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Yeh Vaada Raha 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Survi tells Kishore that she took attraction of Kartik over her fake vig, he followed her in the room. Kartik did a drama of being drunk, danced but when he vanished from his room she got it that he is doing what they wanted him to do. Now he will try to find out about Durga Rani and will reach to Tai’s truth.
Durga comes to Tai, Tai tells her that Kartik’s PA took him in car. Tai says that when he will come back home, he will go to his home straight. Then, they will get a short circuit in his room and no one will suspect them. Hema was calling Pyaare, Tai comes to ask her why she is worried. There, Survi thinks why hasn’t Kartik returned. She thinks that Tai thinks he has gone to doctor only, but tonight is the right day to unveil Tai’s reality. She prays Kartik comes home soon. Kartik

comes home in changed avatar, he thinks he has to find out who is behind all her drama. With whom she was talking to on phone. Survi comes to him, observes him and then asks who is he. He asks about her husband. She says this means he is his friend and tells him to enjoy the party. She goes aside thinking Kartik is here. She moves towards Tai’s room, Kartik had followed her. Survi was aware of this, she leaves Tai’s door open. Inside, Hema says she doesn’t trust Tai about Pyaare. Survi thinks she just wants Kartik to listen Tai discuss her plan. Tai says there is for sure something wrong, she did perfect planning but each time her planning failed to kill Kartik. Survi thinks that right now she just needs to let Tai say a few words about her own planning. Tai leaves to find Kishore asking about Pyaare instead. She finds Kartik standing out, he tells Tai he is Kartik’s friend and was looking for washroom. Tai asks Kishore to help him. Kartik holds Kishore, takes him inside and frees Pyaare telling him to help Tai. He ties Kishore instead and says he is Kartik and knows about him and the reality of Durga Rani.
The Pooja was going on, Pyaare comes to disclose Survi’s reality in front of everyone. Bindu and Hema come to Survi but fight about Pyaare. Bindu tells Hema that they will talk about it later. Survi says to Hema that still Bindu has no shame of making Hema’s husband as hers. She tells Hema to apologize Kartik, he will hug her. She tells Hema that Tai had done everything and not Hema, she must tell Kartik about Tai’s truth. Bindu holds hand that Survi stops. Tai turns around and asks why they are fighting. Pyaare tells Tai that this is Survi. Tai apologize all the guests and tells them to leave. Pyaare tells Tai this is not Durga Rani, this is Survi. Tai asks how many drinks he had, he wasn’t around since morning and now he is saying this is Survi. She says Pyaare had confirmed by himself that this is Durga Rani and not Survi. Tai tells Lata and her daughter that this isn’t Survi, this is Durga. She burnt Survi herself by spraying kerosene oil over her. She laughs that she killed Survi and brought Durga Rani in place of her. Tai says her rented Survi dances well in all the drama. Tai says she couldn’t have got 12 lac, she always steal from Kartik’s money. She asks if Survi got her signature from Kartik over property papers. Bindu says this is her trap, Tai tells her to stop it. She only wants Kartik to come back home and go to his room. She will short circuit in his room and burn him like Survi. She says then all of Kartik’s property will be named to Survi, that is Durga Rani. Then she will name all the property on Tai’s name and will take her 40 lacs. Pyaare insists that this is Survi, she and Kishore had planned against Tai and they entrapped him. Tai’s man had come to save him. Tai asks Pyaare how much he is drunk. Bindu comes to drag Durga’s vig but it doesn’t come out. She says Durga wore a vig, this is Survi and nor Durga.

PRECAP: Survi says to Tai that there was no way Kartik believed in her except that he heard this all with his own ears, like he did now. She points at Kartik who comes to confront Tai.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow… Superb precap ..

  2. Oh so finally Karthik is having some doubt on Tai, I wonder what will Tai do now

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally Tai ka sach samne hoga.. but I hope Kartik baach jaaye and he believes that she is survi not durga….

  4. WHat if Kartik things Tai is not Tai but someone else acting to be tai. LOLZZZZ
    The writers are going through some kind of psychological problem hehe

  5. ab bas aur koi drama nhi chahiye…..i wish ki tai ka drama yahin khatam ho jaye aur karthik ko kuchh na ho.

  6. I hope kartik hear the truth n realize now survi was always telling him the truth

  7. Finly…tai revld….too much drama…

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