Yeh Vaada Raha 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s office
Survi is apalled to hear what kartik suggests to khusi, promising her the same. he eyes survi viciously while khushi is ecstatic. jatin is boggled and tensed. khushi rushes and hugs her and jatin, while kartik stands up, asking that this is what they wanted, that khushi gets name and respect, and they can all live together as a family. he says that his gift to them is this. he then leans in and whispers in her ears, saying that she should forget what happened between them last night, and learn to move on. survi stands apalled, while he is amused as he walks away.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
Jatin and survi sit tensed, while khushi talks to rohit on the phone, arranging everything, behaving mature, and taking up

this responsibility of the wedding planner on herself, and expresses how much kartik is willing to help her. finally, unable to bear it anymore, she goes in and closes the door.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
When tai gets to know this, she is boggled. riya affirms what she heard. tai wonders what game is he upto. she then thanks riya for this news, and asks her to go, as she shall talk later. after she leaves, tai is enraged and confronts kartik why is he after that family again and again, and why cant he refrain away. he denies. he says that last night, in her drunk state, she told him everything. tai is tensed. he says that he knows survi, and she wont lie about khushi except for one thing, that khushi is his daughter, and what revenge she took, and talks about how lowlife she is, that she didnt accept that truth, which has ruined him till date. he says that he shall make her confess to it anyhow and that this is the only way out. after he leaves in haste, tai thinks that she wont be able to say, as survi herself doesnt know, that khushi is their own child. she wonders if in this marriage fiasco, their hatred turns into love. she gets tensed.

In his room, kartik eyes survi’s pic, amused and taunts her, to accept defeat now, as he toiled hard to ruin her life, but he enoyed every bit of it. he says that he now knows that only pain balances pain, and that he is happy when she is in pain. he says that she didnt do right, by killing their daughter for him, and that soon a time shall come, when she shall die to live and live to die. he guffaws loudly, saying that he shall separate khushi from her, as she is his blood, and promises it on that, and that he shall force her so badly, that she has to accept the truth. Later, lata speaks to kartik as he descends down, totally drunk, steely and sternly, as to why is he after survi. she asks him to respond, why he wishes to get survi and jatin married, and asks why. he gets tensed. the entire family gathers. tai is about to speak, but lata shuts her, saying that she is speaking to her son, and asks her not to interfere, as he has started behaving like earlier. he chides and says that she should be happy, as he shall be healthy, when she breaks ties with survi. he asks if its that easy to manage, and adds that he shall get this marriage. tai and the rest of her family side with kartik, except for hema, who stands by her, while she talks about their marital life smooth.

Scene 4:
Location: Survi’s residence
Later, she says that she wont accept defeat so easily, and that kartik cant intimidate her. Jatin is extremely tensed. he is boggled as to how she stayed with him for so long. she is tensed. he says that had he loved her, he wouldnt have thought of giving her this pain. she is tensed. she says that he still feels she is responsible for khushi’s death and now she knows what he wishes to achieve, and thats to snatch the daughter, and reminds him of the various instances, when he got attached to khushi, and tries to develop a social bond. she says that he knows khushi is an orphan, but she loves her more than life, and still he wishes to snatch her away. she says that he seeks revenge. she swears that she shall do anything to protect khushi, but now bow down to kartik, and promises that she wont let khushi get away. Later, when she is alone, she is distraught thinking about the previous night, of which she has hazy memories, as she cries inconsolably. she is suddenly alerted by a knock on tyhe door. she comes out and finds him walking in a drunken state, and is shocked. he smiels at her, while she is boggled. jatin comes and is enraged to see him and boggled too. he asks kartik whats he doing here, and what does he want. kartik says that he wishes to talk. jatin asks what. he says that he wishes to talk to survi. survi is tensed. they feel the drink on his breath. she asks jatin to be in the room, but he is over cautious. she says that he wont do anything. kartik asks him to believe her, as she knows him better than anyone else. he asks him to get lost. he resignedly complies. after that, he smiels at her, and takes her hand, and asks her to come sit with him. they both sit down, while he keeps pointing about their last night’s passion. Kartik tells survi that he knows he has pained her severely but what to do, she has hurt him too, and he has some right as well. he leans in close to her, and says that she snatched his khushi from him, and now he shall do the same to her. she eyes him apalled and distraught, thinking that he still blames her only. he comes close to her and swears revenge. he then gets up and says that a small idea incepted in her mind, tormented her so badly. she asks why is he doing this. he teases her that he loves it when she is tensed, and last night, they both were together, and draws in closer to him. as he leans in to close him, he pushes her on the sofa, and comes close to her. He tells her that he loved and enjoyed last night. she is boggled and apalled. he guffaws and asks if she mustnt be feeling nice about what happened, and says that he thinks he should tell the truth. she is boggled. he then tells survi that last night what actually happened was…..and then deliberates. she is anxiously all ears. he says that he merely planted the idea, to see its effect, and also adds that the watchman’s visitor changed her clothes, nothing happened between them and warns that this is just the beginning, and that he shall make her life a living hell, and she shall pain the most, when kushi is with him. he says that he shall be anxious to hear the sound of her heart breaking. The screen freezes on her tensed face as she has him in her lap.

Precap: As she eyes the vermillion on her head, thats accidentally adorned her forehead, survi is overwhelmed. she thanks the lord for having shown. excited, she goes to kartik’s place and gives him their kundalis, that he shall need them too. she then asks tyai also if she shall do the kanyadaan for her. she tells kartik that she shall marry but what he wishes wont happen, as when she hasnt done anything wron, then why should she admit to it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Crappp.. I was jus happy by yesterday’s episode.. But this episode is such a stupid episode.. They are showing kartiks character as foolish character… He don’t have brain as per the story.. Even the girl ria has much brain than kartik in this serial.
    I’m sure kushi will be 15 yrs old wen kartik and survi get together again..

  2. But the precap is quite good.. Survi should teach lesson to kartik idiot

  3. I think survi will be pregnant again n then kartik will change towards her

  4. Come on is he stupid or what?l thought he finally was start thinking and turn around and learn about tati

  5. The episode was not good . Survival is right as kartik only believe the bad people

    1. Not survival it’s survi

  6. omg wht a bad news stupid the guys r they r just blo*dyblasters no means

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