Yeh Vaada Raha 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
kartik finds lata on the floor, with a sprained ankle, and tai and vishakha watch tensedly. survi arrives worried too. they take her to her room. he rushes to call for the doctor, while tai eyes survi amusingly. Lata tells him not to call for a doctor, and insists on it, while he is tensed. Tai then asks him to come along to talk to hema, while lata rests. she then eyes survi tensedly, and finally leaves with him. Survi and lata both are tensed. lata finds her eyeing his pic, and tells her that she knows why she is tensed, as she had seen the video, and then tells that she deliberately deleted it. survi is shocked to know this and rushes to her, asking why she did so. She says that tai had threatened her. she says that its her fault as she shouldnt

have trusted vishakha, and should have forseen tai’s conspiracy, and even finalised his marriage with her, and ruined his life. She says that they both know tai’s reality, but they cant do anything, as it connects his life too now. survi hugs her and says that she cant see his life being ruined, and that they have to together do something. she asks her not to worry, as till she is there, she wouldnt let his life be spoiled, and not let anything happen to him. lata eyes her emotionally.

The next morning, Kartik is working when survi comes in tensedly. he asks whats the matter, or if she needs anything and she says that she had a headache, and if he has a tablet. he taunts her as to how she is against medicines. she says that she shall manage, but he asks her to sit down quietly, and shut everything out of her brain and mind, which is still boggled about vishakha. he gets to put an icing on her head to calm her down, himself. She tries to get the bandage off, but he holds her hand and asks her not to, and to help with her headache, he decides to play a concentration game, wherein they see into each other’s eye, and the person who blinks first loses. An eyelock follows, as she eyes him endearingly, the way kartik has been saving her life, flashing before her, and she smiling at him, while he eyes her intently. he blinks first, and then says that she is perfect in everything. She gets sullen and says that somethings she cant rectify even if she wants to. She says that her headache is gone now. he teases her and asks her to keep the hankey, which she takes off her head. she says that if another person’s hankey is kept, then it ensues fights. he says that he doesnt believe in such ideologies. She tries to speak but then he gets up and says that they have to stay together all their lives, and they cant be separate ever for any reason, as she is his friend, who understands him, his pain and his troubles, as she fulfilled the absence of a friend in his life. he says that he cant afford to lose her and actually wont be able to live another minute away from her ever. she eyes him overwhelmed with emotions. he smiles, while she says that friendship is based on trust, and asks if he can trust her blindly, like this always. he complies and says that he shall always trust her. They shake hands at that, while she thinks and promises that she shall never let it break, and she shall deliver her responsibility to save him from tai, and she shall do it. as she begins to move ahead, her dupatta gets stuck in cliche style, to his handcuff. She turns around boggled, and eyes him overwhelmed, while he smiles at her and then takes it off. he is boggled, as she continues to eye him. She then composes herself and leaves, while he eyes her tensed.

Downstairs, tai is getting the house decorated for the impending marriage when lata and survi come in tensedly, about ways to stop the engagement, and they should tell kartik. survi says that he wont agree as she has tried and failed numerous times, as they dont have evidence too. she is tensed. Tai gets an idea of a collage of vishakha and kartik’s childhood pics, with romantic music in the background. Survi asks lata if she trusts her, and she vehemently complies. survi asks her not to be tensed, as she wont allow this engagement to happen, and wont let anyone play with his life. lata caresses her. tai asks bindu to call the parloud lady for vishakha. She then eyes survi and calls her. she comes and then tai asks her to go and get dressed, for her business partner. lata is boggled. tai asks bindu to tell the lady to dress up her too. Bidnu agrees and leaves. Tai reminds survi that she shouldnt show tears and jealousy too, at all, as she has the ill fate, that even in such a small age, her heart shall be broken and her first love incomplete, but the fault is hers, as when she should be playing with toys, she played games of the heart, and sicne there is a loss, she would have to suffer, as her first love stopped before starting. survi eyes her tensedly, and then gioes to lata, and walks past her. tai callously comments to lata, about the teenage.

Later, the parlour lady arrives and tai sends her to bindu’s room. tai gets a message seeing which she is furious. She then receives the call, and asks vishakha what message she sent. vishakha says that she demands 5 lakhs for the engagement. tai asks if she is blackmailing her. vishakha says that she doesnt have the guts, but is just giving her a reminder of the deal, of the installments, one at the finalising of the marriage, second before engagement and the final before marriage. tai asks her to stop acting smart. just then, the ladies arrive in vishakha’s room, and she denies, saying that she has a pimple right now, which shall be cured first, after which she shall get ready. tai hears this, and says that she is sending the money, and asks her not to be oversmart. the tailor comes with the dress, and tai asks survi to take the dress to vishakha. the ladies say that vishakha says that she isnt in the mood. they comply. survi comes in with the dress, and vishakha changes her tone, saying that she can get the makeup done, but it has to be perfect, so much so, that he is unable to take his eyes off her, particularly to make survi hear, who is tensed. she asks survi to place the dress on the bed, and place nicely, as she cant even think about affording this dress. survi places it. vishakha teases her of jealousy, and says that people dont always get what they want. Vishakha tells survi tauntingly, that she shall try the dress as she cant compromise on the fitting of the engagement dresses. with the dress, she leaves. While she goes to the bathroom, survi eyes vishakha’s phone and thinks that this must definitely contain the video that she had sent to kartik. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Survi comes and asks if everything is set and ready as per plan. Lata tells her that she has set everything, as the recording shall begin at the right time. After all clap as the engagement rituals proceeds, the lights go dim, as the video starts playing. Tai and vishakha are shocked, as the presentation starts. survi and lata eye amusingly, thinking that now tai’s game is up.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. nice episode indeed !!! I just can’t wait for moment when even kartik will look at survi lovingly <3

  2. what a precap ! Hope kartik will now kick vishaka out…. Cant wait for tomorrow’s episode 🙂

  3. Its a nice episode

  4. Lifna binth salim

    Roshni(survi) got off the show…?
    New girl as survi…..?
    Iyk Roshni she s cute lovely….
    Nyz acting…
    Ankush and Roshni made 4each other…? ? ❤ ? ? ? ? ❤
    W8 ng… Tmarw….epi…?

  5. Very nice episode.. I saw the new promo on tv today.. They are going to leap the show soon. They are giving it a 8 year leap. Survi will grow into a very beautiful woman. Loved the promo.. The older survi looks very beautiful… 🙂 I hope she becomes very serious in dealing with tai and the other idiots.

  6. The new preview says kartik will hat survi. I just hope this doesn’t become a dragging show.

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