Yeh Vaada Raha 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the barn
Survi clutches at him tightly, whle proclaiming that she has only loved him. he is drawn to her, while he remembers their moments together. then he places her on the bed, while she draws him close to herself. he lies atop her. the next morning, survi wakes up in kartik’s clothes, with a heavy hangover, and she is shocked. kartik wishes her good morning, and then is about to kiss her on the forehead, when she pushes him away, and asks whats going on. he asks her to eat first, as she cant have meds without food. she asks who changed her clothes. he again asks her to have meds first. she is insistent and throws away the food. she lunges at kartik, and asks him what happened last night. he says that she only drank, and didnt eat, and that she drunk last

night, or else that wouldnt have happened, which did. he says that their wall wouldnt have separated them anymore, and gives her the credit for whatever happened, and thanks her profusely. she asks him to tell what happened. he deliberates and tells her that what happened last night, ended all barriers and seprataion between them. she is boggled, and petrified. he says that keeping aside all their enemity, they again united and became one last night. she is thoroughly shocked. she refuses to believe it, saying that this cant be, while he says that he tried to refrain, but she didnt listen. she asks why didnt he stop her. he says that he was drunk, and still she didnt let him go far away. he asks her not to talk about it, as its all done now. she says that she might be highly drunk, but she couldnt have made this mistake, and that she cant do this. he says that she is right, but whatever happened, wasnt wrong, as he feels what should have happened did. he hugs her tightly and kisses her forehead, while she is boggled and taken aback. he says that he is wauting for her in the car and asks her to get ready and come. after he leaves, she is distraught and apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
To stop the awkward silence, kartik switches on the music, and it gives on one romantic song after the other. he is amused. she shuts it off. he says that she might be miffed at him, by why take it out on the radio. she asks him to stop saying so, as nothing has happened, and she doesnt believe him. he says that he doesnt wish to prove, and if she doesnt want to expect, then so be it, and they can forget it all, but truthfully, he doesnt know where will their story go now, and what happened last night, changed everything for him. she is about to retaliate back, whent he car suddenly screeches to a halt, and she is about to hit her head on the dashboard, when kartik prevents her. she is surprised. he apologises saying that they came ahead and he is still lost. he then takes her back home.

Scene 3:
Location: Survi’s residence
Kartik waits outside, as survi steps out, and then feels a tug on her dupatta from behind. she turns around lashing at him, to let go of her dupatta, but as fate has it everytime, she finds that its stuck, in his cufflinks, like innumerable times before. she eyes him tensedly, while he is amused. he says that even the lords play, and their move is unknown, and keep putting interesting turns in life. he says that they have to acceptit, and what might seem insanity might become life tomorrow, and maybe what happened yesterday was the lord’s will only. she gets tensed and leaves for inside. he eyes the cufflink, that the dupatta got attahed to.

As she enters her house, survi is reminded of his words. as she walks in a daze, khushi rushes out narrating what all they did. jatin comes and finds her lost. sensing her tension, he distracts khushi and sends her off to study, while watching her. she eyes him and then goes in, while he eyes her knowingly. In her room, survi is still haunted by his words, and jatin comes and asks if everything is okay. she dnies. he asks why the weird behaviour. she gets defensive, and tries to avert the discussion. he holds her and says that he knows her and kartik too, and asks what happened last night. she remembers kartik’s statements, and denies that anything happened. he says that he is going out with khushi for sometime. she complies and hastily leaves. he is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
When kartik coems home, they all tell him about tai’s incident last night, and lata is highly apologetic. he asks lata why did she have to behave like that. tai comes down and is surprised to see him. he apologises on lata’s behalf. tai pretends to be generous and noble, saying that his opinion matters to her, more than anything else. she tries to explain what happened but he stops her saying that she neednt juustify, as he trusts her blindly, and knows that she only means well for them, and cant hurt anyone. he asks lata and others also not to think like this of her, and also makes them promise. tai is ecstatic.

MEanwhile, kartik calls survi, and asks her if she is still thinking about last night, just like him. she is about to speak, but he reminds that what had to, has happened, and they have to move ahead, and asks her to get back to him professionally, as they cant ignore work. he asks her to reprot to the office within an hour for their project.

Scene 5:
Location: Kartik’s office
Survi arrives in kartik’s offioce, while he is busy on a call, saying that what happened, he cant throw it out of her mind, and hence wishes to talk. he says to survi that what had to happen, has already happened, and it might be difficult for it to be forgotten. he says that it hasnt happened for the first time. he says that the wrong has been done, and they both enjoyed it too. she is apalled to hear such words. he says that she needs to move on now. he then asks for the receptionist to get the people waiting inside. jatin storms in asking if everything is fine. she complies. then they find khushi, rohit and riya all together walking in. jatin and survi are shocked. she asks how she came here, after school. he says that he called them here, for special permission, as he wishes to talk about khushi with them. Kartik comes to khushi, while she is dressed for school. he says to khushi that she had wanted her parents to get married, and they stay together as one big happy family, thats what he wanted to discuss. he asks her to consider it done now, and in the coming one month, they shall definitely get married, indicating about survi’s marriage with jatin. she stands distraught and apalled, as jatin eyes him furiously. khushi is ecstatic as she hugs and thanks him profusely, while he stands amused, at survi’s plight. he says that it shall be a gala affair, so that the world gets to know her parents. she is unable to believe, as kartik promises her. jatin and others are tensed. The screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Kartik tells survi that he knows he has pained her severely but what to do, she has hurt him too, and he has some right as well. he leans in close to her, and says that she snatched his khushi from him, and now he shall do the same to her. she eyes him apalled and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg omg omggggg such a lovely episode ???? please unite them again plsssss ???

  2. Yes pls unite them again. this show because of kartik and survi so pls let them be one again. ..

  3. It’s going good now and I think they should unite

  4. Hi guyz am new will accept me to be a member

  5. Are you guys serious? Did you forget how badly Kartik tortured, and humiliated Survi
    I want to see Survi as Durga Mata and pay Kartik back.
    I know this is only a show, but the the story line is bad and the writers don’t consider the consequences, with all the torture women are suffering from men like Kartik. fiction or non!.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking… Kartik must be punished even tho he’s really cute hehe

    2. Thank you. At least someone is thinking right. I don’t understand how this episode is any good. It’s disgusting. Survi should really show Karthik his place.

  6. I am having a big problem with Kartik because he doesn’t respect Survi at all, and I hope Kartik doesn’t try to take Khushi away from Survi. I want the truth to come out the poor Survi have no idea that Khushi is her biological daughter Kartik continuing to blame Survi. Once Kartik know the truth Survi should be fast to forgive Kartik, Kartik need to suffer severely he had humiliated torture Survi for so long it time for Kartik to pay for his crimes.

  7. I hope Survi never forgives Karthik, but unfortunately, I know that’ll never happen. It’s disgusting that after all the humiliation and torture Karthik put Survi through that they’d get back together. What kind of a message is this giving tk the public? That come what may, a woman should always love her husband, even if he’s a complete and utter idiot and doesn’t respect her? It’s not making any sense that Karthil would believe that Survi did that, he knew Survi was happy with him, then why in the hell will she run away with their daughter? It makes no damn sense.

  8. Wow episode

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