Yeh Vaada Raha 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Kartik comes and congratulates meher, while she viciously eyes him, raising her hand. he too greets her, while she doesnt let go. he jerks her hand off, when survi comes. she too congratulates meher, and she complies. a tensed granny wonders how to tell survi the truth. she leaves from there. survi leaves after her. Meanwhile, Tai and the daughters are boggled, as to how this shall turn up, and whether meher would be successful or not. Survi corners granny, in a room, and asks if there is anything thats bothring her, she can confess it to her. granny is tensed and boggled. survi waits for her to speak up. granny doesnt say the truth. survi says that she can see fear and not pain. she remembers ranvir begging her not to say anything to survi or

kartik, and making her swear, for meher’s sake. she says that she shall have to break her promise today. before she can speak, ranvir comes and then sends survi, out as shanti is looking for her. granny asks ranvir why is he doing this. he asks her not to break the promise. granny asks if his sister’s happiness is paramount, and that they wont be happy. he says that he shall have to do whatever it takes, to get them both married, and once this happens, he shall settle everything, and compensate for survi too.

Downstairs, survi finds shanti’s dress soiled, and asks her what happened. shanti says that her dress got spoiled, and they both go to the washroom to freshen up. meher continuously eyes kartik, and imagines an ecstatic herself dancing along with kartik. she is jolted to reality when survi stands beside him. she feels disgusted. a guy comes with the family, and everyone says that the groom and his family have arrived. ranvir goes to greet them. he calls kartik and survi, and introduces them. but rahul, the groom recognises him as the kartik, who meher was obsessed with, but ranvir. ranvir asks him not to talk like that, as they are special guests. he introduces kartik as his 40% business partner in the new company. kartik and survi are shocked. the groom says that he knows every partner of his, but never seen him. ranvir makes a story about how they formed the partnership in the morning, and kartik agreed to his proposal. kartik is thoroughly boggled. he is asked by ranvir for his help with something. they both leave, when kartik complies. survi wonders why is everyone staring at her like that and that she can sense something wrong. then the groom asks her why is she so tensed, as he is perfectly safe with ranvir. survi is extremely worried.

In the room, kartik asks ranvir why he lied. ranvir says that he was insinuating about his and meher’s obsession, and he had no choice hence was helpless. ranvir says that its a matter of his life, meher’s well and begs him to pretend to be his business partner. he finally gives in, for meher’s sake. He gives him the thali of roka, in the garb of the business venture. he manages to convince him to be a part of his plan, and be a part of this swearing in ceremony types. he agrees. they both come out. before kartik can explain to survi, ranvir asks him to come for sometime. survi complies. then suri gets a call, which distracts her, and due to poor cell reception inside, she goes out. ranvir grabs this oppurtunity. kartik sits, while ranvir and meher are on either side, as the priest starts with the rituals. kartik oblivously finishes the roka, while meher and ranvir are ecstatic. thereafter someone talks about fire spreading, in the chawl, next to where kartik and survi live. ranvir p[retends to be concerned, and sends them all off, with his driver. tai is shocked at the finesse in ranvir’s planning. as they all step inside the car, survi finds bindu, hema and pyare celebrating, and meher standing victoriously on the balcony, with tai, and her gut tells her that everything points towards the fact that something is horribly wrong. she gets in and they drive off.

Later, tai comes and congratulates meher for her roka, and then is about to chat, when ranvir comes and sends ehr out. then meher thanks him , nd he says that he shall do anything for her happiness.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence and On the road
Srikant, kartik and survi are boggled, when they dont find any news reports of the incident of fire in the chawl. survi gets tensed. she asks about the tika on his forehead, and he tells what ranvir convinced him. they both go inside. there survi points out the improbability of so many co incidences happening with them at the same time, involving ranvir. he complies to her request and takes off the hole thread from his hands, and then says that he shall forever be by her side, and respect her decision. they both hug each other. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Kartik comes back and tells them that they shall not be able to accept his proposal. ranvir chenches his fists in anger. after he leaves, meher gets berserk, and then she burns off his pic, and then throws things around, and even ranvir isnt able to control. she gets suicidal and tries to jump down the window, but ranvir barely saves her somehow.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Let her jump she don’t deserves kartik because he is already married to survi

  2. when will meher die… and then kartik and survi will stay happy …..meher deserves sucide…………

  3. U r right suzan meher actually deserves sucide.I wish i shall kill her.

  4. yayyyyy..let her jump out! How I wish she’s on the more shameless and gross face of her and bring Taayi back. counting down to that special day when she’s out, along with her brother!

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