Yeh Vaada Raha 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Krishna asks pyare to make a peg, while he rebukes him saying that he isnt his servant. krishna says that he shall become if he isnt, and asks them to remember, that if he isnt, then their whole plan fails down. tai hears this tensedly. as they get into a verbal scuffle, tai ridicules them both and then asks pyare to get to work. hearing survi’s knock on the door, kalindi and krishna hurriedly hide themselves, while they all compose the area. then finally they open the door, and survi steps in, visibly amused. she gets inside, and tells that kartik being genuine, and kind hearted, forgave her, and she just wanted to check if kartik was here. but she says that she knows very well that she wouldnt allow kartik to be instigated by her

thoughts. tai denies and asks her to leave. survi bids her goodnight, saying that she shall rest in peace, from today onwards, as noone of her plan shall work now. pyare gets alert too. Survi tells tai, that before kartik was leaving, he calld called the lawyer and asked for property papers to be made for the entire 1000crore, that he has named to her and tomorrow the lawyer is coming, for kartik’s final signatures, for transfer of property. tai is tensed while all are aghast. survi says that kartik, before leaving, gave it all to her. survi says that she takes decisions from the mind. she says that now tai wont land anything. she then leaves. after she leaves, tai is scorned, as kalindi and krishna step back in, troubled at this new drama. pyare starts expressing concerns. Later, as the entire conspiring team sit together, Kartik says that she shall get the money only when he signs and he wont. the lady comes and tells him, that if he doesnt sign, that would set off the alarm for survi. pyare thinks that now they have to think what excuse can krishna give tomorrow, so that he doesnt have to sign any papers. all are set to thinking. pyare asks tai to do something. krishna leaves. tai and all are visibly at a dead end, then pyare comes with an idea, that krishna should become sick, and they shall feed him Jamaal ghota, so that he is rendered unable to sign any papers. tai asks him not to joke around, while kalindi is tensed too.

In her room, survi paces around nervously, when khushi comes. survi asks if she needs anything. khushi asks why is she tensed. survi says that she is fine and vehemently assures. khushi demands for a story. as survi starts, krishna enters, and they both eye each other tensedly. khushi invites him in, so that they can hear the story together. Krishna complies, while survi remembers the video, tensedly. before he can sit on the bed, he jumps up alamed, and finds that the bed is wet, as his hand accidentally collides into the glass jug. she asks him to change, and when he mischanges with the almirah, she points him the right one tensedly. he complies and leaves. when he comes back, survi asks him to sleep down only. he silently complies, and asks where is the bed. she asks how can he forget, as he always does it. but khushi tells him, while he stands tensedly. he gets to taking the bed out and starts making his bed. survi helps him, while talking about his signatures, on the property papers prepared by their lawyer. he resignedly complies. she starts intentionally praising him, and his likeness at naming everything after her. he doesnt respond. she then talks about his signature changing. it takes him off track, but he composes himself and asks how did she know. she tells him about the phone call, and asks the reason behind it. he deliberately makes up some excuse, about the priest telling him, when she had kept the fast. she says that was the day of the accident. he says that he was told that its auspicious. khushi asks him to show the signature. he hesitates. but survi gives him the pen, while khushi goes to get paper. but he manages to distract khushi saying that he shall show tomorrow. they both retire for the night. krishna turns away tensedly, as he finds survi eyeing him tersely, while putting khushi to sleep. suddenly, the lights go off, and survi is alarmed, that kartik used to be afraid of darkness, whereas he is snoring away easily right now. this catches her alarmed. the phone rings, and survi receives it, while he is tensed. the police tells her, on the phone, that the sketch kartik got them drawn is of a lady, who is weirdly dead ten years back. she is surprised, and says that she shall talk to him tomorrow. she cancels the call. when asked, she lies that it was maternal uncle, denying that he wont be able to come this Ganesh Utsav. she gets up to go, clarifying that she is going to get water, as he gets thirsty at night. he relaxes, while she leaves the room. later, krishna gets tai’s call, who asks him not to come out tomorrow, at any cost and if anyone calls him, then he should hurriedly get down, and wince in pain, so that people think his hand fractured, and then he wouldnt have to sign anything. he likes the plan.

DOwnstairs, survi narrates everything to kishore, and says that this man isnt kartik. he is shocked. she says that she started doubting long back, when kartik changed his official signatures without telling her. he is surprised. then she talks about kalindi and tai being brought home, the tai who tried to kill khushi, but still he got tai and pyare back, and then his changed behaviour. she starts telling all the changed incidents, and how she doesnt think that this is due to some black magic influence. she says that kartik never talked about signing the peroperty papers in her name, but she shot in the dark, ad he fell for it, and hence this man cant be kartik, and the video was manipulated, and she can say without a shadow of a doubt, that the woman in the video was Kalindi. they decide that they cant let anyone know that they doubt kartik, as it can mean only two things, either kartik is in their trap, or something is seriously wrong, and hence till they find out about him, they wont say anything. she is assured that Ganesha shall keep kartik safe.

Scene 2:
Location: Shed
An elderly couple lives, while talking about how, for the past few dauys, this fellow, who they rescued is unconscious and there hasnt been any progress. he asks her not to waste time, as its useless and he shall die soon. she says that if he had to, he would have died long back, having fallen from such heights, but he didnt which means that there is someone who is praying for him, and she wont let those prayers go in vain. she goes to attend to the patient, who turns out to be Kartik. The screen freezes on survi, kartik and krishna’s faces.

Precap: As kishore and survi hear from hiding, they hear tai talking about how its impossible, for kartik to be alive, from the gerat height, they threw him down from. pyare asks her not to be tensed, as they have misplaced his lookalike, in place of kartik, and till the time, kartik doesnt come on his feet back, to tell anyone the truth, noone shall know. they both happily leave. survi and kishore are aghast. Kishore comments that survi’s doubts were right. survi says that she knows and knew that nothing shall happen to kartik.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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