Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 8.

Hello guys. I am back with my new chapter of my fan fiction…. So are you guys ready?

Recap : Sameer talks to his Nanu about coming to Delhi to be with him. Arjun convinces rakesh to allow naina to study in Delhi University. Nanu talks to Lata about sending sameer to Delhi and she agrees to send him to Delhi.

Now, the episode starts…..

Naina is happily packing her luggage to go to Delhi. Preeti is also helping her in packing.

Preeti : (seeing naina’s happiness) Looks like someone is very happy today ???

Naina : I knew about who you are talking of ???

Preeti : Ha ha. Why will you not understand? Being a topper in studies, you can understand anything right?

Naina : Not anything but ha, I can understand everything about my family members and the people whom I feel as mine ???

Sameer’s voice over : ??? Naina is exactly correct. She has the capacity to understand any person’s feelings whom she feel as her own. It’s really a great thing because nowadays, people are too busy to give some of their time to the people they care and love. So finding such people is really a true blessing for us ???.

Arjun comes to naina’s room.

Arjun : So naina, how is your packing going on???

Naina : It is going at a high speed bhaiya…. Just like a rocket ???

Arjun : ??? really???

Preeti : Ha bhaiya. Naina is really getting too excited to go to Delhi.

Naina : Ha bhaiya, because after many days I am going to meet everyone there. Tau ji, Tai ji, chacha ji, chachi ji, pralay and….

Arjun : And….

Preeti : And whom naina???

Naina : (sarcastically) Preeti, don’t you know who is that special person waiting for arjun bhaiya at Delhi???

Arjun hungs down his head, smiling ☺☺☺

Preeti : Arey ha, I totally forgot about her….

Arjun : Preeti ???

Naina : Bhaiya, we are not joking na… We are saying the truth, isn’t it? Tell me bhaiya, are you not missing her?

Arjun : Ha naina. I am really missing her ??

Naina : It’s ok bhaiya. See, you both are very far from each other but your love hasn’t decreased even a bit. You are really very lucky to get such a relation bhaiya….

Preeti : Naina, it is not a relation yet. It is love ❤❤❤. It can change any boring person into an interesting character (looking towards arjun)

Arjun : (keeping his hands on his waist) What do you mean? Am I a boring person?

Preeti : What’s there to tell specially? Everyone knows that na bhaiya ???

Arjun : Preeti, I will not leave you today ??.

Saying so, he started chasing preeti all over the room. Preeti is running over the bed, and came behind naina.

Preeti : Naina, please help me out….

Naina : You know my policy. I won’t come in between brother and sister’s fight.

Saying so, she moves away….

Arjun : Now you can’t escape me preeti ??

Preeti : This is too much naina. I will see about you later…

Naina : All the best preeti ???

Arjun : Wait preeti. I will surely catch you today.

Saying so, they both ran out of the room and left naina alone in the room.

Naina is packing some things and came across a photo, sat on the bed holding it in her hand and started crying ???

Arjun : (holding preeti’s ear) Naina, see. I caught her…

And finds naina crying with a photo in her hand. Arjun and preeti look towards each other and worriedly goes towards naina.

Arjun : What happened naina? Why are you crying?

Naina shows the photo she is holding in her hands. Arjun takes it and sees. It is his and naina’s photo, smiling sarcastically ???

Arjun : Naina, why are crying seeing this pic? This is our most favorite pic right?

Naina : Ha bhaiya. I don’t know how I am going to live without you. I have never been away from you since my childhood. But today, it is separation time for us. You have always been my support whenever I need it and you have convinced papa to send me to Delhi. I wouldn’t have made it to Delhi without your support and from now, you won’t be there with me na….

Arjun and preeti get emotional ???

Arjun : Hey pagal… Why are talking like that? I may not be with you there but whenever you need this bhaiya’s support, you just give me a call. I will be there in front of you within few hours and it’s better that you be in Delhi now because papa never treats you equal to me and some or the other, always you receive scoldings from papa and you are not able to enjoy your life here. But if you go to Delhi, chacha ji and chachi ji will definitely take good care of you and as you know about them, they are the most loving persons of our family. They will definitely make you enjoy there and you will not miss me at all with their love and affection. And as Delhi University is a big and reputed college, your studies will also go well and you can reach to a high position in your life. I totally believe in you naina. And please stop crying…

Arjun wipes naina’s tears and naina hugs arjun…

Naina : I will miss you a lot bhaiya.

Preeti too becomes emotional and immediately wipes her tears.

Preeti : Naina, you want any gift from me?

And shows a gift wrapped box…. Naina remembers that lizard thing and says

Naina : Preeti, again trying to frighten me ???. I will not leave you…

She starts chasing preeti and arjun is enjoying their chase….

At Sameer’s house….

Sameer is talking to Nanu on phone.

Sameer : Thank you so much Nanu. I really couldn’t believe that you convinced mom and my step father so easily ???

Nanu : ??? What do you think of your Nanu, my boy? Your Nanu is capable of doing anything…

Sameer : I totally agree Nanu. You are truly my hero and I can’t wait to come Delhi, back to my Nanu.

