Yeh Vaada Raha 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai serves breakfast to meher, while she reprimands bindu and hema for being careless. they are surprised as they see kartik coming in. meher smiles leeringly. he greets kartik in, and asks tai to prepare a plate for him too. he says that he must have come to talk about the deal and it would have sounded delectable, the more he thought about it. Kartik tells them that he has come to talk about hi deal but that they shall not be able to accept his proposal. ranvir chenches his fists in anger. he says that his wife didnt like his offer, and that he had denied yesterday, but didnt want anything wrong during meher’s roka, and hence he complies to his request. meher starts getting frustrated. he says that he can understand a brother’s love

for his sister, but adds that he doesnt want to have any relations with him or his family. tai watches amused. kartik then congratulates her on her roka, and leaves. after he leaves, meher gets berserk, saying that this cant be and then she burns off his pic, and then throws things around, and even ranvir isnt able to control. she goes inside. ranvir rushes after her. tai tells the daughters to sit silently as there is much drama yet to unfold yet. she smirks.

while kartik is moving out, rom the balcony, meher screams out, but when he turns, he doesnt find anyone. he leaves. meher is stopped by ranvir, as he takes her inside. she vents out her anger at him, for his false promises, as kartik broke everything off and went. she starts breaking all the things in her room. she says that she doesnt wish to live without kartik. he continues to tell her not to. she gets suicidal and tries to jump down the window, but ranvir barely saves her somehow. he asks her to believe him, as ten days are left. she reminds him what survi did and kartik said, and asks what could he do in the next 8 days. he reminds that he has, and he shall always fulfill all his promises, and shall always be there for her, so that he gets everything. she is calmed down somehow.

Tai comes inside and gets her food, while she throws it away. she says that she needs kartik. tai says that she can help her, but then refrains saying that she doesnt wish to be implicated. but meher insists, saying that she wants to know. Tai reminds that even though her brother gave ten days, and only 48 hours remain for that, and hence he wouldnt be able to do anything. meher gets berserk, but tai stops saying that she has a way. meher calms down. tai then says that there is a way, that ranvir can get kartik, but she shall tell only when he promises not to take her name at all. she listens to the plan. meher is evilly amused.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence and On the road
After a week, survi is busy cleaning. he tries to get romantic and teasing with her, while she asks him to let go. he says that he has a job and demands for a kiss. she is about to kiss, when lata comes, with shanti, and tells what a successful trip it was. she says that she got an old friend, who has a young son, an elgible bachelor for shanti, while she is tensed. they see the groom’s pics. shanti gets tensed and goes in. they tease her, and then kartik goes after her.

In the room, while she is tensed, kartik sings and dances in front of her, to keep her cheerful. Others come in too. while all are celebrating survi comes and finds shanti crying. she asks whats the matter, and shanti hugs her. survi explains that this is a new beginning, and that she shall have old relations along with new ones. she tries to convince her, when shanti says that she wishes to say something. but before she can, kartik comes in and asks them to discuss things later on, as they need to go out first. she goes with kartik, while shanti is distraugh.

Later, kartik and his family receive the guests, along with lata. they serve snacks and drinks. survi goes to get shanti from the room, but is shocked to find her disappeared. he comes, and they both are tensed, when they dont find shanti anywhere. he says that she must have gone to her friend’s place, and rushes out. but survi is tensed. he starts searching around frantically for her. then he comes back, he corners survi aside, and explains that they couldnt find her anywhere, and arent able to reach her though phone too. he asks if she got scared due to the marriage, and what if she is about to take some wrong step. she denies that this cant be. they both are extremely tensed at this highly unpredictable behaviour. survi remembers that she had wanted to say something, and tells it to him. suddenly, they get tai’s call. he is boggled, and puts the phone on loudspeaker. tai asks why is she sounding so tensed, and if she is searching for shanti. they both are shocked. tai gives the phone to meher, saying that she knows where is shanti. meher tells survi to hurry and come home, if they wish to know where is shanti, as its time to confront each other, as shanti doesnt have much time left. they are apalled.

Scene 3:
Location: Temple
Meanwhile, shanti, dressed as a bride, is at the foosteps of the temple, and then ascends the stairs, and takes her place at the altar. as the rituals start, she eyes towards her left, wherein a groom sits, with the sehra.

Scene 4:
Location: Tai’s residence
Kartik and survi arrive at the house, and confront meher and tai. meher greets hm casually, and asks what would he have, while he jerks her hands away, and asks where is shanti. she asks him to relax as shanti is where she wishes to be, without any force on her. survi asks where is she. meher taunts that sindoordaan is at 10:30. he asks whose, and she smirks. he screams at her, whose sindoordaan. tai is amused. survi is distraught. the screen freezes on survi’s apalled face.

Precap: On the rod, kartik ask survi how shall they search for shanti, within a half a kilometer radius, as there must be lots of temples. Survi says that they shall have to search. while shanti’s pheras are going on, they frantically search for her, and finally find her, where she is marrying. he screams at her, and shanti is shocked to see him. he rushes up the stairs, but is stopped by bodyguards, as he stands helplessly and distraught, seeing the groom, donning the vermillion on her forehead. meher and tai join in too. survi stands stunned and boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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