Yeh Vaada Raha 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s and survi’s residence
survi sits eyeing the bangles, sullen outside, remembering her last conversation with him, when she finds him out, for a call. he too eyes her awkwardly. he comes to her and asks why is she standing outside. survi asks whatever happened and whatever she is doing, whether its okay. he asks if he is having doubts now. she says that she has some unresolved issues. he asks why is she raising questions now. she tauints that she just raised questions, he raised his hand almost. he goes philosophical, and expreses what tai means to him. She says that she knows he is right and he understands well, and maybe there is something right in her marrying aniket, and she wont question his intentions anymore. As kartik and survi eye each

other, out in tge garden, survi tells him that he shall have his way, always, as he is used to. She says that she would respect his wish, as she has always, but in return she wants something from him too. He is tensed. she says that things arent always the same, and situations change, and that one cannot hold onto someone for the whole of their lives. he says that its better that they dont talk on this further. just then, shanti comes and asks survi to come along, as all are waiting for her, for the mehendi ceremony. she is about to go, when kartik stops her, by her hand. they eye each other. he then unfolds her hands, and finds the Ganesh Earring, and takes them, saying that they dont belong to her anymore. She is apalled and goes in. He eyes her tensedly and leaves. the doll lurks where they were conversating.

Inside, merriment and festivities continue, as the mehendi ritual begins. Survi extends her hands, and then kartik comes in just then. they both eye each other, apalled and distraught, as he clenches his fists, while she spreads them for the mehendi. he gulps down alcohol to easen her pain. aniket adoringly eyes survi and then tells her that he wishes to talk to her. she asks him to speak. he says that he wishes to do so, in private, and grabs her by her arm, to take her. kartik sees this and is surprised, as aniket, rightfully takes her away from there.

In a corner, survi asks aniket whats the matter. he says that they never got the chance to speak. she asks whats it. He says that she must be knowing about their honeymoon, that gets her uncomfortable, and asks where she wishes to go. she asks why is she being asked, and what would she say. he says that they shall go wherever she wishes to. she says that he can decide, and leaves. He thinks that they shall make a good pair, and he wont deprive her of any happiness. pyare hears this, and decides to give this steaming bit of news to tai immediately. he leaves. Pyare instead gets slapped, when he informs this to tai. he asks why is he getting punished, as he just gave her the news, and if she wishes to slap, then she should do it to aniket, as he is going ahead with survi. She asks him to stop, and says that she wont let aniket be married, as on the mandap, relations shall only be ruined, not be formed, as srikant would blow his top at survi’s insult, and then their relations would break down forever.

