Yeh Vaada Raha 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi finds kartik and her photo dangling, due to the heavy wind blowing in, and rushes to salvage it from falling on the floor. all are tensed. she dials his number, but doesnt get through. aniket asks about him, to survi, and she assures that he must be driving slow due to foggy weather. they get to eating togetehr. lata asks if he met tai. he refuses tensedly, saying that he doesnt wish to, as he is ashamed to call her his mother, and how she betrayed kartik, who loved her the most. they are all tensed. aniket hesitantly says that he wished to talk, as he doesnt have anyone other than kartik and them. he says that he likes a girl, who he has fallen in love with. they are excited, when he expresses the need to marry her. khushi and others

wish to see her, but he says that she doesnt like to get her pics clicked. they are boggled. he says that she is quite shy, reserved and different, and very different from the modern girls, and is totally Indian at heart. survi commends and compliments her. lata asks if she is coming tomorrow, then they shall meet her. he complies.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Kartik follows after the cries, and then hears the anklets, and the woman walking listlessly, while he follows her, hooked onto her. he is driven upto the top of a mountain and is suddenly thrown off the cliff. but he is suddenly caught by some policemen, who ask him where was he going, and if he even knows where he is. he realises and is aghast. he talks about giving the lift to a girl. they are boggled and ask where is she. he then explains everything, hearing which they get scared. they take him from there and bring him to the main road. kartik and the inspector rubbishes off the hawaldaar’s claims, that the girl he met, was actually her ghost, which keeps wandering around here. the policeman ask for his ID and tell him that there have been several such instances earlier, but he got lucky and got saved too.
he asks if they are drunk on duty, as he cant believe in this supernatural stuff. he says that the girl’s car must have been where they left it. they get going, oblivious of the girl lurking around, behind them. as they retrace their way back, they find the car gone. he says that its impossible and vehemently tries to prove what happened. the hawaldaar asks if she was walking on the Kuchcha road. when kartik confirms, he again reiterates about a ghost. but he is again rubbished off. the police shows him a sign, that in this road, getting down or stopping is prohibited, and if the car breaks down, then a toll free number is given to be contacted. kartik continues to try and prove himself, but they ask him to be more careful next time. he agrees. he sits in the car, and finds her looking at him, from a distance. by the time, he points out, this to the inspector, she is gone. he is boggled. kartik thinks that maybe it was his distraction. he gets in the car and drives off, while the girl watches him going.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik finally arrives, and is given a hearty welcome, by the family. then he finds aniket and greets him with happiness. aniket asks him how is he. he is lost in that girl. aniket nudges him and asks where is he lost. kartik asks him about his surprise visit. aniket says that he wishes to talk. kartik asks him to sit, while he freshens up and comes back, to talk. he leaves hastily. all are tensed including survi. In his room, kartik is thoroughly boggled, and confused, when he gets startled, as survi places a hand on his shoulder. she asks if he is okay. he denies. she gives him water and he gulps it down, lost. she asks if he is hiding anything, and asks him to state it clearly. he says that he shall tell and then narrates everything, and is totally shaken up. she asks where would he have dinner. he asks her to be serious. she strts reprimanding him for his careless attitude on that deserted road. she says that she wont allow him to go from that road, to the construction site, and get a man to do the job. he asks her not to be too tensed. she says that she has found happiness with him, after much troubles, and she doesnt want any more problems. she asks him to promise that he wont go down that road again. he almost places his hand on hers but then he doesnt promise, and argues. she gets angry. he asks her to try and understand, as to who she was, whether a ghost or a real girl. he reminds the hawaldar’s statement that they dont bother or come, untile and unless they are called for. he asks if this is true. she asks him to stop thinking about the ghost and storms off. he says that he knows how to win her back.

Kartik comes out to the car, and tries to search for the necklace, but doesnt find it. survi comes and slaps her on the head, asking whats she doing here. she starts reprimanding him for being so careless, and asks if he is still lost in the thoughts of that girl. she starts chiding with him, saying that she shall call for this special girl, for him, so that he can chat and gossip. she says that the family would be tensed if they hear about this. he asks her not to, and tells how the necklace that he got for her, is missing, and how it was for ten lakhs. she is shocked. he tells how he lost it, after the girl sat in the car. she reprimands him for his callousness, and now asks him to go in and tell everyone how he got befooled. he asks how can a beautiful girl be a thief. she gets furthermore enraged and gets to go in. Kartik turns her around, and chides with her, as to what if the ghost had actually come on being beckoned and asks what if he had called the beautiful woman. she rushes in to complain about him to lata. he rushes after her, completely oblivious of the lady’s lurking presence in the gardens. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The next day, an old man comes in front of kartik’s car, as he is on his way to work. the old man asks for his help in reaching the haveli to be able to take the meds there urgenly. he complies. Later, the police asks kartik what was he doing here yet again. he talks about how he left an old man, to his house, as he was lost and asked for help. but the police tell him that the house he is referring to, has been abandoned for many years and contains many secrets embedded in it. but kartik tries to prove his point and then leads them to that place, which is in ruins, covered in dust and rust, as he talks about how his daughter’s dead body too is lying in the upper room. he takes off the covers over one of the furnitures, and is himself shocked at what he sees.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. QueenB

    First was Kalindi
    and now this ghost girl

  2. Maybe this ghost is the girl aniket wishes to marry! Given the description n fits her! 😛

  3. End this serial. You creatives don’t even give the lead pair a chance to be together. So long Tai was the reason for their separation, then Kali did, then Katie’s twin brother and now some blo*dy spirit/ghost.
    Finish the serial when the going is good. Please do not give us thrash to watch.

  4. Finally, a good reason to stop watching ……ghosts .

  5. So now kartik is seeing ghost I think it the girl aniket like n he is fooling them again

  6. indera sanichara

    Sorry writers no ghost please. Please dont do this to us viewers, end this serial.

  7. Natasha mahase

    To dragging n boring

  8. Is this all a plan to just say that kartik is mentally disturbed as its tai plan n her son, oh n I think he is a bad guy in this part

  9. mee too thnk it wz a master plan made by thaiii …. anyway it was so intrestng.. BT hope actually dere z no ghost n dz was a fake drama..

  10. t wz a master plan made by thaiii …. anyway it was so intrestng.. BT hope actually dere z no ghost ndz was a fake drama.

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