Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina calling Sameer unintentionally. Sameer says hello. Just then Bela and Rakesh calls her name. Sameer is shocked. Wall clock rings. Sameer recalls Naina calling him blank calls. After much time, Naina comes back to phone and thinks if Sameer came to know that I called him. She keeps the receiver properly. Preeti asks Naina to come as Chitrahaar is coming. Naina says she is unwell. Preeti takes her to watch Chitrahaar. Anand asks them not to switch on TV and says there is still time for it. Bela asks them to switch on TV and says last time, she missed half song and sings that song. Anand says he is hungry and asks her to feed him something. Rakesh asks them not to waste time in watching the songs and says it is a fake world. He asks Naina to tell him if Sameer

troubles her.

Sameer asks what he will do if he will get him rusticated. Rakesh says surely. He turns and sees Sameer. He asks how dare you to come here? Sameer asks him to question Naina and says she called me here. Naina says I didn’t call him. Sameer says you have called me just now and asks her to tell truth and says you made me hear song also. Naina says yes and no. Rakesh asks what is going on between you. Tayi ji scolds her and says good girls don’t do such things. Anand asks her to hear her first. Naina says she was calling Mama ji and Sameer’s no. was dialed by mistake. Rakesh asks from where did she get the number and tells that he is feeling ashamed to call her daughter. He says you will not go to school from tomorrow. Naina cries.

Bela and Preeti ask her to sit as Chitrahaar started. Naina goes to room and prays to God asking not to let Sameer know. Voiceover says she didn’t know that storm is going to come. Naina applies hair oil to her hairs. Preeti asks why she has applied so much oil in her hairs. Naina asks herself to promise that she will concentrate on studies. Anand gives Arjun’s form to Rakesh. Rakesh says shall I thank you. Anand says Bhai Saheb and asks him to be happy. Rakesh says he is happy, but since Sameer insulted him, he is angry and will get him punished. Naina tells preeti that she is not bothered about applying oil in her hairs, but she was bothered and hopes Sameer don’t see her. Sameer sees her and goes. Munna and pandit from where she brought the oil shop and laughs.

Naina asks Arjun where is his head boy batch. Arjun says his pin is not right. Naina tries, and tells that she is happy that he became head boy. Arjun gets irritated as he feels guilty and goes. Sameer comes there and looks at Naina. Pyaar Ka Intehaam plays……

Sneha and Naina are in the canteen. Some guys snatches samosa from a boy and teases Sameer saying he shall be suspended. Sneha tells Naina that she did wrong. Naina says she did right. Sneha says he is so hand some and can’t steal. Naina says this thing don’t happen in real. Some girls ask Sameer to have lunch with them and says they believe on him. The boys teases Sameer and says My Nana is a school trustee. Sameer gets angry. Munna and pandit make him quiet and says Nana ji saved him and the librarian is requesting principal to rusticate him. He says this is happening because of Naina. Sameer says I will not leave her, Nana ji had to apologize to Principal and my mom got a chance to scold me. He says he will teach her a lesson and will make Rakesh know that Naina used to make him hear the song. He comes out and sees her.

Rakesh gives an envelope to Sameer and says principal sent character certificate. He says you have done great work and Principal has decided that you will not play cricket for 3 months. Sameer is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the f*ck is going on

    1. My dear friend what ur problem on the other day also u used some irrelevant thing we observed but kept quiet. But, is there any relevance between ur comment and the show. If u comment do it properly on the other day someone wrote like this on some page. We complained to tu.If we find such thing we might do the same with u.
      Plz tu check the comments before u post it on page.We abide to ur rules and expect the same from u

  2. My dear friend what are u talking. Are u in proper mindset. What language are u using here and why for. Do u really watch the show. We advise to stop using such language unnecessaryly orelse we need to message to the moderator.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Harsha…I too wanted to ask the commentator about her/ his language… but afraid as there are too many controversy with me in telly updates. Why they doesn’t’ behave in a public forum!! God only knows!!!

      1. Yes astha i know what happened in ipkkd3 page. But u also know how we all fought againt that commentator so that tu had to remove the comment.This person previously also posted such comment of obstinate content that time i ignored but again. Afterall u all girls come to this page and write. Its not good know. Tu must take care before putting such comments on page

  3. Another nice episode. Just enjoyed it. So sameer understood its naina who is calling him???. But i felt that sameer coming to nainas house is real. But as usual it turned up to be her dream. Yesterday it was confirmed that arjun stole the papers. The boy was not able to come out of this guilt.
    Its all because of that stupid steam.
    engine???.I didn’t understand what he really want. His son became headboy still he want to punish sameer just because sameer took his parking place and because some
    teachers joked him. How stupid and
    childish is he??? .
    I found a sort of look in sameer eyes like just give me a chance i will tell u truth sort of when he is seeing naina in the canteen. I think he have feelings
    for her but he is just acting because of
    his friends.
    But this naina naa she is soo ..what can i say. But when that girl offered sameer food she got jealous and thats why when swati throw the food she is happy.
    But why are those guys teasing naina. Sameer is soo cute as usual???when he warned those boys and wanted to come and talk to naina

    1. Harshaa

      I thought sameer understood its naina long back as he could guess she might have his number. But yesterday it was confirmed he caught naina red handed

    2. Hai neha.yes this steam engine too childish. Yes there is a feeling in his eyes.There is a softened look for her in his eyes as if plz first ask me and get clarity.before jumping to conclusions. But the girl is in no mood. First she ran after him and now completely ignoring him

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Eyes talkative hain..Dil ki baat keh jaate hain for Sameer. Neha…

      1. Yes astha his eyes are saying many things but this girl is in no mood to listen. She is in deep trance but she is cute in the scene where sameer comes to her house.

