Yeh Vaada Raha 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Despite survi’s attempts at getting kartik to drive safely, while he keeps going dizzy, kartik doesnt relent. she is shocked to see their car approaching a steep cliff, and she hurriedly takes off her seat belt, and then takes hisout, and then with pushing him, down the car, she throws herself out too. they continue rolling one atop the other, on the grass, as the car bursts into explosion, as it falls in the ditch. A drop of blood trickles by his ear and falls right on her forehead, where the vermillion would adorn her, if she were married, indicating their meant to be status. They face each other and then he falls unconscious atop her. she shifts him aside, and then nudges him to wake up. when he doesnt, she gets tensed. She says that she has

to get help for him somehow. She leaves him there and then rushes to get help, while he wakes up with great difficulty, and finds her going away. He says that she showed her true colours, and left him once again stranded in times of trouble. He says that as her character is, she has once again hurt him and wounded him terribly.

Meanwhile, survi keeps screaming for help, but doesnt find anyone. she then hears the mixed voices of wild animals growling in the distance, and thinks that definitely he also is vulnerably under attack of the wild animals, and hence rushes back to take care of him, but is shocked to find that he is missing. she searches around everywhere, screaming for his name, but when she doesnt find him, she collapses on a boulder, continuously muttering his name. He then comes from behind, with his heavy head. She rushes to hug him, asking him to never leave her again, as she was incredibly scared. He is tensed. she composes herself. he then accuses her of deserting him just like survi did, as she got into character of survi, so much so, that she started behaving like her itself. survi is apalled to hear this. she tries to clarify but he doesnt let her, continuously adding that she too did the same thing with him. he starts ranting about how survi would have a lot of explanations like her, that she wasnt even there, or she didnt hit lata, or she isnt responsible for what happened, or that she is wentire innocent, but he wouldnt spare her at all, as she would have to pay for the crimes that she committed. Finally, she, having had enough of it, breaks out in frustration, as to how he always perceives things by the mirror of survi’s betrayal, andbegs him to stop connecting one with the other. she also asks how could he be so sure that survi did it, and asks if he was there. She asks him how is he so sure, that she left him, as had that been the case, then she wouldnt be here with him right now, and earlier searchingd esperately for him. She asks him to stop letting his wisdom be comnsumed by his hatred for survi, that connects everything to survi’s betrayal. angered, he finally asks her to shut up, as he doesnt want a lecture, and that its better that some clarifications are done by survi, when he finally meets her. she is tensed. but he asks her to come along, as they are getting late. They resignedly start walking. as they go on separate ways, he says that this is the right one, and asks him to tread on it. she remembers how he had earlier also taken the wrong path, but doesnt correct him this time around, and walks on, even while knowing that this road isnt leading anywhere. they walk on tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence
All others are aghast, while tai enjoys, as kishore breathes his last. She comments that no one shall notice that he is gone. pyare asks how is that possible. She says that they shall give the same story, that he gave up onthe marriage, and then left again since he couldnt put aside his self respect and ego, to become the house husband in the wife’s house. She says that bindu would be upset for a few days and then would think that its good riddance. She asks him to get rid of the body. He is aghast and shocked. She reminds him how he had said that he was her disciple and begged for a chance to serve her, and that this is his chance. Caught in his own words, he is worried and tensed. The electrician and the nurse are still too stunned. Just then, Tai and others are alarmed as they hear the doorbell ring, and she instructs them all to wrap the body in the carpet, and then wipe off blood marks and stains. They placvve it under the stairs. meanwhile, she asks pyare to go and open the door, and when he does, he is shocked at what he sees. tai is tensed and worried to see this reaction. In walks aniket, asking them where have they been, and why are they all in the house still when they were supposed to be eating with them in the hotel. pyare is at a loss of an answer. Tai says that pyare saved lata today, as they noticed a short circuit in lata’s room, and immediately called the electrician thats why they are here. While she is explaining all this, she notices thehand of kishore sticking out of the carpet, and shows it to pyare, signalling him to take care of it, while she keeps aniket busy. Pyare is aghast to see this. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: As kartik and survi try to cross a wooden board bridge, thats highly tumbling, survi’s feet gets caught in a wooden log, that succumbs to her weight and collapses, and she falls right in the water. she desperately tries to stay afloat struggling to be able to swim. he watches on amused at her plight.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I am annoyed at the inconsistency of these updates. Don’t get me wrong the show is interesting, but I have an English tongue…I too would like to see the translations of the serial, while watching the show….

  2. It’s nice to see Karthik with old hair style. Pls continue d same

  3. Oh a really satisfying episode ……I want them two alone without that devil Tai and irritating Aniket……I hope karthick wl soften by and by….and GUYS did u wtch tdy’s episode?????? Tht was amazing…& the precap was mindblowing…..They both looked very lovely …….Waitng fr tmrw’s episode ….

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