Yeh Vaada Raha 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi, shanti and kartik come out. he wishes shanti all the best, and she wishes him luck for his interview. he teases that survi doesnt need luck, she is already the best. While they banter, ranvir sees them from the car at a distance, and remembers meher’s needs, and is determined to get Ranveer. after kartik leaves, and they walk, shanti and survi are thronged by goons, while she desperately cries for help. ranveer sees from a distance. he thinks that he knows getting this done is wrong, but is helpless due to meher. he gets out in heroic style, and then beats them all to pulp, when survi and shanti rush to him, crying for help. Shanti eyes him mesmerised. while fighting, one of them, tries to hit ranveer, but survi comes in the way.

survi gets hit with an iron rod, and falls unconscious on the road, in shanti’s arms, who is distraught herself. ranvir is tensed, seeing her, from his car. he thinks that this is his oppurtunity. he takes them in the car. then he tells shanti to go and give her exams, but she refuses to budge. he yanks her out of the car. he asks her not to cry for sympathy for herself, and gives her harsh treatment, so that she is jerked to reality, as he reminds her of the sacrifices that they put in, so that she can flourish in her tudies. he manages to convince her to take her exams. she finally agrees, being convinced. as he gives her the bag, she says that she shall tell her brother. but he says that he shall do it himself. he sends her off. he thinks that he has to get kartik before seven anyhow.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence and On the road
While meher is getting ready, tai comes with juice for her, while meher intentionally refers to her as maid, and asks where is ranvir. she says that he has gone to get kartik. meher smiles up. tai evilly smirks, that she is a fool to think she would get married to kartik. she eyes the lavish jewellery, and then tells that kartik shall not like this dress at all. meher says that she likes it. tai convinces her by emotionally blackmailing her to wear what kartik wants. tai goes on a rant as to how he is attached to her, and that only two people know him the best, survi and she herself. she says that she can get her ready, but she wont, as then if anything goes wrong, then she would be blamed. but meher falls for her trick and sends everyone away, and asks tai to get her ready, referring to her as Tai. tai smirks.

KArtik gets shanti’s call about survi’s wounds, and rushes immediately to tai’s place, but the guards stop. pyare manages to let him tyhrough. he rushes and is shocked to find tai, and her daughters working there as maid. Kartik rushes inside the house hassled and distraught, and tai directs him to the room, where survi is lying. he rushes there. ranvir and meher stand at the balcony, eyeing him, with a smile. Ranvir smiles at her, while she is ecstatic seeing kartik, that ranvir did fulfill his promise. Kartik rushes inside, and finds survi and shanti. he gets to know what happened, and how ranvir helped them. ranvir comes, and he thanks him profusely, and says that he shall repay back the favour any which way, within hi means. ranvir then gets them to attend the ceremony, for having saved her and shanti. he says that they shall like if kartik joins with family. he complies. ranvir again gets the gifts that kartik has returned. he asks kartik to come along, and he complies, asking survi to rest. survi is extremely tensed. shanti is all gaga over him, while survi instinctively feels something isnt right.

The next morning, all are dressed for the party. kartik looks handsome. survi stands tensedly. she notices granny tensed, and asks whats the matter and why doesnt she seem happy, at this happy occassion. granny thinks that she should tell her about ranvir’s plan. but he budges just in time, and stops granny, and then narrates that granny is just emotional at letting go of meher, now that she shall start her new life. granny eyes him tensedly, and complies helplessly. he takes her away. survi feels that she wanted to say something. while socialising, kartik is shocked to find tai, and the daughters serving to people. he gets enraged, but tai asks him not to react. then she starts her emotional sob story, and asks him not to react, even if he feels bad. survi comes. tai says that she regrets now whatever happened, as she realises this is the penance to her crimes, and she is getting what she deserved. survi comes and then tells her that now that she has realised, she has already won, and if so be the case, then the lord shall get ehr out of this situation. kartik and survu smile at each other. ranvir comes and tai leaves from there. he introduces him to the new business partner. bindu asks tai why she did what she did. tai says that this was her move, and she has learnt her lesson, and now she shall ractify her measures, and that tonight she shall watch as the drama unfolds, as to how ranvir shall manage to get meher engaged to kartik, now that he managed to get kartik here. finally, Meher comes down along with others, while all watch in awe. he tells everyone that he ahd promised meher all the happiness in the world, and today thats coming true. meher smiles. she thanks ranvir, while she is asked to wait, till the roka is done with kartik. survi overhears this and is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Survi corners granny, in a room, and asks if there is anything thats bothring her, she can confess it to her. granny is tensed and boggled. survi waits for her to speak up. meanwhile, kartik sits, while ranvir and meher are on either side, as the priest starts with the rituals. later, an ecstatic meher dances along with kartik.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. will survi stop the marriage or karthik marry meher

  2. Thx much for the update ?

  3. ridiculous twist and it’s pretty hard to put up with it. They just keep making Kartik looks so dumb. He was just sitting there and rubbish!!! Survi will sort everything out as usual though.
    hope that psycho and maniac combo is leaving soonest (that female villain face is oh-so-disgusting-and-nasty-and-shameless)and this current plot which shouldn’t be encouraging is ending very soon. Writer needs to come back to his

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