Yeh Vaada Raha 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartik gets all flustered seeing as Survi has agreed to marry Jatin.This does not bode well for Tai who goes up to him & talks to him as to why this has him worried so much.

Kartik tells Tai that he never expected Survi to agree to marry Jatin,that he did all this to get her to confess to having kept Khushi away from her all these years.Kartik tells Tai that he is gonna ask her straightaway about it but Tai stops him & convinces him not to by making him understand that Survi might not speak the truth even when confronted & she might go on to say that she didn’t know Khushi was her daughter all along
Right then Survi calls Kartik up & asks him to come over

Survi asks Kartik to select sarees & jewellery for her expecting him to be angry.Rather he cooperates willingly which disturbs Survi.Survi then asks Kartik to select an engagement ring.Kartik notices that Survi still has her wedding ring & so he asks her to take it off.Survi refuses to do so.And it all ends with Kartik forcing it outta her finger & dropping it onto the floor.Survi is reduced to tears

Khushi right then arrives with Jatin & is elated to see Kartik & starts talking to him excitedly about the wedding & how she wanted Kartik to be a part of each & every ritual.Episode ends with Survi being upset about Kartik playing with Khushi’s emotuons to get what he wants

At Barve mansion Kishore is extremely happy & shares his thoughts about why Survi was doing all this with Hema,Bindu & Pyaare

Kartik meets with an accident.Survi finds out & runs frantically to see him

Update Credit to: Vanellope

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  1. Always good episodes from yeh Vaada Raha and great acting !

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