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Yeh Vaada Raha 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi goes to the launch. Kamini and Abeer are on their way as well. Khushi says I fee so nervous. I have to take it easy. She reaches the launch and sees Abeer there. Khushi says what are you doing here? How can you leave papa alone? He says he is not alone there. Your whole chawl is there. I had no place to sit there. So I had to come here. She says don’t pretend to be polite. He says this is my nature. I am not rude like you. I become happy to see others happy. Have you ever seen your wooden face? There wasn’t a single smile on your face. She says it shouldn’t be your problem. he says since my company decided to launch you. I am 50% owner of Sur sangeet. Its obvious. The man launching you is my father. Khushi is dazed. He says dots aren’t connected? this

happens. I don’t have much involvement in the company. You must be thinking why son of such a good man is a spoiled brat. Its an important day today. Pratap comes and says Khushi you are here. Abeer hugs pratap and says hi dad. Pratap says you okay? He says yes. Pratap says I had been calling you but your phone was off. Your mom told me you are outdoor. How was it? Abeer I didn’t go anywhere. If someone else had asked me I could lie but I can’t lie to you. Dad all this while I was doing a punishment at Khushi’s place. He tells pratap everything. Abeer says this is coincidence you chose this Khushi for launch.

Kartik sees on TV Khushi will be on Tv. She will sing for us before the launch. Everyone at chawl asks Kartik to treat them. He says I have ordered.
Abeer says I learned there and realized my mistake. I don’t wanna lie to you. I told mom to lie to you because I wanted to tell you everything. I didn’t want your second wife to talk against me. Pratap says she is like a mother to you. Abeer says but she isn’t mother anyway I did mistake so I want you to punish me. Pratap says if you made a mistake and you already got the punishment i am glad. The function will start i want you to escort Khushi to green carpet she doesn’t know anyone. And she is not an outsider. Abeer says in a while whole world will know her. Abeer holds Khushi’s hand and says let’s go.
A man asks Kartik how Khushi made it there? Kartik says she is talented and hard working. She has magical vocals. The owner listened to her voice and gave her the contract. Reporter says the launch party is starting in a while. Kartik says Survi see there our Khushi will be on TV.

Khushi comes to makeup room. Abeer says you can get ready here. I will go and check when are they calling you. Khushi says what are you upto? Don’t pretend in front of me. You can’t play me. What are you upto? He says you are accusing me? She says no I believe you are lying. I have been observing people on my own since I was 7. I left my childhood behind. I never made a mistake. Everyone had an issue why don’t smile but I never had a reason to. But still I am happy and I want to stay that way. That is why I am requesting you whatever you are up to, don’t. This day is important for my dad. He has so many hopes. Abeer says I know I have troubled you enough and hurt your dad. I agree you have observed life closely. Didn’t life teach you not to push someone? i wanted to meet my dad but you didn’t let me. You thought I wanted to run away. Where was your observing talent that day? I am a horrible human but what are you? You make mistakes but if I do then its wrong? Every action has a consequence. You taught me that. Now I will teach you. you won’t ever throw this attitude to anyone else. He pulls her closer.

Kamini comes to the launch and see the posters. She says pratpa hello ex husband. You didn’t listen to me. He says I am glad about that. And who invited you and let you in? She says my son is 50% owner of the company why you forget it? Because of him I am here. Its my right. He says I am glad Abeer has learned from Khushi. You won’t. She says don’t compare me to that third class girl. He says you are third class. Don’t create a scene here. I am warning you. She says why would I do that? He leaves.
Kamini gives money to reporter and says you know what to do right? He says yes.

Abeer says I have that 100rs tattooed in my mind. I will make you a star today and everyone will remember your face. No no I am not gonna rape you. You don’t deserved to be touched by me. Girls like you are used like tissues. i don’t know what kind of people give you attention. I wont use you. I will use your lipstick. He takes out lipstick from her purse and makes kiss marks on his face. He says you made me clean trash right? Now see how I trash your life. Khushi goes out of the room, Abeer comes with here. There are reporters outside her room. Khushi says there is no such thing. Abeer says she is right. Reporter says because of your relation she got this opportunity. Abeer says she got is for her challenge.
A man at chawl says he is the same guy who lived here. Reporter says do you use your relationship to get to this launch? Is that why you go this contract.

Precap-Pratpa says go wipe her tears. Abeer says I can’t do this. Pratap says if she keeps crying then you will lose your dad forever. Khsuhi says to abeer if you want to start a new life you can. That is why I free you from this court punishment.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. awww…now i think AB will start liking KHUSHI..:D 😀 🙂 :*

  2. I also think that a beer will start falling for khushi but will that happen so early? The latest spoiler indicates that Kyushu will be upset with abeers this plan to embarrass khushi and as a result she will plan to leave the city.

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