Yeh Vaada Raha 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Lata is adamant that some people dont change, like tai. tai tensedly says that she is right, but believe it or not, she has understood that money isnt everything, as she had all the happiness, but not the happiness of the kids. hema stands up and says that they are happy without her, and they dont want to stay with her, and they dont need her. bindu says that its better that they are orphans, than being her daughters. hema asks them to get lost, including pyare, her husband. kartik tells her that it isnt befitting to talk to her husband like that. tai asks him not to bother, as she had known this would happen, and that she isnt fated to have the love of her family, and turns around to leave. kartik stops her, saying that he knows what he

is doing, and that everyone would have to live with that. hema says that she wont allow pyare in her room, and hastily leaves. he decides that tai and pyare shall be in the outhouse. survi is tensed. the lady smirks at tai. they leave.

In the room, survi paces around tensedly, when khushi comes to her. khushi says that she knows, she doesnt like tai, and she herself shares the same opinion, and asks if she is angry at kartik, due to tai being here. she asks her not to lessen her love for him, due to this. survi is shocked at her maturity. she tells her to realise that whatever he is doing is right, and asks her not to be angry, as she doesnt like them fighting, and asks them to happily live with each other, for her sake. survi hugs her, while she cries, and asks her not to worry, as they wont separate come what may, and shall always be together. while they are happily playing, kartik enters, and they both tensed. khushi gets the signal and begins to leave, when kartik asks if she too is angry at him, like her mother. he asks if she knows what he likes. he swings her around and survi is taken aback. he comes to her, and asks her to maintain this happiness, in this festive season. survi eyes khushi tensedly. he tries to assure her, that even though everyone is angry at him, but tai is genuinely apologetic and has changed over a new leaf, and wont do anything wrong now. survi asks him who shall guarantee, that tai doesnt become deadly to other members of the family. she says that tai can never change and they both know it. he gets tensed. he says that whatever is happening isnt because of tai, but someone else, and he shall search for her. he again gets to playing with khushi, by swinging her from a height. survi asks him to pull her down, as she isnt a child. he complies, and asks her not to worry, as this time, he wont do anything wrong, and let anything wrong happen. survi is tensed. kartik leaves. Survi asks kishore, who has just come, if they found anything. he says that they didnt, but is assured that soon they would. he finds her lost. kishore asks why is she so tensed. she talks about kartik’s weird and changed behaviour. he says that they dont know what that woman did to him, after what he went through. she says that they cant sit quietly, and should scrutinise the video yet again, for some more clues. he complies. they get to checking the video together. finding nothing, he asks her not to be tensed, as soon the truth shall come. she says that this is what she doesnt understand, as to how can kartik do this. he tells her that kartik isnt with them right now. she is tensed. he says that someone has captivated his mind, as if kartik was okay, then he wouldnt do anything wrong to anyone, and thats why he got tai back. they hear lata hollering out to survi, and she is about to go, when kishore says that he shall, as she should rest, being tensed and stressed all day.

In the outhouse, pyare and tai settle, as the lady comes and welcomes them. tai holds her by the hair, and asks how dare she outsmart her. the lady holds her hand, and tells her that she has stopped using wit. tai asks her to stop this nonsense. the lady that if she had to double cross her, her arrival back wouldnt be ensures. tai asks her to explain it all and asks how did the confession video of kartik, reach the police. the lady takes the credit, while tai is boggled. the lady says that her plan had a small fault, and says that she followed her intention of never underestimating survi, and hence instead of making survi’s mind singly running on tai after the attack, and distracted that there is someone else, who doesnt mean their well being. she says that even though she trusts kartik completely, she doesnt trust this third woman, and shall be forced to think, that she doesnt want well. they compliment her plan, and later sit down to think about how unlucky survi is, as she wanted to teach her a lesson, but herself got duped totally. she says that survi doesnt even know that kartik is dead and she is a widow. kartik enters their room, and they both eye him. he too takes a bottle of alcohol, and asks pyare to be silent as he is too loud. tai says that he wont allow anything wrong to happen as she wont bear anything wrong to happen. he asks them to be cautious, and tells that survi is very sharp, and can give them a hard time. the lady says that when lata couldnt identify that this guy isnt kartik, then how can anyone else. tai too affirms that she got bopggled, when she first met him, and it took her some time to digest, that he isnt kartik, but his likeface, Krishna. they are all amused. tai tells him that alcohol isnt for him, as people thrive over him the minute he steps out. she says that he shall drink only when he fulfills her work. he complies, saying that he shall do it soon. pyare points that his necklace is gone. tai gets to searching krishna happily points out, the one in his hand, that he so swiftly and stealthily stole. she says that the property papers shall be retrieved only when kartik’s signatures are duplicated by him on the papers. but krishna says that wont be required, as whatever he signs shall pass off kartik barve’s signatures. they are boggled. tai compliments his plan yet again, when he explains what he intends to do. she says that they need to get the property fast.

As survi is in the room, the bank calls up on kartik’s mobile, requesting to speak to him. survi picks up the calls, and identifies herself as his wife, and asks whats the matter. she gets to know that kartik has filed an application for the signature to be changed, and the formalities, have been done, and so he can proceed ahead with the transactions now, with changed signatures and asks her to inform this to him. survi is shocked to know of this. she then walks in the corridor, and comes down straight to the temple. she comes and folds her hands in gratitude, as she faces Lord Ganesha. survi prays to the lord, and says that she doesnt understand whats going on, but she cant allow her family to apart one more time. she says that she is firing in the dark, but she is scared from inside, but she needs him to get rid of this fear and needs strength and power from him, to sustain through it. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Survi comes and tells tai, that before kartik was leaving, he calld called the lawyer and asked for property papers to be made for the entire 1000crore, that he has named to her and tomorrow the lawyer is coming, for kartik’s final signatures, for transfer of property. tai is tensed. Later, as the entire conspiring team sit together, Kartik says that she shall get the money only when he signs and he wont. the lady comes and tells him, that if he doesnt sign, that would set off the alarm for survi. pyare thinks that now they have to think what excuse can krishna give tomorrow, so that he doesnt have to sign any papers. all are set to thinking.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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