Yeh Vaada Raha 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai returns back with survi, in lata’s room, and assures them that lata shall soon be fine, as the doctor is very nice. Shanti says that they should go for a bigger doctor, for a second opinion. tai vehemently continues to protest for this doctor, and kartik expresses his faith in tai. Survi is tensed, and leaves, saying that he shall never distrust tai. He tries to go after her, but tai stops him, saying that she was severely apalled, at lata’s condition. Hence she should be allowed to grieve.

When later, in the night, lata wakes up, she is shocked to find herself handcuffed, and confronted by tai, who proudly gloats about how she changed everything, and hence she got lata to confess everything, and then also got her branded

as mad too. she taunts lata, while she winces in pain. Tai continues on her rant, and tells about how she implanted the doctor to do as she wishes, and how she had given her medically altered laddoo, that caused her to behave so severely, and then tampered her meds again, when shanti tried to give it to her. Lata is distraught to hear this, as after that she did what she wanted. lata again swears but then collapses being handcuffed. tai says that she had warned that its not right to threaten her. she asks her to beware next time.

Just then, a mysterious doll arrives in the house, and stealthily makes it ways inside the mansion. As she is about to retire in the room, Tai notices a mysterious doll kept in the middle of the night, in the centre of the drawing room. she picks it up and eyes it intensely, and then guffaws as to who could have sent it, and throws it aside. Aniket then comes, and tai says that someone sent them this stupid gift, as they dont know that survi is going to be dressed like this too, wherein she would enter into her marital life, but full of vernom and revenge. aniket crookedly smiles, and then they both talk about how it was their plan all along to try and keep kartik confused, about their plan. they gloat about each other’s performance, as both remember how they wouldnt ever forget how she killed bhao, and are determind to take their revenge from her. They dont realise how the doll springs up on its own, as if listening to them. They start plotting their plan, as to how they have to think ahead of their plan, and there was only problem, and that was lata, which is taken care of now. tai says that its just started, and the real thing is to be done by him. he stands tensed. she asks if he remembers, that he wont be there at the altar, but a letter from him shall come, that he enacted love with survi, to avenge his handicapped leg and his father’s death. she says that then survi’s happiness shall be ruined, and then they shall finally be able to get rid of survi froever. She asks him to remember this, as if he doesnt comply, then she shall forget he is her son.She leaves, towards her marital pic, and says that she wont even spare her own son, if he comes in her way, to avenge survi, but wont allow survi to become the bahu of the house. she goes up to her room. He says that he wouldnt comply, and he doesnt care what she does to others, and he only complied, so that he can get survi hapily in the house. he says that he wishes to marry survi, and doesnt want to leave her. The doll hears this intently.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
Survi and kartik sit tensedly in her room, as she tries hard to control her tears. He tries to talk to her, but she refrains. he then stands tensedly and asks her to compose herself, as lata needs her, and noone is responsible for her condition, and how destiny has turned its face away from them. He laments as to why this happens to him only. she is about to comfort him, when srikant comes in, and survi then asks him to give lata hospital care. he says that he doesnt feel the need, as they shall take care, and moreover there is tai. survi tries to keep convincing kartik that lata needs to go to a hospital, but he says that tai has gotten a good doctor. she keeps trying to make him see the point, that lata needs to be treated by a panel of doctors. he says that doctors can come home too, and that tai is right, and he doesnt want to discuss this. she asks whats the basis of tai’s knowledge, and why he always keeps her on this high pedestal. He asks if she wants to say that tai isnt right, and continues to vehemently side with tai. he says that he can entrust lata’s life in tai’s hands, and survi blurts out that she cant. he almost raises his hand to slap her, shocking her and srikant. She remembers the earlier slap, and he storms out tensedly. They both stand tensedly.

Srikant tells survi that she neednt have done this, as tai is reformed, and has even accepted heras the bahu of the house, forgetting all enemity, and she should move on too. He then says that he has always sided with his daughter, and has always felt, that she has ben right, but this time, around he too feels that she isnt right, and asks how can she talk so distrustingly about her would be mother in law, and that too in front of kartik, as that is bound to upset him. He then asks her to forget that tai is responsible for lata’s condition, and begs her that if she cares about him, then she wouldnt do anything, that might cause a hindrance to the marriage, as he cant see their friendship being altered. He leaves from there. the screen freezes on survi’s apalled face.

Precap: Tai then declares a game about couple dancing through chits. as fate would have it, survi and kartik dance together. then tai gives her dance performance. All are oblivious of the doll’s lurking presence in the house.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. so…. Does it mean that aniket has pure feelings 4 survi??

  2. Do anyone see that Tai & Srikant Dance together!!! How funny 😀
    But who is the doll? The doll maybe set fire on the wedding place, but Aniket want to marry Survi , then what will happen? I think Survi will escape the fire anyhow & left the place without informing any one, & every one thought she is dead she will come back to Kartik’s life in a new look ,new identity, otherwise how will she escape the marriage? If it happens then it will be very interesting.

  3. But who has sent that doll … And for what

  4. Okay honestly speaking this doll and Tai drama is very irritating. But I love Rinku Ji’s acting as Tai superb acting. And I m sure it will somehow be Surthik not Suniket, I hope Aniket understands this and unites Surthik instead of Suniket.
    But I will appreciate the makers for the not using the groom swapping track like Tai telling Karthik to sit in place of Aniket it’s too common in hindi serials and also illogical . Good job for that makers. But please unite Surthik not Suniket.

  5. Guys I saw the promo in that survi and aniket marriage was stopped by a doll and I heard that karthik will marry survi only guys pls enjoy it it is surthik onlyyyyy

    1. Is it true Ranaji? 🙂 and I m really happy to see u back 🙂

  6. who’s the doll ?? Survi’s fairy god mother ?? Who’ll protect survi

  7. yaar pl give the link to this doll setting fire to mandap … i serached so much, nowhere its seen

  8. Who sent this doll?&I want survi & karthik to be married.

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