Yeh Vaada Raha 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The verbal scuffle ensues, where survi is left stranded, as he swears revenge, and then hastily leaves off. tai is super satisfied and amused at this and then leaves. Meanwhile, kartik turns on the ignition and starts the car. Survi says that she would happily give away her life, if that gives him any satisfaction, but unfortunately she needs to stay alive, for someone else who is there in her life. he is tensed, as he sits enraged in the car. he misconstrues it thinking that she has found herself another male partner. she is aghast at the insinuaton. he says that the person in her life shall have to miss her, since he shall end her saga today. she rushes frantiaclly on the road, while he storms after her in the car. she stumbles upon a stone and falls. his

car comes to a screeching halt right within inches, and she screams out. some guys come around that way. she rushes away from there, while he takes a u-turn and rushes off, engrossed in thoughts of his child, and her irresponsibility. she thanks them for their help, but they in turn cast leering comments at her. she somehow manages to oversmart them and rushes from there. she calls up jatin who is already tensed for her. meanwhile, her daughter wakes up, and alarms him by asking what happened. he is in a dilemma as to what to do.

Meanwhile, the goons are thwarted off by kartik, not because of love for survi, but due to his hatred that noone shall mistreat him, as he shall be the one to do so. the goons rush away. he asks her to accept her fault, and apologise and it will all be over. but she rushes from there, while he swears tat he shall ruin her totally.

Scene 2:
Location: survi and kartik’s residence
When kartik doesnt arrive, tai starts getting tensed. when he does, he is lost, and she continues to instigate him that only survi and her apology is one step away from completing their family. he rushes away from there to his room, engrossed in thoughts about survi and their relationship, and his bitterness towards her. meanwhile, survi too arrives in her room, and is hugged by khushi and a tensed jatin asks what happened. she makes an excuse for khushi’s sake, and clutches her tight, remembering kartik’s warnings. meanwhile, tai is amused to see kartik in his room, broken and distraught, but swearing for revenge, and how he shall make survi’s life miserable for the promises that she made, but never fulfilled. The screen freezes on kartik and survi’s distraught faces.

Precap: Survi lands at kartik’s residence, and while all are stunned, he comes and is about to slap her, when she holds his hand midway, and then tells him that he shall be given 10 chances by her to rectify his methods, and at the eleventh chance, she shall give him a punishment that no man has ever got from her husband. all are shocked and kartik is furious.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Good survi!!!!??????

  2. Kartik is so kamina

  3. Go suvi go go suvi

  4. Good job survi , kartik is such a fool hate u man

  5. Hate u kartik

  6. Minahil Hanjra

    Very good survi.
    And I think they are going to repeat the story again
    Waiting for that day when everything will be resolve between two of them

  7. Survi will good work for kartik panishe

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