Yeh Vaada Raha 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Survi praying to Bappa as the doctors try to revive Khushi
Doctors manage to save her.Karvi are relieved & rush inside to see her.A feeling of dread creeps into Survi as Kartik tells her about the doctor having allowed them to take Khushi home

Back home Survi won’t let anyone near Khushi which disturbs Kartik.Lata makes Kartik understand that he will have to trust her on this,she being a mother knows best

Tai tries to sweet talk to Survi but Survi knows better.She politely asks Tai to leave cause she trusted her daughter with noone in the house

Tai tries to add fuel to the fire & tells Kartik about how Survi’s words hurt her

Survi comes downstairs & as in precap declares her decision to go away from Barve mansion

& take Khushi with her cause her child’s life is at stake.While Kartik tries to make Survi understand that her fears were unfounded,that what happened today was an accident & as for the fridge incident he assures Survi that he would make sure the person who did this gets punished,Survi tries to make Kartik see that both the attempts on Khushi’s life were in fact premeditated.Their argument gets out of hand ending in Kartik raising his hand to slap Survi as shown in the precap.Survi makes it clear that she wouldn’t let Khushi stay in the house & would leave with her in the morning

Back in Kartik’s room they show Karvi taking care of Khushi as she is fast asleep.Survi starts to pack her clothes which infuriates Kartik.They get into a fight again.

It’s morning & Survi wakes up Khushi & tells her that they are gonna go back to their old house.Khushi doesn’t want to leave without Kartik but Survi wouldn’t listen to her

Downstairs as Survi starts to leave,Kartik arrives & has the judge with him.The judge asks Survi to let Khushi go back to her room & sits down to talk to Karvi
She tells Survi that she got to know about the 2 incidents & her decision to move out of Barve mansion,but the incidents are the reason why she holds Survi responsible cause she entrusted her with Khushi’s care & safety.Warns her to make sure Khushi is okay,else she would revoke Khushi’s custody.She then goes on to warn Kartik & holds Karvi equally responsible for Khushi’s safety
One more incident & she would pronounce another decision that might not be in their favour,is what the judge declares

After the judge leaves Survi keeps mulling over Khushi’s words about how she was sure it was a woman who put her in the fridge,she starts to put two & two together & tries to reach at a conclusion as to who could do this to Khushi

Wow Survi accuses Tai of having tried to kill Khushi
And Tai admits to all & proudly proclaims that she is gonna do it again

Update Credit to: Vanellope

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  2. Another serial that is bakwas showing evil, evil and more evil to the extent of destroying marriage, separating husband and wife, attempting to kill / murder a child without conscience!!!! Shitty low mentality episodes by shit writers on ZeeTV.

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