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    How can Naina enjoy chitrahaar when she is enjoying her personal chitrahaar with Sameer in phone??!! So she denied to preeti.
    Oil-frying-Samosa was funny. Arjun was unable to accept his cheated victory and heard boy batch.
    Again steam engine is after Sameer..Dushmani kya hai bhai hamare cuteneer se iss steam engine ka.
    Any way..for the first time the dream or imagination of Naina was a relief..Sameer didn’t barged in her house and bla bla bla…
    Yeh kya ho raha hai..character certificate for Sameer!!??
    Opposite gand of boys were irritating. The way Sameer stand on Naina’s peeble was smartneer…

    1. Harshaa

      Did u ever watch chitrahaar on dd. I think i watched it long back when i was a kid

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I heard of the programme from Mumma, Harsha. I never watched Chitrahaar on DD. I was not attracted or attached to tv as a child, too serious in study you see. I began watching tv in 2016 only during Ishqbaaz…

      2. No i didn’t watched it

    2. Asthadi did u see munnas joke.His expression were cute rather than funny when he was talking to naina. Asking her ur father is librarian know.???. The way sameer and his friends stand for one anothet was really nice

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        How can I miss my Tanatan Sanjay Choudhury’s facial expression Bharthi…-” Tera baap toh librarian hai na..tere ghar mein Samosa kaun talta hai…!!!”

  5. Hai everyone. A bit late today waited for update till 1pm. But no update so have to wait till morning. What an episode. Sameer is becoming cuteneer and sweetneer day by day.The way he looked at naina in the canteen is just wow.???. He eyes were clearly saying it all. At the same time naina is acting too foolish.She should have listened to him.But she felt jealous when some girl wanted to feed lunch to sameer.???.
    Munna and pandit are funny as usual. Arjun is the same i feel the boy will surely break down soon out of guilt.
    Steam engine is getting saddistic day by day. God he did it at last. Got some punishment for sameer.

    1. Yes anita i too think that arjun will break down and confess his mistake

    2. Hope anithadi that arjun will break down soon and the truth is brought out but this teasing of naina is ok with me. Its not just cute but funny

  6. Harshaa

    A very cute episode once agagin. But the show is late. Am doing my best to wake up and watch regularly. If not watching it on youtube.
    This steam engine nainas father is becoming irritating day by day. The precap is really sad. So what munna said is correct that he is sitting in principals cabin to get sameer punished. The look sameer gave to naina when he heard the news was awesome ???.
    Arjun id breaking from inside

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      And TU is also not posting it night. Sometime I am trying to comment and searching foe the l
      page and its unavailable after 12 AM also.

  7. Hai everyone its me.i was busy last week that i didn’t find time to comment.
    Yesterday episode especially the beginning was sooo nice. Sameer suddenly listening to phone and when he is about to cut the line he hears nainas name. Suddenly he gets alert.He is really cuteneer there.
    That sameer coming to nainas is a dream thank god.
    What is this stupidity of nainas father. He is getting mad day by day.
    Munna and pandit jokes with naina.
    The way sameers fight with the opposite gang boy. He asking that boy did u forget what happened few daya back or shall i remind u was ????.
    Naina as usual drowned in her own thoughts and beliefs.???.though all are saying her wrong

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      If HE continues his steam emitting work more..main samosa ke saath Rakesh ko bhi fry kar dungi ek din.

      1. Well said asthadi???

    2. Hai bharati. Yes the first few minutes were really good. Sameer is really cuteneer. Yes sameer warning the boys was also ??.
      Naina is in a trance state. She is not able to get what to do. She was in absolute dilemma. Only she smiled when swati throw the tiffin box that too out of jealous

  8. Nice episode. They didn’t update at night and in morning i generally don’t find. Now it became a habit to come and visit this page. Yesterday episode was very nice. Especially sameer and his friends. The makers are really showing that boyish acts and stunts on bikes which some boys do. If u go on weekends we will find on roads.
    Naina whatever anybody say i always say she is cute and innocent. But always in dharma sankat. I thought that monday sankat will be bhari for her but it turned up to be a dream.
    As usual mr.steam engine is boiling and the principal pour water in time by giving sameer punishment. If not such people will get done to anything in order to get what they want. He is totally nuts

  9. Just one more beautiful episode enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to watch our cuter cuteneer❤❤❤ to fell for naina but after all that mischief he is doing now.

  10. ria chaudhary

    I luv this episode

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