Yeh Vaada Raha 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As kartik comes back home, he hears the same sound of anklets, coming from inside the haveli. he comes and finally comes face to face with the girl in the red saree, as she is dancing in low lights. Kartik is shocked to see that its the same girl, whose pic he had seen in the ruined haveli, by the deserted road, and who has been deemed to be dead, and also the woman who he gave a lift the other day. later, the lights come back on, and all clap having gathered together, that she is a classical dancer and hence performed this act. aniket introduces her as Ichcha, the girl that he wishes to marry. kartik is shocked and taken aback. she greets and he eyes the red bangles with scare and shock, that survi notices too. she comes to him and asks whats

the matter, and why is he staring at her like that. others are boggled too. she takes him aside and asks him again, asking why he behaved like that. seeing him lost and frightened, she asks whats tghe matter. he says that this girl isnt normal and is actually dead. he narrates everything yet again. she asks how is this possible. he says that its the same necklace that he had purchased for her, but she took it. she says that it might have been his hallucination. he says that it isnt possible, and begs her to believe him. she calms him down and takes him to meet the girl downstairs, while the entire family is gathered. survi serves her snacks and starts talking about her dance. she then asks ichcha where does she stay and if she had been in mumbai earlier. ichcha says that its the first time. survi comments on the necklace. ichcha says that its heirloom and that her grandma tells that she did find her true mate by that. survi compliments, and then tells her that its customary that every bahu of the house, alights a diya at the temple. she asks her to do the same. but ichcha denies. kartik is enraged. he says that he knew she is an evil spirit, and hence isnt going to the temple. survi asks him to calm down. he asks her to have this girl thrown out of the house, right now. aniket asks whats the matter. kartik again points out that the girl is a ghost and brings evil. he tells them all too, what he told survi. aniket thinks that he has gone nuts and tells that he got her from the airport and that she has studied in Bangalore. but kartik denies it, and says that he got this necklace for survi, that she stole from his car last night, when he gave her a lift. he finds everyone disbelieving his story and decides to call the inspector to verify. ichcha eyes him tensedly. survi is tensed. aniket asks whats going on and if he even realises what he thinks. kartik says that it isnt nonsense, and asks him to test it for the lord too, and asks why is this girl scared to go the temple, if she is normal then. meanwhile, they are all shocked, as she progresses one step after the other, and stands right in front of the idol in the temple. she turns around. kartik is baffled. others are tensed. she asks if they all believe her now. he asks how is this possible, and tries to get everyone to believe. lata asks if he has gone mad. survi takes lata away, and hema and aniket leave too. the girl steps down and asks how she did it. but she doesnt respond and walks past. he notices that her legs are scalded and burnt. as she turns around to face him, he is baffled. she smirks evilly and then leaves. he goes after her.

In the kitchen, its total darkness, and when he switches on the lights, he doesnt find anyone there. he thinks that she just came here and wonders how and where she went.

In the room, survi is tensed for kartik, along with discussing this with lata. lata wonders why is he talking like this, when he doesnt believe in these things. they are baffled as to whats going on. she is however determined to find out, and leaves saying that she needs answers to some questions rightaway. she leaves. lata is boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Kartik comes back on the same road, trying to search for the truth, in the same fog, remembering the recent happenings with him, in the past couple of days. he drives rash. he calls up the inspector but doesnt get a response. he arrives near the haveli, and gets down the car. he turns on the torch light in his cell, and then again eyes the painting, containing the pic of the girl. he is determined to find out about her. he again finds the same girl, in the same saree roaming and lurking around in the drawing room. he follows and finds that its Ichcha. he asks her to come ahead and confront him, and tell what she needs. he finally spots her in the glass mirror and is taken aback. he opens the glass door to find her gone.

Scene 3:
Location: Jail
Survi comes to meet tai in jail, who is furious and asks whats she here for. Tai asks if she is still not satisfied that she ruined her life, and now she is back to torment her further. Survi asks her to stop dramatising, and says that she knows that she is trying to ruin her life yet again. tai starts guffawing, and says that she is laughing at her own thinking, that survi is smart, but she is still foolish. she says that she was angry when she was accusing her, but now feels good, that despite being behind the bars, she still considers her a threat. survi stands tensedly, and says that she continues to pose a danger, and all these years, she has been tormenting them. she asks her to stop the drama. tai asks what nonsense, as she has lost a year, and when she comes out after the next six months, she shall make life hell for them. survi says that she wont be scared by any threat and that she shall always act as a shield, and if she tries to harm kartik, then she shall ensure that tai spends the rest of her life in jail. tai starts laughing, and asks if she is actually threatening her. she warns her that after the next six months, when she gets out, she shall ruin them all. she says that she is here only to alert her, that she shall be defeated yet again, as she wont let tai win at any cost. The screen freezes on tai’s angry face.

Precap: The girl beckons kartik and asks him to come alocser to him, and tells that she shall come to take him on Amasvasya night, after three days. he is in pain and writhes, clutching at his head tightly, as he is unable to bear the guffawing cacaphony as she laughs out loudly, reverberating inside the entire isolated haveli. the girl, and her parents all beckon him as they circle around him. Meanwhile, survi too arrives there and enters the haveli. she is shocked at what she sees. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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