Yeh Vaada Raha 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
survi drives an inebriated kartik back home, in the car, while words resonate in her ears.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
tai is shocked to find survi carrying kartik, who is drunk to his room. pyare comes and instigates that he doesnt like the way things are going, and how its evident, that survi doesnt remain away from him anyhow. tai is tensed. In the room, survi makes kartik lie down on the bed. as he doses off, while muttering revenge for the pain that she gave him for the past seven years, and taking off her khushi from her, she stands tensedly. she helps him lie down properly. then she pulls the drapes on him, and taking off his shoes, she begins to go, but her dupatta gets intertwined with his bracelet. while she tries

to tug it away, he snaps, and then she falls on his chest, while they oth look at each other romantically. she asks him to rest as its late. then putting him to sleep, she comes down. Downstairs, tai asks survi what happend. she narrates how he landed up drunk at her house. tai tries to explain her something, when survi says that its late and khushi is alone. she leaves. tai and pyare fume, and decide to play their next move, so as not to let survi and kartik unite, at any cost.

Scene 3:
Location: Survi’s residence
Survi, in her home, lights up the diya at the temple, and then asks the lord what should she do, as she remembers kartik’s warning, and asks how can he take away khushi for the second time, as she wouldnt be able to bear the pain twice. she bows down and folds her hands, while winds lead the holy vermillion on the plate land on her head. As she eyes the vermillion on her head in the mirror, thats accidentally adorned her forehead, survi is overwhelmed. she thanks the lord for having shown her what she needs to do now. she remembers marrying kartik.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
The next morning, kartik wakes up and finds a priest lurking around in the drawing room. the priest says that he has een called for the marriage muhurat. he welcomes the priest and then hollers for others. he tells tai that she did the perfect work, by calling the pries. she says that she didnt, and asks how he came here. the priest fumbles, when asked who called him here, and survi’s voice resonates in the room, saying that she called him here. all are shocked to see her. she then greets them all, and asks the priest how he landed so early. then she presents him her and jatin’s kundali. kartik fumes. excited, she gives him their kundalis, that he shall need them too. she talks about her first marriage, how she feels like a family here, and that his mother and tai is like hers, and says that now her vidaai shall be from here only, and asks kartik if he has no issues. kartik is stumped and taken aback. she then asks tai also if she shall do the kanyadaan for her. tai complies hesitantly and adds that she shall do what kartik tells her. survi then goes and bows to lata, saying that seh became a wife in front of her, and considered her a daughter, and asks if she too would have to ask kartik, to give her away. lata doesnt say anything, and goes inside. survi is apalled, but doesnt reflect. she pretends to be so excited and asks kartik why did he falsely promise when noone seems interested. pyare is more than happy to help. survi rushes to the kitchen to get some snacks for the priest. after she is gone, tai asks kartik whats wrong with her. he doesnt reply and goes straight to the kitchen. he finds her making tea, and then he too pretends to be amused, and comes by her side, and kisses her around the naoe of her neck, while she pushes him away, asking whats he doing. he says that he has the right as he brought her legally as his wife and has the license, and shows her the mangalsutra. she smiles in shyness, while he kisses her, and they have a romantic moment. he is suddenly jerked to reality when he realises that he was standing right at the doorstep, and imagining it all along. she asks if he would have tea, and then says that he would, since he always liked her tea. he walks straight upto her. she is taken aback, and slips, and he accidentally holds her. an embrace follows. he pulls her back up, asking what drama is this now. she says that its no drama, as he only started it, and wanted her to get married. he is tensed, as he is at a loss of an answer. she tells kartik that she shall marry jatin, as she thought hard and realised that this is what she wanted but what he wishes wont happen, as when she hasnt done anything wron, then why should she admit to it. he remembers jatin paying off the kidnapper, and gets enraged. she causally gets back to making tea, and then gives him one cup, as its exactly what he likes, and asks him to have it, for his headache. she takes his hand, and then gives the cup in his hand, and asks her to drink it. they both eye each other tensedly. he throws it away, as the cup shatters. she pretends to be unfazed, and says that if he finds it weird then they can arrange it in the hotel, but it would lose the familial touch. she asks him not to be bothered about the marriage expenditure, as he has promised khushi for a lavish affair, and so he shall have to provide one. she says that he has to do it, or else jatin shall taunt her for the rest of his life, in kartik’s name. he is fuming, as she continues on about marriage arrangements, and how she wouldnt like them to pay dowry, and that she shall have khushi as her dowry already. he is enraged, while she gets back to her work, and then asks him to come out, taking his hand. As they both walk out, tai is enraged to see them both together. she asks him to sit down, and then the priest informs that there is a pious date after 3 days, for engagement, and three days later, marriage. he is shocked. she says that its best, as she doesnt want expenditures to cross. The screen freezes on her amused face.

Precap: As survi brings kartik for bridal shopping, she says that they have such variety, that she cant decide what to buy. he chooses option for her, and then while she is wearing the saree, he tucks it in her tummy, while she closes her eyes aware of their physical proximity, as he leans in seductively, to tuck the saree, notices the effect that his intimacy and his proximity has on survi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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