Yeh Vaada Raha 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Survi takes the phone and starts surfing through it, for the video that she had sent kartik. She doesnt find it, and thinks that vishakha must have deleted it. Suddenly the phone pings, with a message saying that she is coming with the money, and she should get dressed. Vishakha comes out just then, and she stealthily puts the phone back and leaves.

Tai meanwhile demands for around 10 lakhs, giving a rough estimate about the money, whereall she needs it, and he immediately agrees, and gives her ten. survi sees this, and understands that tai is giving this money to vishakha, by taking it from kartik. Tai then comes to vishakha and sends the parlour girls away. she taunts tai and asks how is she looking. tai comments and then throws the

money at her dressing table, and then warns her lovingly, that what she did today shouldnt be repeated and that she needs her as much as the vice versa. tai says that she somehow managed to delete it today, and that quitening lata was easy, but survi is smart and if she blurts in front of him, about them, then it would be troublesome, hence asks her to be careful. Survi and lata take the video through the peephole. vishakha says that she is scared to trust her these days, as she might get her killed too. tai asks why would she do that, since she needs her. They both smile.

Downstairs, Survi comes and asks if everything is set and ready as per plan. Lata tells her that she has set everything, as the recording shall begin at the right time, and tells survi that till tai isnt exposed, survi shouldnt hover around the projector, as that might alarm tai and kartik might get upset. then the priest asks to begin for the engagement ritual. raghu gets kartik while hema gets vishakha. He eyes survi, and then walks ahead. Tai comes to survi and says that this is her miracle, as she snatched her love right in front of her eyes. she amusingly taunts her, and then gives her the ring for him, so that she can give it to him, when he needs, as she cant get him, so she should hold on to the ring for as long as she can, as the ring is her dream’s, but vishakha shall get it. Survi is tensed and apalled. tai then goes to the priest to start the ritual. They are all tensed as they cant find lata, but she comes in just then, asking them to proceed. tai asks survi to get the ring. he smiles, while survi gets the ring to them, as she remembers her moments with him, the concern and care and sense of belonging. She signals lata and lata gives her a go ahead. she intentionally but pretends that accidentally drops the ring on the floor, and apologises. the ring skiddles off. they all get to searching the ring. in the commotion, lata gets the chance to switch on the projector, while tai gets frustrated as they cant find the ring. tai then asks survi also to search and notices that she isnt moving. she sends survi in a different direction, and immediately it is found under her feet. tai taunts her that she couldnt find and feel it, as she is lost elsewhere. lata meanwhile comes back. tai asks survi to give the ring, and she resignedly complies. hema too gives the ring to vishakha, while lata tries to get the projector to work, by switching it through the remote, both lata and survi are tensed. After all clap as the engagement ritual proceeds, much to lata and survi’s worries, the lights suddenly go off, as the video starts playing. Tai and vishakha are shocked, as the presentation starts. survi and lata eye amusingly, thinking that now tai’s game is up. but they are confused and baffled, as it displays a video of how tai is asking for his happiness, and how his goodwill only demands selfless love on her part, and vishakha too promises that he is her responsibility from this day forth, and she knows that this is just a compromise, but she loves him, and he too shall eventually love her. Lata and survi are shocked. tai taunts survi, who is tensed. All clap after the video finishes. Bindu and hema come, proud of their mother, and then thanks vishakha too saying that he cant have a better wife than her. he smiles too. he comes to tai, and comments how much she thinks of him. She says that he has made their life, then why wouldnt she reciprocate. he says that he knows she loves him more than herself. Survi blurts out screaming that its false, and wrong. She tells him that the video he saw was wrong, as she wanted him to see something, but now what they saw, as someone tampered with the content. He is boggled and asks whats she talking. she says that vishakha is wrong and had told him earlier, that she came wqith a bad motive, but didnt know the motive was tai’s. He is shocked and enraged too. She explains that this was all staged by tai and vishakha together. they both are tensed. lata is worried. He asks survi is she is mad, and how can she think like this of tai. She says that she knew he wouldnt believe hence she recorded the conversation between tai and vishakha. She tells him that tai gave 5 lakhs to vishakha to get her to marry him. He says that its enough, and he can understand her miksunderstanding about vishakha, but tai is his mother, and has loved him more than her own son, and he wont stand a negative word against her, as he has done that mistake once, but not anymore. tai comes to survi and asks why is she talking liek this. she says that she had frogotten everything and moved on, but survi couldnt and she still feels that tai is evil, and doesnt know hot to get survi to believe in her goodness. survi asks her to shut up, as its enough now, and asks her to stop the pretense. Survi tells him that tai remembers all the wrong past, and begs him to believe her. but he is baffled and confused, as to what to do. She says that he might not believe her, but what would he say when lata says it too. tai and vishakha along with the children are tensed. survi then turns to lata and asks her to testify what she is saying, and everything that she saw and knows, and what and how their plan was to be executed. Tai comes and presses lata’s hand and signals her to be quiet, asking if she too feels that tai can betray her. lata remembers tai’s threat and chickens out. To her horror, Lata asks whats she saying, as she cant understand anything, and asks what betrayal, and what video, since she doesnt have a clue. survi is shcoked, while tai is amused. All others are surprised too. Survi asks how could she.

Agitatedly, survi turns to him and says that she doesnt know why is lata lying, but she wont, and then tells that they have planted a big conspiracy, as vishakha is a dancer and the day she proclaimed that she went to the temple, she went to the bar actually, and then also tells about the video, and that she can do anything for money. vishakha gets emotional and asks why is she doing this, as if she does this and insults her, she wont be able to live, and begs her to stop this. survi asks her to stop this pretense. he asks her to stop now, as she is talking out of thin air, as she is blaming vishakha and then tai, but both times, without solid evidence. she is tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Survi tells kartik that tai loves money and not her, and she is very selfish and self centred, and the day she has her work done with him, she wouldnt hesitate a second to get him killed and out of her way. he gets furious and unable to take it any longer, he slaps her tight across the face. She is shocked, while lata is apalled. tai and vishakha are thoroughly amused, along with tai’s children.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Lata is not the fool kartik life is in danger and it is the right of every mom to protect his child .But kartik is an idiot no last

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