Yeh Vaada Raha 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Unidentified location
As kishore and survi look at the mobile, its a video of rahul and meher, talking and fighting over how she threw his mother out, while he is the

only support for his mother. he brands her as mad, and says that he married her for the money, but now he cant afford to stay with her anymore, and

wants to leave. she gets berserk, and says that she wont let him. he rebukes and pushes her, and she lands in ranvir’s arms, who walks in just

then. they both are shocked. she comes to him, and then stabss him while he stands oblivious. he is aghast as he turns to ranvir for help, and gets

stabbed yet again. survi and kishore are aghast to see this. she comments that this is good enough to convict meher and her brother. they


around, but find ranvir’s men, who hold them captive, while they try and run. kishore fights with them, while asking her to leave, so that she can

save the evidence and implicate ranvir and meher. she prays to the lord and rushes out. they fight off kishore, and he gets hit on the head and

goes unconscious. she makes a mad dash on the road, trying to ask for people for help, but she doesnt get any. the goons catch up on her, and

surrround her.

Meanwhile, at home, ranvir gets a call from his planted goon, that they have wounded kishore, and captured survi, but she refuses to give evidence.

he says that he wishes to close thie case forever and asks him to go and do whatever it takes to get the evidence, even if that means killing

survi. he complies and narrates the same to survi. she still doesnt budge. they try and grab her but she doesnt relent in. at home, the police arrives, and all are surprised to see them. ranvir is alert. his planted men come in, and kartik is shocked as he recognises one of them as the same guard who was guarding the old office. they own up to having killed rahul, by the orders of ranvir’s immediate inferior who wanted to supercede ranvir himself. they own up to the conviction. kartik meanwhile wonders where is survi, and leaves on the pretext of getting water. he checks in survi’s room and doesnt find her there, and is frustrated that she went out, despite him asking her not to. he decides to leave anyhow before anything bad happens to her. Meanwhile, survi has a hard struggle fighting off the goons. but kishore comes in just then, and tackles them, asking her to run. she complies. they hit him bad and rush after her. he takes this time to call kartik and narrates everything. kartik fumes at survi, and then gets the address from him. he decides that he cant have a fallback option here, to trap him, and that he has to save her, by doing something so that he can play his game nicely. he comes back and requests to talk to shanti. she leaves with him, while ranvir asks her to keep an eye on them. tai comes out to find him fighting the guard to leave, and just then, an auto drives in with srikant, and he shoves shanti inside, and it drives off. tai warns kartik but he pushes her away and drives out in the car. she is devastated at the ruining of the plan, and goes inside, and signals ranvir to come, while the polic e carry their investigation.

As kartik drives on the road, survi lands in front of the car, landing on the bonnet. he is shocked. he comes out and vents out his anger

at her, for not listening to him yet again. she says that he doesnt know what ranvir is upto. he asks if he is an idiot. she says that the truth is

he is oblivious. she says that she has retrieved info about ranvir. he is least bothered. she gets tensed. he lashes at her for her hot headedness, and her rash and arrogant behaviour. he finds goons behind her. he faces them, while survi scurries behind him. he makes her sit in the car, and then tells her to stay there, and not come out, come what may, and this time, pay heed to what he says.

Meanwhile, at home, ranvir gets to know of kartik’s actions, while tai asks him to beware of kartik as he is very shrewd. just then, they find meher listening to their conversation. they get tensed. she asks what were they talking about her kartik, and asks him not to drag him into everything. he gets frustrated and tells meher that kartik only thinks about survi, but meher vehemently denies these allegations, saying that he would never do such a thing, and asks him to stop this. he gets angry and lashes at her, saying that he is misusing her. she doesnt want to believe. he says that he shall believe her and then he asks where is he and if he told before leaving then, if he loves her so much, and doesnt think about survi all the time. she is tensed. he reaffirms his statement. then he gets to telling her, that right now, he is confronting his men to save survi from his goons, as he only cares for her, not she. tai watches tensedly. he talks about survi having gotten the evidence, and the problems it shall pose, if he arrives here with evidence. but he assures her that he shall handle everything, and not spare kartik. but she asks him not to even dare touch her, and continues on her rant.

Meanwhile, on the road, as survi sits safely in the car, kartik fights them off single handedly. she is extremely tensed. after fighting them off, he gets in the car, and then sees the evidence and says that this evidence is enough to implicate her. she asks about shanti, and he asks her not to worry for her, explaining everything. she is releived. he says that they should show this to her, so that she decides what to do with ranvir. she agrees.

Scene 2:
Location: Srikant’s residence
survi and kartik come in, and she happily goes and hugs shanti, tears streaming down their cheeks. he watches them and then shuts the door on them. survi is aghast and says that he shall not go home alone, and that she shall come along. he says that not today, as what he is doing is for his wife and child, and has to do it alone. she insiostently beats the door, but he leaves. all others are tensed. survi is distraught.

Scene 3:
Location: Meher’s residence
Kartik pulls in the driveway, and then gets inside. the police is about to leave, when kartik stops him. ranvir gets tensed, while meher is happy that he is back. she goes to him and asks where was he, and reaffirms to others that he is back, and asks ranvir to believe that he isnt implicated anywhere at all, and that survi is to be blamed for everything, talking about her black magic, and bad mouthing her. Kartik is unable to take it any longer. he wrenches her around, and slaps her tight across the face. meher is shocked while ranvir is enraged, as she lands in his arms. meher eyes kartik disbelievingly, while he eyes her enraged. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Meher tells survi that in the next ten minutes, ranvir’s men shall take kartik away, on a private plane, and she shall never see him again. she is distraught. meher taunts her amusingly. she says that she feels bad for her child, as it became an orphan even before it came in this world. as they get back to talking amongst themselves, survi gets determined and then takes the knife, and pulls meher from behind, andrests it against her throat. meher shouts at ranvir, who is aghast to see his sister like that. survi tells ranvir that she wants her kartik in front of her eyes, and if he tries to act smart, noone shall be able to save kartik.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Why did they remove the grey hair from off of karthik? Considering Survi is younger than him and he looks just around her age. Good youth serum.

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