Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina and Sameer cold war starts

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Naina where she was? She went to mental asylum to meet a mad man. Swati and Preeti laughs. Swati praises Sameer and says he got scared when kissing scene came in drama. Naina says he is not afraid of kiss and badmouths about him. Swati says she can’t hear anything against Sameer. Naina says she will tell and talks against Sameer. Sameer tells Munna and Pandit that Naina is mad. Senior tells Sameer to accept his defeat and get his hairs cut. Munna says you can woo this. Sameer says he charms girls and this Naina is showing ego, he will get his hairs cut and tells that she talked to him about her sister’s alliance and asked him to meet her in temple, and when she sees Tai ji, she asked me to hide. Sameer is going with his friends on bike.


is repairing her cycle. Sameer drives fast and comes near them. Preeti asks if he is mad. He says yes and goes. Voiceover says their war started. Naina and Sameer come to the pani puri stall with their respective friends. Both of them have spicy golgappa/pani purihn. Preeti takes her from there. Naina’s voiceover tells that their round 2 started and two teams were made, even though they didn’t know what the matter actually is. In the classroom, Pandit asks Munna to make him have pani puri. Munna asks Sameer until when this fight goes on.

Naina’s voiceover tells that if 90’s love is strong then anger is also strong. Teacher takes the class. Naina’s voiceover tells that they were not sitting quiet and round 3 is going to come. Munna, Pandit and Sameer comes to the cassette shop to buy cassette. They ask for ‘Dil’ film cassette. Sameer says he will pay. Naina and Preeti come there. Shop owner asks if they want dil CD. She says no. He asks her to take Aashiqui cassette. Naina says we don’t want to do aashiqui. Sameer asks him to give Naagin CD to Naina. Naina asks him to give loafer CD. Sameer says Jaani Dushman. Naina says Awara. Sameer says Daku ki beti, hunter wali, baqi haseena. Naina says chor machaye shor. Owner asks her to tell what she wants. Naina asks if he has mawali, lafange, guhanon ka devta etc. Preeti takes her with her. Munna says she knows even film names. Sameer says he will bring her to right path. Naina’s voiceover says round 4 is debate.

In the class, teacher tells to students that whoever wants to go to Mount Abu for school trip, can give their names to Lochan sir and fees. Peon says principal called you. Teacher goes. Sameer says he will go surely. Naina says she will not go as she don’t trust people. Sameer says it is a beautiful place. Naina says what is the use when the company is bad, some people have no class. Sameer gets upset. Munna says we are in 11th class. Naina’s voiceover says she will tell the results soon. Arjun comes with parlay to Shefali’s house. Pralay says she wears short clothes like kids. Shefali asks him to study. She says don’t know when will cricket telecast resumes again. She brings cold drink and popcorn. Arjun feels shy and tensed, tells Pralay that he will come after an hour to pick him.

Naina and Swati come to their friend’s house to watch film. Swati tells Naina that Sameer and her Jodi is like Salman Khan and Bhagya shree. Naina says he is not Salman, but Mohnish Behl. Friend says someone is bringing VCR. Munna, Pandit, Sameer and their friend come there. Naina tells Swati that she will go now. Swati makes her sit. Friend asks Sameer to sit and thanks him for bringing his VCR. Munna says Maine Pyaar Kiya and asks for the cassette. He plays the CD and sit beside Swati. Swati asks him to sit down. Sameer looks at Naina. Friend asks Sameer if she shall bring cold drink for him. Sameer says ok. She brings cold drink and talks to him. Naina and Sameer are about to take the same thing. Naina voiceover tells that 4 all and tells that in those days, they didn’t know that win and defeat are both of love.

Friend makes cold drink spill on Sameer’s clothes and takes him to washroom. Swati cries badly seeing something and tells Naina.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aayushi_kul

    Both were showing their tashan…pr maza bahut aaya.. movie antakshri round???naagin loafer jaani dushman…haha??….
    Nd gol gappa round?? today a same gol gappa incident happnd wid me…was eating gol gappe wid my frnd…nd a boy near me…i said bhaiya thoda teekha nd he also said or teekha…nd aftr eating he said bhaiya meetha do jldi se jldi jldi????????? me n my frnd were laughing like idiots aftr that on road??…oh sry i was talking abt the episode??
    Plz CVs now show us some gud saina scenes plz….enough of these ladai jhagda

    1. Aayushi… but it’s fun darling to c their tashan & hear their taunts…… this shows like Naina, our Sameer is also affected by this….. iska matlab kya hua….. they r heading towards a sweet relationship ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Yes nimi di…episode was enjoyable???? nd sry i forgot to reply to ur questn yestrday….i lived in Greater kailash in delhi

      2. My best friend is staying in Dwaraka Aayushi…. I visited her last year????

      3. Aayushi_kul

        Ohh… I’ve never been to dwarka…it a little far frm greatr kailash

    2. Fenil

      Lo kar lo baat Aayushi…i also had pani puri yesterday evening with friends that too spicy with garlic chutney !!

