Yeh Vaada Raha 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abeer says people don’t give a damn. I didn’t rape you. People forget in four days. Don’t make an issue out of it. Khushi takes him back to chawl. She calls everyone and says he wants to say something to all of you. She says come on start. Clean their minds. Abeer says Khushi got this break on her talent. What you are thinking of her is wrong. There is nothing between between her and me. A woman says now he is lying. Another man says you did what you had to. Now don’t annoy us. Khushi says see, they saw me all my life still they can’t trust me. How will you make the world stop believing it. If you want to start a new life you can but I can’t. I free you from this punishment. Go. Don’t ever come back in my life. It won’t happen from

my side because I will leave this city in the morning. Now go please. She goes back to her home.

Scene 2
Next morning, Kartik says Khushi are you sure? She says yes papa I am sure. He says but how will we adjust there? She says no one knew us here as well. We will make new friends there. He says I will but people will call you rude there as well. She says I will suggest them another nick. For these two days you have to take care of yourself. I have made this food for you. As soon as I get a house there I will take you with me in two days. She looks at Survi’s picture and says I am not running away from people but papa will suffer. He is laughing in front of me but he is upset inside. I am doing all this for papa. Give me your blessings.

Pratpa is signing a deal. Abeer says papa I want to talk to you. Pratpa ignores him. The man says sir I think he has something important. Pratpa says I know whats more important. If I am talking to you isn’t is obvious that this meeting is most important. I only talk to people who do my work. You people completed my project that is why I am giving you my time. But if you haven’t and you are looking for excuses then you can leave right now. Abeer leaves. Kamini says pratap.. Patrap says you know my intention now. Don’t disturb me.
Kamini says calm down abeer. don’t take too much stress. That Khushi isn’t worth it. Abeer says dad never treated me this way before. He never spoke to me this before. This is all because of that Khushi. Kamini says everything will be normal calm down. He will forget that third class girl. Its just about two three days. He says I know my dad very well. He won’t forget this. its not his nature. He wants me to sort her life. I will sort her life so well that she will remember this day forever. He leaves.

Khushi is leaving. Kartik says call me when you reach there. She says don’t worry about me. She hugs him and leaves. Kartik comes there. Khushi is leaving. Abeer knocks at her door. He says has she left? Who should I ask? Kartik opens the door and throws water on him. Kartik laughs. Abeer says what nonsense is this. Kartik says you are nonsense. Now don’t stare me go from here. He shoves Aber. Abeer says I came here to talk to you. Is this how you treat people. Kartik says thats how we treat trash. Everyone laughs at Abeer. Kartik says are you cleansed or should I clean you from this broom? Abeer grasps his collar. He is about to punch him but stop. Abeer says old man I came here to undo what happened. To settle your and her life. I don’t hit old people. Tell me where is she. Call her up. Kartik says I won’t. Do whatever you want. You have ruined her name. Now stay away from her. Abeer says I have to talk to her. Tell me where is she. Lartik says I won’t. Abeer shows money to the people. He says whoever tell me where Khushi has gone will get this money. Kartik says no one will tell you. Abeer says just wait and watch. He places the money and says whoever wants to take can and tell me where she is. A woman takes it. She says Khushi went to Pune, she got a job there. Abeer says you saw importance of money. Kartik says I won’t let you go. Abeer shoves him and leaves.
Kartik calls Khushi and tells her that abeer came there. He says Abeer shoved me and I got a fracture in my hand. Khushi says papa are you okay? I am coming back. He says don’t come back. I got fracture with sanjay bhai. Romeela kaki is taking care of me. I poured water on me. He knows where you got a job. Khushi says papa don’t worry I will manage. He says I am worried for you.
The driver stops the car. Some thugs come and try to kidnap Khushi.
Abeer is on his way looking for Khushi. He slips from his bike. Abeer gets up. Khushi sees him. The thugs have take her behind the trees. Abeer gets up he takes off his helmet. He gets back on his bike. he leaves. Khushi tries to stop him. Khushi bites the thug’s hand and tries to run. They catch her back. Khushi says let me go please. Abeer comes there.

Precap-Khushi wakes up. She is sleeping next to Abeer. Her locket gets stuck in his shirt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Good news guyzz..I saw upcmng videos in insta..shivay goes to soumya and ask her abt that night..she answrd ful night anika wth me only..ONS MU was clrd..but daksh is also back he kidnappd anika..

    1. really??? if that is real i am very happy…
      thanks for ur update

  2. I think abir only did all this he gave money to them to kidnap khusi so that he acts like saving her and later make her fall for him and then do as raja did with rani (from ek tha raja ek thi rani) because from where that thugs will come and why they will kidnap her

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