Later, in the night, kartik eyes the earrings, in the swing, remembering their conversation, with teary eyes. shanti comes and he composes himself, hiding the earings. She comes, and he asks whats she doing so late. She says that he too is awake. He says that he has many responsibilities. she asks whats he doing outside. He says that he is waiting for a meteor, or shooting star, to wish for something, but today there is none. She asks how would there be, as all have hidden, due to his broken heart. he is shocked, but pretends not to understand. She says that it takes time for her to understand, but can see easily whats going on, and asks that they both love each other, and is just helpless out of promise for tai, and is therefore sacrificing his love. He gets upset, and stands up. He denies what she suggests. she comes to him, and then confronts him, asking why is he looking away then. he gets emotional. She hugs him, while he stands tensedly. She says that sacrificing love, doesnt solve issues, but it just gives a pain for the entire life. She asks if survi is happy, and seeing her unhappy, would he be happy, and tells that 3 lives are at stake, his, survi’s and aniket’s. He eyes her and says that nothing like that shall happen, as aniket loves survi, and shall keep her happy, and everything shall heal with time. he requests her to keep mum about it, and makes her swear. shanti gives him the bangles, that lata got made to give to survi, but she wont be able to, and she herself doesnt have the guts. she gives them to him, saying that they are his responsibilities. she goes in, while he is tramuatised as he eyes them.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
Survi eyes her wedding dress, tensed and apalled. srikant comes in and finding her tensed, comes and sits down by her, giving her a pep-talk, needed pre-marital. he talks about how she is going to her real house now, that she was born to be in. They both get emotional. She asks him if she can solve problems now at this house, along with her in laws’ place after she gets married. he gets up, and says that all is fair, when its for justice in the family, and that protection of her new family should be paramount for her right now. the doll enters in their house, just then, mysteriously. Srikant later tells survi that he has the full faith, that his daughter, shall support whats right and true. After he leaves, the same doll lurks obliviously in tai’s room.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Pyare comments about her weird family, to bindu, that tai is using aniket, and aniket is planning to con tai. bindu says that she doesnt care, as she only seeks revenge from Kishore, who betrayed her. She says that she is only concerned with him, in the family, leeringly and seductively. he smiles. She asks him not to love her, but everything other than that. They start getting physically intimate, when the sound of glass breaking, surprised them. kishore meanwhile lruks venomously behind the curtains, listening to them. Pyare gets scared, while bindu is irritated. They both come out, and then she notices a broken vase. he assures her and more so to himself, that its merely due to the wind, and they neednt be scared. While bindu attends to it, pyare gets a noose tightened around his neck, and starts suffocating, extremely distraught. She notices this, and comes and asks whats he doing and whats he upto, if he has gone mad, and takes off the noose. Once he is free, he clutches at the throat, and blurts out, KISHORE. hearing this, bindu is shocked, and asks how can he be here, as he is gone. he wonders what to do now, and why did he blurt this out. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: As survi sits dressed as a bride, kartik comes and dons the bangles on the hand, while she eys him distraught. As he gets to go, his handcuff gets entangled in her cloth, as always does. Survi says that she decided to take this journey, separating them by miles, based on her belief on his decision but she cant take these final steps now. He himself takes her hand, and vows to lead her to the altar, to get her married to aniket. She follows him, while he leads her sternly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow Surthik scenes were good but I can’t see them sad 🙁 this Aniket is more annoying than tai. I have a feeling that this doll has got a connection with Kishore somehow I don’t know because whenever they show Kishore they don’t show the doll n vice versa
    Whatever it is I just want Surthik to be united

  2. yeh vaada raha

    Rimjhim please jaldi karo. ……mujhse wait nahi kiya ja raha

  3. yeh vaada raha

    Ohhh mai yeh nahi dekh sakti ki suniket ki shaadi ho aur kartik chupchap khara rahe. …………yeh kuch karta kyu nahi

  4. I think something interesting is going to happen. I love that doll. ?

  5. What studity yaa ghost.. Doll… I hte that doll

  6. i love that doll too 🙂 ::) n y kartik wants a shooting star ? Does he want to wish for survi??
    Well… Shanti said something quite meaningful…. If survi marries aniket then 3 lives will be destroyed cux survi will be with someone she doesnt love, aniket will be with someone who doesnt love him and poor kartik he’ll just be watching the love of his life from a distance… But lets hope that things take up a twist at the last minute…
    Well, i think either that doll or tai will do something… Btw, is that doll a ghost or a fairy ???

  7. ^_^ i want SURTIK !! Cvs… Hamai disappoint nhi krna

  8. sOo nyz

  9. Nice love story

    1. It ‘s love story is very nice.Bas Surtik ko alag mat karo.Mujhe to doll ka raaz khulne ka intazaar hai.

  10. Kartik is making a big mistake n i think that doll has something to do with survi

  11. R.K ananya sharma.

    Nice love story. I love kartik n survi….

  12. In upcoming episode doll will kidnap aniket and kartik will marry survi

  13. Pls stop d wddng….I am excited to know what will happen? ?????Wt will the doll do???

  14. what ?? Doll will kidnap aniket ?? Really ?? Bt how will such a small doll kidnap such a big boy :p

  15. Just waiting for today’s episode!

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