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Spicy gol gappe ka to maza hi kuch or h???

    3. Aarti32

      Everyone has a special mention for pani Puri, so I’ll also join u guys..
      My sister literally nags me for eating pani Puri..n yesterday I had pani Puri, I forgot to tell pani Puri wala to not add chilli..and then, kano se dhua nikal rha tha?

      1. Hi ?? Aaru….. tum thi kahaan??? U too , had pani puri….. main bhi aaj Shaam ko jaaungi ????

      2. Aayushi_kul

        Haha?? nd u know what…humne aaj fir gol gappe khaye…that too of 7 diffrnt flavoured paani k sath??

  2. Fenil

    Hello YUDKBH Family
    Oh My God….MERI toh hasi hi Nahi ruk rahi Devi Aur sajjano…kya bolu Kaise bolu…kya yeh ek hasin khwab tha….do no need thaan li Hain ek dusre ko nicha dikhane ki….Kaise badhegi yeh pyar ki kahani….kya yeh Jaghdalu SaIna Kabhi ek baat pe agree hoge phir se…Aur humare Arjunji bilkul sharmile Hain…kya Hoga shifali Aur Arjun Ka….kya Pralay babu padhai Kar payenge….Sab sawalon ke Jawab aapko YUDKBH dega….tab tak ke liye take care …izzazat leta Hun..Jay Hind

    1. Same with me Fenil…. always v have a smile on our face while watching this YUDKBH but this episode, just kept me ???????? I think kuch aur din chalega yeh TASHAN…. but I hope it doesn’t get worse ……?????????? Keeping my fingers crossed

      1. Fenil

        Yaa dear Nimi…we can say we are blushing while watching this show….yaa Tashan will surely continue for some more episode !!

      2. Yeah Fenil…. I too blush… ????☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ itni umr ho gayi phir bhi… so I make it a point to watch it alone ??????????

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Haan fenil haa….ye khwab nhi hakikat thi?? full on tashan h….dkhte h or kitne rounds ka competition or baaki h??

      1. Fenil

        Maja anewala hain jab phir se aamne saamne aayenge toh !!

      2. Can’t wait for their next round… am loving this nok jhok?????

    3. Aarti32

      Kya episode tha Bhai!! Has has k pet dukh rha tha?

    4. Hai fenil how was ur panipuri . ithink aarti, u and aayushi all had nice panipuri. How was ur panipuri???

      1. Fenil

        My Pani Puri was aflatoon delicious chatakedaar

  3. Hi frdz I’m new 2 here …Tis serial is wow..Simply wow????bst serial I Eva seen..Head over heals in luv wit it…

    1. Welcome Priya….. yahaan sab , like u, hooked to the ? for this serial …. all in ❤️?❤️?❤️ with all the characters

    2. Fenil

      Welcome Dear Priya !!keep commenting !!

    3. Aayushi_kul

      Welcome priya…keep commenting

    4. Aarti32

      Welcome Priya ?
      Is serial ne sabko deewana kiya hua h

      1. True Arti …. dis is d effect of dis show only dat everyone r going crazy …. also it can b seen from d no of comments also

    5. Hai welcome here plz keep writing

    6. Wlcm Priya…. I too joined coz of dis serial also …. it made me do so

  4. Omg!!!!!!! ????????????? just started watching the serial & I CAN’T stop laughing….. the best episode ever yaaron……. TASHAN??????????……. GOLGUPPE wala round was soooooo spicy ?? ….. ❤️ it……. Ghoorne wala round was just … muuuuaaaahhhh ???????????? phir aaya filmo ke cassettes ka round….. it was HILARIOUSLY FUNNY ????? & ????????? uss waqt ke filmo ke naam saare gina diye…. lovely yaaron????

    1. Fenil

      Film wala mein zyada maja aayaa !!

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Haa nimi di…movie round was mind blowing???

