Yeh Vaada Raha 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kartik stands up in shock.
Kamini and Abeer celebrate. Kamini says I am so proud of you. I will see how she faces her chawl people. He says this is last day of my punishment of my day I am sure she won’t keep me. He says I gotta enjoy and celebrate. Kamini says have fun. Enjoy. Pratpa overhears it.
Khushi comes back to chawl. All the people taunt her. A woman says she looked so innocent. A man says thats how you get breaks. She should have thought of her dad at least. She comes home and locks the door. Khushi is crying. Khushi comes to Kartik and says papa.. He says I don’t want any explanation I don’t want to know what happened there. He caresses her face and says why are you so sad? Why is your face down. I know you have not done anything. I know.

I am not normal like others but I know that I am not mad enough to doubt you. I know so to say I am your dad. Last 15 years you took care of me. i know that my Khushi is good. I know what she does and where she goes. I know you can’t do anything wrong. Abeer comes and says may I come in?

Pratap says to Kamini what you did. You forced your son to be evil? I saw your shadow in him. you shouldn’t be called a mother. Kamini says before pointing fingers at me look at yourself. should you be called a father? Go talk to your son. He only listens to me. When your son and wife needed you, you were busy in your affair with that Kaushalya. He says only you are responsible for this. Your house and family was broken by you. Kaushalya brought me back to life. Learn from Kaushalya how to be a mother. She brought Nirvan up so good. She says how dare you compare me with her. He says exactly she is a lot better than you. Pratap says you have brain washed abeer. Don’t think this is your triumph. Abeer is my son. He has my blood. I will bring him out of your influence. Now see what I do. Abeer will fix this all himself.

Kartik grasps Abeer’s collar and says how dare you. Abeer says she gave me an offer. She wanted to instant success. Kartik says she didn’t do anything. Khsuhi stops him. Abeer says take him from here. Abeer shoves him. Khushi picks up kartik. A woman says we all know the truth. Khushi says I request you all to go from here. A man says we know what you are. They want everything instant and will do anything for you. Abeer says go you all.
Abeer comes to Khushi’s home again. Abber says you should have taken money and settled it. This wont have happened. you had to complicate life. you brought me in your life. Why? Anyway, look at your dad. Broken leg, bruised head and dignity lost. You can’t harm men like me. Never mess with people like us. Let me out of this house now. Khushi says do my dad’s bandage. He says is your brain under shock? Khushi says tell him the court orders. Kartik says I don’t him to dress my wound. Khushi says you promised me you will listen to me. I will bring your meds. Kartik says dress my wound come on. Abeer dresses his wound. Kartik says I will never forgive you. How would you know, your dad never loved you. abeer says stay quite. My dad loves me the most.
Khushi goes out to bring meds. She sits in a corner and cries.
Abeer is talking to Kamini on phone. He sees her from distance. Khushi is sobbing. Pratap pats his shoulder. Pratpa says when I met you today I just for a moment thought you realized your mistake. look at that girl. whats her mistake? She is honest and truthful and this is how she is paying? Its not her sobs that you are hearing, its the sound of her heart breaking. If I want I can swipe her tears. But that won’t lessen her pain. It would only when you console her. If you want me in your life. Go and swipe her tears. Abeer says you gotta be kidding me. I can’t do all this I am sorry. Pratap says i won’t force you If she keeps crying, you will never see your dad’s face again. Got that? Abeer comes to Khushi and says stop crying that’s enough. We are even now. Your disrupted my life and I did yours. Lets do one thing let’s start a friendship. I will fix everything. I will give a statement in all newspapers that there was nothing between you and me.

And she got this launch on her talent. Everything will be okay. She says everything will be okay. He says forget what happened. She says this is the beginning of what is away from reality. you said girls like me are being used like tissue papers. You were right. He says get over it please. People don’t give a damn. I didn’t rape you. Why are you making an issue?

Precap-Khushi is being kidnapped by a bunch of thugs. They take her towards the trees. Abeer passes from there on his bike. He slips. Khushi tries to call him. He can’t hear her. He leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think khauslaya partap’s second wife is Kartik’s taiii

  2. No I think she left the show.that’s why abeers mom kamini came.

  3. I think he will Hear something n turn around n end up saving her

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