Yeh Vaada Raha 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s and survi’s residence
Kartik is fuming and enraged at survi’s reaction on tai. he checks the phone and then throws it on the bed. He says that she didnt even realise her mistake, and cant she apologise once. she too checks her mobile, saying that she knows he wont call, as he doesnt see where he is wrong, as he is engulfed by tai, that he wont see the truth, whereas, she is so helpless that she can tell it to him even. In his frustration, he drinks, and then breaks the glass.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
Pyare wakes up beside bindu, after seeing a nightmare regarding kishore’s murder, and wonders whether it was a reality or dream. he reaches for water but finds the bottle empty. with much scare, and

totally petrified, he somehow manages to go till the kitchen, when he gets Hema’s call. He gets frustrated, and is about to get ahead, when he is confronted by kishore’s ghostly figure, with a knife in his hand, that approaches him, as he retreats back in scare and fear. Kishore raises the the knife, while he screams and falls on the ground. when he opens his eyes, he finds bindu, asking whats the matter, and what happened. He says that before anything can happen, he shall have to leave. he leaves, while she is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Later, Tai slaps him tight, and rubbishes off pyare’s claims of having seen kishore, in bindu’s house. After blurting this out, tai is alarmed and asks what was he doing at this time of the night in her house. He is susprised, but manages to say that he had gone to get her to agree to come back for the wedding, but saw kishore back. she gets enraged, and asks him to stop his foolish rant. he continues to vehemently protest that he did see, and that his soul is lruking around and insinuates whether they shall be implicated. shesays that she is more dangerous than any other ghost. she sends him off after finding that he is drunk. Tai is amused at his claims. She is oblivious that she is being watched by the doll, lurking behind her.

the next morning, as all guests arrive, all ask tai’s permission for the mewrriment to start. tai asks kartik where is survi. all are tensed as they look around for her. Survi meanwhile goes and uncuffs lata, and apologises for not being able to help her, and then promises that she is here forever with her now, and she shall be absolutely fine, with her care. Lata caresses her face emotinally overwhelmed. Finally, survi comes down, as all eyes turn on her. she eyes kartik, and they remember their last heated encounter. tai comes to survi, and asks where was she. she says that she went to take lata’s blessings. Tai says that she did come back with a clear voice yet again. just then, hema announces bindu’s arrival, who flirts with pyare, while hugging aniket. she tells him that she came here only for his marriage, as she neither cares about tai or survi. tai then announces that sangeet should start now, and she has prepared a wonderful arrangement, and asks for the butler, who gets her a bowl. survi wonders whats she upto. Tai then declares a game about couple dancing through chits. She asks shanti to come and get the chit. she takes the chit, and announces the first couple, as bindu and pyare, who are ecstatic inside. They start dancing, and in the middle of it, as he is gyrating excitedly, he again sees kishore, and is turned into stone, and falls down, while all are amused. as fate would have it, survi and kartik are the next couple, hearing whose name aniket is taken aback. all others are surprised too at this turn of events. Tai evilly says that they are old friends, and would look wonderful dancing as a couple. Survi and kartik eye each other, apalled and distraught at the irony. They come close, and then he opens her closed fists, to reveal the pair of earings, that he had gifted her. They start to dance together. as they stand apart, after it, the doll mysteriously lurks in the hall. all clap at their performance, while survi rushes away from there. tai then asks to get onto the next item now. Shanti announces that a last chit remains, and its tai, shocking everyone. meanwhile, the doll draws in closer stealthily. then tai wonders that she never out her name in it, then how did it land in the bowl, oblivious that the doll is behind them. Pyare suggests that maybe kishore put it. She rubbishes him. Kartik says that its okay, if she doesnt want to. But tai says that she would, as its her son’s performance. pyare asks for the music to be started. Tai then gives her dance performance. All are oblivious of the doll’s lurking presence in the house. she gets everyone to dance with her, and all comply, while survi and kartik tensedly eye each other. The screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: As kartik and survi eye each other, out in tge garden, survi tells him that he shall have his way, always, as he is used to. She says that she would respect his wish, as she has always, but in return she wants something from him too. He is tensed. Srikant later tells survi that she has the full faith, that his daughter, shall support whats right and true. After he leaves, the same doll lurks obliviously in tai’s room.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. If Kartik really marries Survi then I will dance 1 hour long for sure,& ea mera vaada raha !!! ? ? ?
    But I can’t understand the doll’s motive! It says who will protect survi now! Then how it could be survi’s well wisher! & if Kartik saves survi from the fire how he will agree to marry survi if Aniket present there! & Aniket is so desperate to marry survi :/ God knows what his motive is! Good or bad !
    But if someone sees the newest promo plz tell us about that whether Survi-kartik marriage will happen or not? If anyone sees plz share with us.

  2. kartik and….:-)

    ghost in serial ??? wats this???
    i dnt understand!!!!!

  3. What is the matter of the doll ? Can anybody tell me ? Just waiting for episode of 15th.

  4. I knew it aniket is marrying her for revenge n i wish pyare could tell kartik about kishore death

  5. I think that the doll is mechanical with video recorder set by Lata

    1. I love dolls 😛

  6. I m just super addicted to this show thanks to Surthik only , n I knew that Ani really like Survi and also marrying her for marriage , if Suniket get married I will be quite disappointed and maybe don’t watch it and when Surthik get married 🙂 I will watch it for sure I even made my mom watch it she say it’s not bad , because the beginning of the show was boring . And good news I read somewhere that somehow Surthik will get married as Ani will be kidnapped by the doll

    1. I mean revenge not marriage

  7. yeh vaada raha

    Vaise tai dance toh achha hi kar leti hain. ………… Lekin dimag ekdam ghatiya soch wala

  8. No marrge btwn Survi and Aniket pls…..Anywy Survi-Karthick scenes are awesome ……

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