Yeh Vaada Raha 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital and Ranvir’s office
While surfing through the office, kartik is sure that ranvir is guarding something, and following one clue after the other, he unravels, rahul’s dead body in the frideg. they are shocked. he decides to tell this to survi.

Meanwhile, Survi tries hard to cope with the nurse, as she tries to wonder why is she is doing this, while meher, dressed as the nurse, vehemently and aggressively approaches her towards the wall, throwing her around. survi experiences a sharp pain in her stomach. just then, she gets kartik’s call and before he can say anything, he hears her screams as she says that someone is trying to kill her. her phone falls, and kartik is extremely tensed to hear the chaos. he rushes out straight to the hospital.

meanwhile, survi tries to keep the nurse away from herself anyhow. Meanwhile, kartik rushes back to the hospital, screaming for suvi. survi and meher are alarmed. she too screams back for him, while he finally opens the door of the room, and is aghast to see what he does, survi clutching at her stomach in pain. he rushes to her, while meher rushes out stealthily from behind the door. he asks what happened. she somehow manages to narrate. he asks if she would be able to identify the nurse. she then asks him to guess who could it be, and when he is boggled, she says that it was meher in dsguise, and that she knew from the very start, but didnt know what to do. He fumes with rage saying that things are out of hand now, and that he shal teach her such a lesson, that she wouldnt dare cast her eyes on his child ever again, as she targetted their child now, to weaken them. he sys that she she shall not come back to the house, and instead go to srikant, as whats happening is wrong, and then also says that she needs to take care of herself in the next trimester. she tries to argue, but he says that there is no debate in this. then he makes her understand the plan, that she shall resist, but he shall vehemently say that he shall not allow hr, and she shall be adamant that she has to go.

Outside, ranvir too arrives, and gets to know from meher who is casually dresed now, that she was the reason behind the attack on survi, and then narrates everything to them while they are tensed. she decides to go inside and check on survi, so that they dont get alone time. as she enters, survi starts accusing meher of the attack. kartik is tensed. meher says that she wishes to tear them apart, but not like this. they sart hurling verbal accusations at each other. ranvir and tai watch how kartik has been sandwiched. they both continue arguing, and as meher continues reprimanding, kartik too comes and starts siding with meher. survi says that she is sure. he asks her to go to srikant then as she cant stay with them, and asks meher if its fine. meher says that its upto her. survi is however adamant that she wont leave, while he is boggled as to what she is upto. she says that she shall prove meher’s crimes. all are tensed. kartik leaves with meher. survi feels a tap and turns around to find meher, confronting and accepting, and saing that she didnt mean to but if she doesnt mend ways, she might lose the child. survi slaps her tiht across her face.she says that she shall always stand by her child, and whenever she tries to hurt him, she should remember the child, and if she dares to do anything, she shall kill her, and shall stop it all. meher says that she didnt do right, as she has never been slapped. survi says that she didnt get, hence turned out like this. survi says that it was needed, to make her stay in her limits. meher leaves angrily. the screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: The police comes to their house, and then says that thy have come to rrest him due to rahul’s death. they are all shocked. survi is boggled, and kartik winks at her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Kartik set that up so meher will feel guilty for him n admit he didn’t do it but she knows who done it

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