      1. Yes Fenil & Aayushi… movie round was just JHAKAAS?????? NAAGIN, MAWAALI, AWAARA, JYOTHI BANE JWALA, JAANI DUSHMAN ????????? I wish thoda aur lambha kheenchte iss scene ko ?????

    3. Aarti32

      Dat movie part was high on tashanbazi!! Ghoorna n all?
      They fight jst like husband n wife..husband glaring at wife while she gives him a royal ignore ?

      1. Royal ignore..???? yes, bilkul ??????

    4. Hai nimi nice comment really laughter roller coaster

  5. And did u guys notice Pundit ka Preeti ko line maarna….. wow!!!!????? hum sab ki manokaamna poori ho rahi hai??????????

    1. Fenil

      arey woh kaise bhul; sakte hain yeh launda bada hi chalu hain !!

    2. Aarti32

      Arey sapne dekhe h maine unke? my favorite couple after SaIna

  6. Saadia using words like missile, khunkhaar….& the way she was narrating…??????was just awesome ??

    1. Aarti32

      She’s d most important essence of d show.. she’s ?

      1. Yesterday episode was soo lively and funny just becoz of saadia mam. The way she told abt their challenges so nicely and the whistle blowing in the beginning of every round???

  7. Movie ? round was just Awesome ??????? munna & pundit ??????? Swati just staring at Sameer, doosari ladki ( I don’t know her name) ka chipakna…… precap is confusing yaaron… Kya dekh liya Swati ne ki woh bhi Ganga Jamuna bahane lagi????????

    1. Aarti32

      Sameer is all surrounded by girls.. Kamya continuously talking to Sameer (which I hated? movie dekhne de yaar usko) n Swati getting all irritated wid dat?
      Ye dono ek dusre ko maar kyu nhi dalti..Rasta saaf Naina ka?

      1. Aur kya un dono ko dikhayi nai deta ki Sameer is looking at Naina & not even noticing them, unless they talk to them????? Kamaal hai…. par Kya karein woh dono namakool bhi, pyar to andha hota haina?????????????

      2. I meant unless they talk to HIM

  8. This episode was simply jhakkaas!!! The golgappa and movie name rounds had me smiling soooo wide and the staring each other down during watching movie at friends place, Hai, made me feel so sad, but liked it nonetheless. Pandit maroing line on Preeti was too cute. I think in precap, Swati saw Sameer getting close to or talking lovingly to that other girl who dropped cold drink on him. Maybe that’s why she was so upset. Is this where she lies about Sameer molesting her to get back at him? I feel very bad when Sameer keeps calling Naina behenji and what not. But writers are doing a good job at maintaining characterization and letting it grow naturally and slowly. Something has to happen to change Sameer’s viewpoint. Qayamat see Qayanat Tak had the leads going to Mount Abu. Something tells me that a turning point in the love story will come in Mount Abu. Loving the show . So fresh and leaves me with a sweet nostalgia. PanMun still my favorite. Waiting for more from Paneeti? and also Manati? and of course the star couple…Saina who are in SamNa mode right now!

    1. Wonderful Diyaa….. gr8 writing….. I too feel Mount Abu mein kuch hoga ….. when Sameer will realize his real feeling for Naina…. I really hope so

    2. Aarti32

      Yeah, it was so funny?
      PreeDit n ManTi r rilli funny

    3. Yes diya nice comment. The writers are doing a great job. Enjoying the show thoroughly ???

  9. There is a possibility that the other chipkoo girl will propose Sameer, he will refuse, and she will accuse him of molesting her. She seems cheap enough to do that cos I think she dropped the drink on him on purpose to take him aside alone and get close to him. Swati is still Naina’s friend so couldn’t have done something so cheap. Let’s see.

    1. YEAh…. she’s a chipku kind of girl…???? didn’t like her way of staring at Sameer

    2. Aarti32

      Possible h..wo ladki..she can do anything ?

  10. Excellent episode. What to say its just❤
    Samina fighting like doo khilidi. Naina is true. Sameer never saw this side of naina. She was always that subduded timid girl who says yes for everything and fells for wht he say.But aaj us ka aakal thikan pe aa gaya???
    If i am not wrong there is another luv story brewing. Preeti and pandit.pandit was talking to preeti saying aashiqui and dil. Or was it naina and sameer he was instigating. But pandit and preeti will also be good???totally different personalities

    1. Aarti32

      He was telling it to Preeti only..Dil le lo n Aashiqui kr lo?

