast she neednt go to school, and lata says that she needs to, to be educated and mature. he says that she is already overmature, and shall start teaching the teacher. survi complains about him to lata, and he retaliates back, and a verbal scuffle ensues. Lata is amused but reprimands him to stop teasing her. she reminds that she isnt his partner but srikant is, and if once she starts talking, then he would have to become dumb, and warns him not to instigate that side of hers. she goes on a rant of talking. lata starts smiling. he is silenced, while lata is highly happy that somebody quietened him finally. She takes fun and leaves. he and survi start fighting again. He asks her to come out for the immersion.

Some goons ransack a truck full of children’s goods, while its being loaded, at kartik’s factory. a trouble ensues. Tai calls the goons and asks if its all set. She compliments them for hsaving done the work. She cancels the call, eyeing kartik doing the preparations of the loading of sweets and everything. She calls him, and he asks why is she tensed. she says that she got a call from the PA at the factory, about some trouble created by some goons. tensedly, he decides to send raghu. she asks him to go and handle. he assks what about the immersion. she says that she is here and survi too, hence they shall handle. He rushes off. tai is relieved. She then calls the goons to inform them that he has left and that till she doesnt call, the fight should continue and he should be thoroughly engaged. she turns around to find survi standing scared. Tai wonders if she has heard everything. she comes to her lovingly, while survi keeps retreating back. tai taunts her as 50% owneer and asks her what happened. She says that she got the Puja Ki thali. tai asks her to go and do the puja then. she complies. tai is relieved. lata asks raghu to go and call kartik so that they can start with the puja. tai says that kartik isnt here and where he went and why, and that they shall handle the immersion themselves. she asks lata to do the puja and then immerse the idol. she thinks that anyhow she has to keep lata at home, so that they can kill survi easily. She takes aniket’s walking stick, and deliberately reminds lata that she forgot something in the kitchen. when she rushes down the stairs, tai gets ready to strike a blow. lata collides in the stick, and falls on the ground, yelping in pain. tai reprimands aniket for being so careless. They all rush to her. the children understand what tai is upto. shanti, raghu, and survi rush to her. tai comments that this day isnt very nice, and that this time she wont be able to see the immersion, as she sustained the sprain. All are tensed. she asks hema to sit and take care of lata, while they go. lata says that she shall be able to walk. But tai asks her to take care of herself first. Survi says that tai is right and that she shall stay back with her. tai is surprised wondering that her plan shall be ruined if survi stays here. Tai signals and asks the children to do soemthing. they all give some excuse or the other, while tai and they are amused, that they wont go. tai then asks survi if she is going. all wait in anticipation for her answer and survi finally complies. lata asks them to leave as they are getting late, and asks tai to take good care of survi. She complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s factory
kartik drives tensedly on the road for his way to the factory. As he arrives, he finds his employees being beaten up, while the goons ransacking the place and beating the workers and labourers. he gets angry and gets out of he car and enragedly, he gets to tackling the goons. he starts taking the goons one by one, and then forces to coax out the answer as to who sent them here. He has a tough time fighting with all of them, while continuously asking who sent them. he also overhears another person, saying that he shall stop kartik. the police comes and nabs the thieves away. Kartik wonders whats to be done and why would someone keep them here.

Scene 3:
Location: Ganeshotsav, on the road
Survi and shanti, along with survi, sit in the car and drive off, while tai thinks that its going to be survi’s last ganeshotsav. the screen freezes on her, survi’s and kartik’s faces.

Precap: All have merry and enjoy the celebrations and festivities of the Ganesh Utsav, while the lord is taken out for his final journey before the immersion. As all pray by the temple, which is beside the lake, tai eyes survi as she prays intently with her eyes closed. She gives a sudden nudge and survi loses her balance and falls right behind in the lake. she suffocates for breath and struggles to float and be able to breathe but isnt able to. tai is amused by the side of the lake.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. That. Hold did not do nothing to her what a cold hearted b*t*h for a mother who has no feelings

  2. I am really disappointed with this show !! at the base, this show was supposed to represent normal people in a normal city !!! in a chawl !!!!
    So they showed us 5 episodes of normal people and now everyone is living in Villa and everyone is rich !!!!

    why Zee tv feels obliged to show us stories of rich people? KumKum, Satrangi (before), ETRETR, Tashan e Ishq, Jamai Raja etc…. All those serials are dealing with stories of rich people…………

    They just can’t stuck with the first story line ? Like Sapne suhane Ladak pan ke !!!

    Anyway….bakwaas show !!!

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