Yeh Vaada Raha 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abeer says I never understood value of this sindur. I never cared for you or even anyone. When I filled your hairline first time I didn’t know its meaning. I today know its importance and that it bind a husband to his wife. I will fill your hairline with all the rights today. He fills her hairline and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Pratap says promise her abeer that you will never leave her side and won’t ever let her cry. Kartik says but ask yourself first if you can fulfill your promise. Don’t make a false promise. Abeer holds Khushi’s hand and says I promise you I will tease you so you can correct. I will bring tears in your eyes but not of sadness, of happiness. I will keep you away from sadness because it will have to cross me before reaching you. Its

a promise. Khushi swipes her tears. Pratap and Kartik leave. Abeer lies next to her. She says what are you doing? He says I can’t take this pain anymore. She says let me call doctor. He says I don’t need doctor I need you. The song ‘Mahi bolna’ plays in background. He comes lose to kiss her but says ouch. He says I actually need doctor. They both laugh.
Khushi are abeer are shifted in same room for rest of the treatment days. They hold hands and make each other eat. Kartik comes in and hugs both of them.
Khushi sits next to Abeer and holds his hand. He smiles. Abeer teases her. Khushi and Abeer are readyto be discharged from hospital. He makes her wear the magalsutra. Abeer comes close to kiss her. Someone knocks at the door. Its pratap and they both leave for home.

Scene 2
Khushi does arti coming to home first. Pratpa says bless you both. I hope you two always stay together and happy and start anew. Khushi you are my daughter. This house is yours. This house and the people here are your responsibility Khushi. He gives her the keys. Pratap says let’s go eat now. Khshi says where is mom? Abeer says we shouldn’t be talking about her. Khushi says we are starting anew I wanna know where she is. Pratap says she is where she deserves to be. Khushi says no, 15 years ago I lost my mom and everything in the same house. Everything was over only because of hatred. And instead of ending it, hatred was extended. After 15 years I don’t want same mistake to be repeated again. I am sorry papa if I am wrong but I want hate to end. Whatever mom did was with me I forgive her and want to start a new. I want to forgive her. Pratpa says you don’t know that woman. She can do anything. She doesn’t deserve your pardon. You are doing a mistake. Khushi says she did this in love of her son. Whatever mistake she has done should be forgiven. We should move forward. Abeer says I thought we can buy anything with money. But I was wrong. Mom did so wrong with you and you want to forgive me. She is in jail and I didn’t even go to meet her. I am glad to know that you want to give her a chance. Pratap says I am proud of you. I hope she realizes her mistake and changes herself as well.

Constable comes to Kamini and says your complaint has been withdrawn. Kamini says I knew my son would come to save me. She comes out and says I knew you would come to get me out of here. Abeer says Khushi did this. She wanted to give you a new chance. She thought you did that in my love thats why she gave you another chance. I don’t want anymore problems. I will be your son but I will be with my wife. I am standing here because of Khushi otherwise I won’t have been alive. I won’t force you but if you can accept her well and good, but if you can’t you stay out of our lives. If you ever need me I would always be there for you help. Kamini says if you have accepted her then why shouldn’t I? Your happiness is mine as well. Take me home. I wanna accept her too.

Kamini comes home. Khushi touches her. Kamini says always stay blessed. I got something for you. She gives Khushi a necklace. Kamini says this necklace is our family’s heritage. Pratap’s mom gave it to me when I came here. I was just an expensive piece for me. But now I realize how my mother in felt back then. A mother in law gives this to her daughter in law to continue the legacy of family. I couldn’t but I am sure you will know your responsibilities. You saved my son’s life I owe you for life. Pratpa says if Khushi came earlier in our lives everything would be different. Kamini is mature as well. Kamini says don’t you expect. Our relation will stay same. Pratap says whats my mistake? Kamini says you didn’t give me a daughter like Khushi. Stay happy. I will keep coming. She leaves.

Scene 3
Abeer is sitting with Pratap discussing the work. He keeps looking at Khushi and smiles. Pratap says abeer.. what do think about this deal? He says in heart I didn’t hear him. Abeer says I think you should go with your gut feeling. Pratpa says I think we should give them a chance. Abeer says I think same.
Kamini comes to her house and is mad. She drinks in anger.
Khushi gives Pratap haldi milk. He says I don’t drink all this. Khushi says it will help you sleep better and it is good for your BP as well and you said this house and you all are my responsibility then let me do it. Pratap takes it and says thank you.
Khushi says you both work I will go to my room. Abeer winks at her. Khushi says papa you should sleep you must be tired. Abeer says we have to work. You go khushi don’t distract. Work is more important. Khushi you go upstairs. Abeer smirks.

Kamini recalls what Abeer said to her in police station. Kamini calls someone and says it’s me. I came back from that dump yard. I soaked in bath tub for three hours. That Khushi did this to me. SHe took everything from me. She took my son from me. I will ruin her life. When is ‘she’ coming back? Okay then tomorrow. New game. New beginning.

Precap-Kamini is waiting outside police station. A woman comes out, who is prisoner no. 9211. Kamini sees her coming out of jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    So psychotic tai is back,hmmmn guess these writers knows notibg bout happy ever after


    Confusion- till yesterday or day before yesterday Abeer was not believing that his mother is at fault then how come he suddenly realised that????????

    Rest episode was lovy duby episode. .. ???

    And this tai did not change even after 15 yr leap!!! She is still of same age… ha ha ha ha ???? but she is back again to tourture kartik and khushi.. ?????


      I hope due to entry of Tai; show do not end on sad note..
      Want to see happy ending only…

  3. Dur-e- sameen

    i think the woman for whom kamini is waiting is Kartik’s Tai

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