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Yeh Vaada Raha 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Survi says that she tries to give proof everytime but fails, and he asks her to shut up. she says that she wont shut up today, as she wont allow them to ruin his life. she says that the person he considers his mother isnt deservant of that. He asks her to watch out. Survi tells kartik that tai loves money and not her, and she is very selfish and self centred, and the day she has her work done with him, she wouldnt hesitate a second to get him killed and out of her way. he gets furious and unable to take it any longer, he slaps her tight across the face. She is shocked, while lata is apalled. tai and vishakha are thoroughly amused, along with tai’s children. he asks her to go from there right now, this instant and asks her to get lost.

she is shocked and apalled and rushes from there. lata is apalled. Survi falls on the bed, in her room, in tears and emotional, at the way he slapped her in front of everyone.

Outside, tai asks him not to do this, as she is a child, and how could he do this. she apologises to the guests asking them to leave as there’s a family problem. they leave. vishakha smiles evilly. he apologises to tai, for survi’s behalf, and says that he doesnt know why she is doing so, and maybe there is a misunderstanding. tai asks him not to do so. lata says that she shall go to talk to survi. tai stops her and asks her to stay, as he needs her. Tai glares at lata and she is scared. tai says that she shall go and talk to her, as she has a problem with her, and she shall explain. laata is scared while tai goes to survi’s room. Lata is distraught.

As survi is crying in the room, tai comes and taunts and amuses her of her broken heart. She gets tensed. tai says that she had a masterplan, and commends her, but she made a mistake, that she forgot that the bet that she is playing with a grandmaster at this. She says that she saw then only, when she was recording, and how she along with lata had planned to play the video, where their collage had to be shown, and how they shall expose tai and vishakha, and then saw lata hiding the pendrive underneath the bed, and then when lata leaves, she took the pendrive and then replaces it with another one. She says that what happened after that, she knows very well. Survi is worried. tai is amused. survi asks whats he done to her, as she has a problem with her, and she can kill her, but why him. tai taunts her of her love and trauma for him, as till the time, she is with him, this shall continue. survi asks why. tai asks her to think clearly, that till he didnt have her in his life, tai didnt disturb him at all, but when she came, his focus shifted on her, and all the time, he is interested for her happiness, her sadness and her worries, shifting tai and her children aside away from his focus, and also made her father a business partner too. She says that he used to follow her before survi, and now she wants that kartik back, and then grabbing survi by the hair, she says that she cant let this happen. she says that she shall rectify herself, if survi leaves him forever, and never returns back. survi is shocked. tai says that whatever road she takes, there should be no u -turns or changing decisions. she tells survi that if she returns, then she shall ensure he is dead. She tells survi that she loves him, and hence love is also sacrifice, and if she leaves, then she shall make him supremely happy, and then vbishakha too shall not be there, only tai herself, a lovable one. she asks survi to sit and think now and tell her decision, as her yes shall give him a life, and a no shall take his life away. Survi is apalled as she is at crossroads. tai asks survi whats it, and why is she hesitating to make this sacrifice for him, as those who love dont brood, they just do. She asks for her promise. Survi eyes her pic with him, and remembers tai’s words and her moments with him, and then finally after much relenting and hesitation, she promises tai. tai says that with her promise, he lievs on, and hence she shouldnt forget her promise made to tai. tai says that she understands her love is true, as she made the supreme sacrifice for her love, and then guffaws taunting her. She then excuses herself, and comes to her with a pen and paper, and asks her to write whatever she narrates. survi asks whats this. tai says that its the climax of her love story, and then says that if she says this to him, he wouldnt allow her to leave at any cost, thats why first she shall leave, then he shall get this letter, so that he isnt able to stop her. She then starts narrating the letter to survi, and she resignedly writes it down. survi is in tears, while tai snatches the letter from her, and eyes it evilly. She then takes survi and tells that she shall give her a surprise gift, and that is, to reciprocate what she did to her, but not right now but when the right time comes. she walks out of the room, into the corridor, in a daze, while tai smiles, as she rememberfs her moments with him. She turns to Lord Ganesha, and prays fervently.

The next morning, lata tells him, in front of vishakha, that he is at fault, as he shouldnt have hit her. he says that he too isnt happy that he did that. but she did something wrong, as she has gone weird, behaving like idiots when she is mature, and forgotten her manners towards elderly, and no control over her motor mouth. he says that he was quiet till now but now he cant control and bear her anymore, as she spoke against his tai, andwhen she didnt shut up after him telling her a thousand times hence he wasnt left with any option. he tells lata that he knows survi is his responsibility but tai and vishakha are their own too. Lata thinks that her silence has made survi go through hell. She thinks that she has borne enough, and now she wont let any more injustice be meted out to survi. she determines herself and then tells him, that whatever survi did….but before she can finish, they are surprised to hear tai’s shrill scream, and then rush to the room. they come in and ask tai whats the matter, while she is in pretentious bitter tears. she says that she tried to explain survi a lot, but she didnt listen. He asks what happened to her. she holds the letter and says tht she thinks survi has left the house. tai’s children are amused, while lata is shocked, along with him, while vishakha understands. he starts to read the letter. tai’s children arrive and she asks them all to go from there. they comply. He reads the letter that says that he didnt do right in raising his hand on her and has hurt her terribly, and even if she wants, she wont be able to forget. She says that he must have forgotten his promise to her father, that he shall keep her safe and sound, yet she and her father, and their promise were betrayed. She adds that everytime he does this, without thinking, he jumps into promises and then isnt able to fulfill them, when it comes to that. She says that she knows he regrest his promise, and that she has become a burden for him, but he neednt worry, as she has a solution. she says that she is going from here, where and how, that she doesn know yet, and asks him not to try and search her ever, and he shouldnt bother about his promise to her father. She says that she has never said no to him, and as he wanted her to go, and she is merely abiding. he is shocked to read this, and stunned into silence, as the letter falls from his hand into the ground. The screen freezes on his shocked face, while lata and tai eye him.

Precap: While he is tensed with lata, tai and others, wondering where would survi be in this big city, kartik is shocked to hear srikant’s voice, cheerfully hollering to survi, as he arrives inside the house with his bag and baggage. he tells srikant that she isnt at home, as she left the house. Srikant is frustrated and asks him to stop, as its enough. Later, Lata tells tai, that he shall knwo the truth today, as she has called him already, and he shall be here any minute now. tai is shocked to hear this. meanwhile, kartik’s car pulls up outside. Shwe turns around on the roof, to find that he has come. angry and furious, tai gives her a push and she falls from the roof, onto the ground, hitting her head hard and sustaining severe brain injury. He is shocked as he turns her over and sees the blo*dy mess. tai eyes them furiously from above.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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