Yeh Vaada Raha 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi calls abeer and says Abeer you didn’t do good. I was saying something else. What would papa be thinking of me. He relax. Khushi says you want to me to take everything easy. Abeer says I am working and dad is looking at me. I will come up and then you can shout at me. She says you don’t need to come upstairs. You stay busy with your work. She hangs up. Pratap says what happened? Abeer says my friends are upset because I haven’t met them up because of work. Pratap says when you start work you have sacrifice on this. abeer says I think you should sleep. Pratap says but you are sacrificing your party with friends I can sacrifice my sleep. Pratap says I think Khushi won’t let you party either. you should go and spend time with her. You won’t find a

better life partner than her. Abeer says but work. Pratap says go to her its an order.
Abeer says in temple thank you God for giving me Khushi even when I didn’t want. She multiplied our happiness. I won’t let sadness enter my house again. That’s my promise.

Kamini says you took my soon from me. I won’t let you be in abeer’s life. I will kick you out of his life like you were never there. You game is over. She tears her photo.

Abeer comes to his room and says I know you are mad but before you attack me think about my bruises. I will be hurt. Please come where are you? He puts a pillow on his face. Khushi is asleep on the bed. Abeer says she slept. She has a weapon too. There is a rod in her hand. Abeer takes it from her. He sleeps next to Khushi. Khushi hits her elbow on his nose in sleep. Khushi snores. Abeer can’t sleep. He tries to sleep on the other side. Khushi takes the blanket from him. Abeer says why are you doing this. He brings other blanket and mattress and sleeps on the floor.

Scene 2
Next morning, Abeer wakes up. He says Khushi don’t pour water on my face. He sees Khushi is nowhere. Abeer says Khushi.. He looks in the bathroom. She isn’t there either. Abeer says where are you?He sees jug on table and realizes water fell from it not Khushi pouring it.
Khushi gives Pratap tea. Pratap says where is abeer? He was going to office today? Khushi says he woke up and he had headache. So I asked him to sleep. Pratap says so you have started lying for him as well? Abeer says sorry dad. Pratap says go say good morning to her.
Abeer comes to kitchen and hugs Khushi. She says leave me. He says I am your husband. Khushi says go out. He says you are asking me to go out of my kitchen? She says it was, it is my kitchen now. He says but you are mine so the kitchen is mine again. Abeer says look at your attitude I have been trying to talk to you. She says I don’t want to talk to you. Abeer says you eat so many spices. She says I do. He says and then you torture me. He says I came in room. Khushi says you took my weapon as well. Abeer says you can torture me with this attitude. Pratap says abeer you in kitchen? Abeer says I was asking her not to cook to spicy. Pratap says she knows how to cook. Let her. Pratap says we go to office. Abeer says I will change and then we will go.
Abeer changes and comes downstairs. He looks at Khushi and says if I go to office Khushi would kill me. Dad will kill me. Dad will think I am not going because of Khushi. I find a better exuse. He says I should say I am sick. PRatap is looking at him. Abeer says what if they call doctor? I should jump from here? but I will be injured. He tries to fall. Pratap says Abeer you should stay home today. Abeer says why? I am ready. Pratap says I will handle office. You join from next week. You will come to office your attention would be on Khushi so its of no use. You are newly married. Enjoy. He leaves.
Abeer says to Khushi dad left. Today’s whole day for you. She hits him. he says what you want? I was thinking to fall from stairs so I can stay home. Dad stopped me. Khushi says he saw everything. Abeer says how could he? You think too much. She says look at that mirror. This is so embarrassing. He would think I asked you not to go. Abeer says I agree my mind doesn’t work by my heart gets happy when it sees you. Forgive me. Sit here. I don’t know what family is, because mom dad never lived together. I never valued relationships. only money mattered to me. But now I know only love matters. We will make a new world of our own. I will spend whole day with you. But now you go to your dad’s house and don’t come back till I call you. Khushi says but.. He says not buts okay.

Scene 3
Constable comes to a lady prisoner and says it’s your release date today. Kamini is outside the jail and waiting.
Inspector asks the prisoner to stamp her thumb she does. They return her stuff. The woman comes out of jail. Kamini looks at her. Kamini says tai, you are my pawn. I will use her for my next move. Kamini says hi I am Kamini dharam adeekari.

Precap-Abeer and Khushi are out in rain =. He comes close to her and kisses her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Dur-e- sameen

    what last day???
    kia yvr khtm ho raha hai??

    1. Han khatam ho raha hai.. The last epi will air on Jan 20

  3. Ugh Tai is back
    this woman never dies
    thank God the show is ending


    Omg…. what an amzaing episode…. ????
    Love is in the air….
    But sad for 2 reasons-
    1. Due to shows ending
    2. Due to re-entry of tai…

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