      1. Loved ❤️ That part yaar Aaru….. kitne pyar se dekh raha tha…… and Preeti is totally jhalli ????? they’ll make a wonderful pair

  11. What is the timing of his tv show

    1. Fenil

      10:30PM on Sony TV 8:30 Am in morning repeat !!

  12. Munna as usual talking to swati indirectly through pandit. Atlast in the vcr scene he got irritated that he said hah so loudly???
    When will munna talk to swati directly????.
    But why do i sense that arjun may ditch shefali atleast first and then learn the lessons of love???

    1. Munna ka pundit kahna & indirectly Swati se baat karna is just ?????….. when they went to watch movie, how he was trying to keep his head on Swati’s lap….?????……

    2. Aarti32

      Munna is one of a kind ? Pandiiiit? he says it so cutely

  13. That panipuri part was soo good.Naina got tears and sameer stopped his tears by great force so that naina do not see. Attitude??
    Dhaaku ki beti i think sameer meant for naina???after wht arjun did it to him

    1. Dhaku ki Beti ??????????????????? God!!!!! Hilarious

    2. Aarti32

      Attitude ki to koi kami nhi h Sammy mein?
      Wo Rakesh sir ko indicated tha..Rakesh sir dakoo??

      1. Yes dakoo was rakeshji hi hai

  14. Mansi

    Very funny episode?????can’t stop my laughter???PreeDit???ArjAli???Precap seems confusing though??

    1. Yeah Mansi…..PreeDit & ArjAli pair is ??????????

      1. Mansi

        I am loving this PreeDit n ArjAli pair Nimi???????but of course after SaIna???

    2. Aarti32

      Funniest episode till date??

      1. Mansi

        Yeah Aaru☺Till date this kind of funniest episode hasn’t been aired????I hope this continues☺☺☺

  15. When the makers made swati as sameers juiliet all of us felt sad. But how can we get Romeo juiliet and doo siapai. Generally we watch only Romeo juiliet only know???.
    Yesterday episode was soo good .lets say wah bhai wah.
    Such a nice show. Haasi ruk nahi jati. Dhaku ki bet, hunterwali and mawali wht names.????
    So there will be 4 pairs. Preeti and pandit added to the crat nice.

    1. Anita….. Hunterwali???????… that toooo was funny……..

    2. Hai anita u r true. We got to see a new romeo juiliet a different shade of it

  16. Arjun is acting over sanskari i think. U see many say we can believe boys like sameer but we can’t believe boys like arjun they are too dangerous. They act one way and are the other way.
    But lets expect all stories have happy endings????

    1. Fenil

      hihiihih Anita…Arjun is same like me dear !

      1. Really!!!!!! Over Sanskari ho Kya tum ??????????

      2. Aarti32

        Ohhhhh!! to aap bhi….?

      3. I see nice ???

    2. Aarti32

      Yes..I always pray dat all 4 couples have ‘happily ever after’?

      1. Fenil

        Haa Aaru aaj toh koi masti nahi ki na !!

  17. Funny and fun loving episode????????????

    1. Fenil

      yeah Polly Dear !!

    2. Aarti32

      Indeed very funny ?

  18. Hi to all

    I am new here ,
    I rarely watch TV, few days back had randomly heard voice of Sadiya in this serial while passing through TV , I am her fan since her first serial in 90’s, from that day I started watching it regularly and even saw all the earlier episodes on Sonyliv . I am totally in love with this serial. My kids are scandalized that how come Papa is infront of TV that too daily.

    We should promote such simple n positive serials

    1. Fenil

      Hii RV…Welcome here…!! Good to hear you dear !!

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Hello RV bhaiya( i hope u dont mind calling u bhaiya) welcome to this page…. Sadiya mam’s voice is lyk cherry on the cake fr this show…we all luv her….keep commenting ☺☺☺

    3. RV… welcome to the club……. v all share ur feelings for this serial

    4. Aarti32

      Hi RV!! Welcome to our YUDKBH family!! Yahan par sirf ek kaam h, enjoy krna?
      D narration is d magic of dis show

      1. Yes…. Narrator spins the MAGIC here ????

  19. Yes it was a nice episode. Nimi yes i too think they are heading towards a Sweet relationship.
    I think yesterday was panipuri day. Aayushi and fenil had teeka panipuri???

    1. I’ll go for Gol guppe today…. that tooo spicy….. am off tomorro also ?????? love to comment here yaar…… all of the members respond to each other’s comment… which is lovely??????