Nanu : Even I am eagerly waiting for my boy to come back to me. So sameer, are you happy and excited now?

Sameer : Ha ha Nanu. I am really so so happy Nanu and thank you once again Nanu.

Nanu : Ok my boy. Meet you at Delhi soon….

Sameer : Definitely Nanu. Bye….

He ends the call and hears a knock on his door. He turns and finds his mom, vishal standing at the door.

Sameer : Mom, you are here?

Lata : Ha sameer. I came to inform you that you are going to Delhi.

Sameer : (decides to play) Delhi, but why mom? What happened?

Lata : Your Nanu wants you to come to Delhi and stay with him.

Sameer : But why should I got there? Is it your wish that whenever you want, you can send me here and there? (turns to other side and chuckles silently ???)

Lata : Not like that sameer. I really did not mean by that. Papa wants you to be with him. I don’t know why he asked to send you so suddenly?

Vishal : I think I can smell something fishy here!!!

Sameer : You always think negatively right? And please watch more of crime news. Your brain would function even more negatively….

Vishal turns his head seriously to other side.

Lata : Sameer, no need to argue with vishal. It’s would be better if you start your packing now itself because you are having your flight at 11am tomorrow.

Sameer : Oh really! Tomorrow itself my journey?

Lata : Yes sameer. Just now I got your booking confirmed. So it would be better if you start your packing now itself. I will be back in a few minutes.

Saying so, she left the room.

Vishal : Wah! What a wonderful game!!!

Sameer : What game?

Vishal : Mom is not here. Don’t act too smart in front of me. I am not an idiot who can’t understand your ways. I know that it’s totally your plan to shift to Delhi.

Sameer : Hmmm…. I really appreciate your intelligence and yes, this Delhi shifting plan is totally mine.

Vishal : Why? You got afraid of the challenge and leaving it to me to win finally???

Sameer : ??? me, leaving the challenge? Never! This sameer Maheshwari never leaves any challenge incomplete. I may be going away from here and the challenge is still on.

Vishal and sameer look seriously towards each other ???

Vishal : I wish you all the best…

Sameer : Thank you so much ???

Vishal leaves from there…..

Sameer starts his packing happily ???.

The next day morning….

Rakesh : Naina and preeti, how much time will you both take to come out of your rooms? Do you want the train to leave?

Naina : Coming papa….

Rakesh : You are saying this from last 15 minutes but you aren’t showing up yet ??

Arjun : Papa, I am ready….

Rakesh : So what should I do? Shall I take a photo of yours and print it as pamphlets and give it to the whole colony???

Arjun : No papa. I don’t mean by that….

Rakesh : If you got ready means, why can’t you call an rickshaw for us? Go immediately….

Arjun : Yes papa. I will bring a rickshaw now itself.

He leaves from there…. Naina And preeti come out of the room with their luggage.

Rakesh : Have you packed all your necessary things naina?

Naina : Yes papa.

Rakesh : And you preeti? Have you packed all your belongings without fail?

Preeti : Ha Tau ji…. I packed my belongings without fail.

Rakesh : Ok good. Now let’s go downstairs. Arjun would have got a rickshaw for us…

They all come downstairs and arjun just came with a rickshaw.

Arjun : Here is the rickshaw papa.

Rakesh : Ha OK. Now, keep all this luggage inside. And safely drop naina and preeti at station….

Naina : Why papa? Aren’t you coming to drop us?

Rakesh : No. I got a call from the college for an emergency staff meeting. So I can’t come but take care naina and don’t talk to boys there. They are too fast in nature and don’t spoil your studies and….

Sameer’s voice over : ??? Our parents…. Whatever may be the generation and wherever we are going, this big list gets opened in front of us when we are going to a new place….

Rakesh : Got it naina….

Naina : Ha papa. I understood.

And takes his blessings….

Rakesh : Ha ok. Take care and bye. And call me immediately after reaching Delhi!

Naina : OK papa.

Arjun : Naina, shall we leave now?

Naina : Ok bhaiya.

She gets into the auto and they all start to station.

At Sameer’s house….

Lata : Sameer, you are getting late for your flight…

Sameer : Coming mom.

Sameer comes out with his luggage and the driver puts the luggage in the car.

Lata : Take care of yourself sameer.

Sameer : Ok….

Dadi : And behave there properly….

Sameer : Surely, to spoil your beautiful name…

Vishal : Bye sameer and happy journey….

Sameer : Thank you….

Sameer sits in the car and leaves for the airport….

Naina and preeti get into their train while sameer gets into his flight…. Their traveling starts. Naina and preeti are talking with each other while sameer is listening to songs…

Sameer’s voice over : Finally, I am going away from my jail and into a world of freedom, a new phase of life. I really feel so happy. Not only me but naina also ???. We may be traveling by different transportation but our destination is one ???

The episode ends…..

Coming up : Naina’s and Sameer’s new family at Delhi…..

So guys, this is my update. Hope you all will enjoy it. Please do comment your views on my article. It helps me in writing better…. Enjoy reading ???

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