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Yes anita…nd today also i had pani puri with 7 diffrnt flavourd paani???

  20. Where’s Aarti, Aastha & Lata????? Missing u guyzzzz….. jaldi aao na….. btw, Lata & Aarti, What I meant was they r portraying Naina as Dakianusi….. not that she’s one…. woh to humari Pyaari si NAIVE NAINA hai?????

    1. Aayushi_kul

      @aastha di , ansa, lata di….donno where r they???

    2. Aarti32

      Oh Teri!! U miss me?

  21. Aarti32

    Paani Puri khate khate tashanbazi ho rhi thi..Sameer ka muh jal rha tha Mirchi se, but ego dekho bande ki? aur teekha khana h use?

  22. Aarti32

    Cassette shop scene was my favourite ? Pandit ke “dil le lo” n ‘Aashiqui kr lo” wale dialogues pe jo hasi thi main? Pandit marring line to Preeti..they’ll be d coolest couple in d show?
    SaIna fight was hilarious ? naagin, baaghi haseena (haseena?), loafer, gunahon ka devta ? dono ko pakad pakad k le jana pada wahan se door

    1. ????????? main to soch soch kar hans rahi hoon…..

  23. Aarti32

    School mein team Naina Vs team Sameer ? Sameer aur Preeti ek dusre ki taraf muh bana rhe the?
    Dis Jiju-Sali is gonna hv so much fun..jst imagine guys?

  24. Aarti32

    Aur class mein to had hi ho gyi..sab k samne bhi ladte rehte h? aur Munna ka epic dialogue “sabko pata h ki hum eleventh class mein padhte h”??

  25. Aarti32

    Arey Swati ne seat kyu badal li apni?? Sameeeeeer k side mein nhi baithna kya???

  26. Aarti32

    Movie part bhi gazab tha..Kamya ne apne hi ghar mein movie to dekhi hi nhi..Sameer ko hi dekh rhi thi tabse..Munna ko mushkil se Swati k paas baithne ko mila, usme bhi wo chid gyi uspe..kaise uchhal k baithta h wo ?? aur Munna ko us ladki ne cute bola..Munna is in demand guys?
    SaIna shooting daggers at each other ?? typical couples wali fight?? imagine ye dono shaadi k bad kaise jhagdenge?

    1. MUnna is definitely in demand….. cute guy…. ??

      1. Aarti32

        Yup..he’s very cu

      2. Aarti32


  27. Aarti32

    Finally PreeDit ship has started sailing ????

    1. Shagun25

      Ya really..another couple to watch out for..yippee

  28. This episode was quite hilarious ?

    1. Fenil

      wah aaru tu na badi active ho gayi hain !!

      1. Aarti32

        Thank sab show ka jadu h

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Wowww…if this is true then aaj bahut maza aane vala h???

      1. Aarti32

        ya, it’ll be fun!! Atleast Swati ki misunderstanding clear ho jaegi n wo Sameer ka picha chhod degi

    3. Sashii

      Hai thank u for the update

      1. Aarti32

        You’re welcome Sashii

  29. Hai guys we are heading towards 100 again today.But did anybody observed pandit was about throw his chappel on the cassette shop owner when he was talking sweetly to naina and preeti.???.Becoz that fellow was talking abt money with them and when girls he turned so sweet

  30. Sashii

    Hai one lovely episode. Just wonderful ❤❤❤❤. Loving it????.
    All couples rock????

  31. Alps

    Naagin, loafer, Jaani Dushman. Awara, Daku ki beti, hunter wali, baqi haseena. chor machaye shor,mawali, lafange, guhanon ka devta…. ????…. Pehli baar filmon k nam pe bhi hasna aa rha tha.. ???

  32. Shagun25

    Oh god too good..such a refreshing episode after long long time…maza as it seems that they r really school going teenagers..munna is brilliant…PANDIT TU BHI AAYA HAI….play wala episodes dragged the show is back on track with fun and masti,,I hope very soon romance also? u SAMINA

    1. Aarti32

      I luv it when Munna addresses Swati as Pandit ?

  33. Aayushi_kul

    Yipeeeee…..we crossed 100 again guyzzzz??????????

  34. Hi Anita,ayushi ,arti,nimi , lata n ol others….. it’s me Jyoti aka JP …. how’s u ol
    D episode was really very gud…. d fight rounds b/w Saina were just awesome….. also d interaction of other pairs Manati, Premeditated, Shejun was really gud

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