Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina surprised seeing Arjun fine

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tai ji talking. Naina asks Bela to check the list. Bela asks her to get ready. Naina asks Arjun to get ready. Arjun says where he has to go. Anand tells him you are Pooja brother. They get busy in arrangements. Anand calls Sameer. Naina and Preeti get excited about video. Anand says if he forgot to call video grapher. Bela says he is a nice guy and called video grapher. Sameer asks Munna and Pandit to switch off light at right time. Naina thinks everyone reached there, except me. Sameer comes there and says you are looking good in this dress. Naina tries to get something and her dress gets torn. She says now how I will go and tries to pin her dress. Sameer says shall I call Tai ji or Chachi ji. Naina says they will scold me. Sameer offers to pin up her dress while

closing his eyes. Tere mere beech me song plays…Naina thanks him and says your eyes..Sameer says it was closed.

Taya ji is busy in arrangements and asks Anand if tilak things are ready. Naina’s voiceover tells about the importance of Tilak. Munna and Pandit switch off the lights. Tai ji says if groom’s family come then what they will tell. Rakesh says he asked Munna and Pandit to check and shouts at Sameer. Taya ji asks Rakesh not to shout and asks Sameer to go and call him if needed. Sameer checks the connection and holds wires. Electricity comes, but goes soon after. Shefali takes Naina inside asking her to give her earrings.

Taya ji asks Sameer to check the other wire. Naina and Shefali go there. Sameer’s voiceover tells that they had strength to take risk, what would have happen if someone had gone to Munna and Pandit or if someone heard Shefali shouting. Shefali and Sameer shout that Naina got electrocuted. Shefali comes to Arjun and says she will someone’s help to save Naina. Arjun gets up worriedly. Naina asks Sameer why is he lying when she is fine. Arjun shouts Naina. Naina runs to his room. Arjun asks are you fine and asks why did you do this electricity work. He hugs her. Naina is surprised to see him standing on his feet. Arjun sees Sameer and Shefali standing there. Munna and Pandit make electricity comes. Everyone get happy. Bua says you shall be happy Rakesh…these kids saved you. Rakesh asks them to serve juice to guests.

Naina asks why did you hide from us that you can stand. She says when Sameer told the truth, you said that he is making fun of your helplessness. Arjun says there is one more truth that Papa has many expectations on me and says I can lose, but can’t make Papa lose. Naina says you want to sit on wheelchair. He says if I couldn’t play and get selected in the team then Papa will be shattered.

Arjun asks Sameer not to meet his sister. Rakesh asks them to leave. Naina gets teary eyes seeing Sameer’s insult as he turns to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. Samaira_khan

      Yes yudkbh rocks!! But too. Much torture for Sameer now

  1. The episode was nice…..but precap was….OMG!!!!!!!😱

    1. Samaira_khan

      I know right episode was sooo amazing and then see the precap I had tears in my eyes.. Don’t know what happened.. ??

  2. Wow superb episode ?????loved each and every scenes except that steam engine scenes…… This rakesh won’t be satisfied of anything what sameer did in place of arjun… He did all the duties of arjun and without having that thankfullness scolds sameer again and throws him out……. How can a man be too cruel ?totally hate that rakesh character….. And the ultimate part of this episode is samaina cutest scene with the golden song ??TERE MERE BEECH MEIN KAISA HAI YEH BANDHAN ANJAAN……. Wow no shows in Indian television can never ever create this much impact in audience……… Each and every friday this YUDKBH team makes us feel not to have weekends at all ?this February month is celebration month for all YUDKBH fans…..

  3. Tq deb for letting us know that YUDKBH tops the second place of all the serials ?☺??

    1. wooow seriously

  4. Samaira_khan

    Super se upar Wala episode.. But precap is sooo bad.. I hate this family always using Sameer.. Shefali was right Sameer came here. For. Arjun not for being their house s servant.. If today naina dont forgive him then for me she is the worst.. Sorry I will support only Sameer.. She is stone hearted not Sameer!! I’m eagerly waiting for Monday

  5. today episode was okay but the romance between Sameer and Naina was khidkithod beautiful and i am still waiting for the day when Naina finally forgives Sameer and then their love confession love Sameer and Naina <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Oh finally naina heart nw slowly started to beat fr sameer…
    I hate that precap

  7. i actually hav a doubt. in the first episode naina introduces herself as naina aravind. but sameer’s full name is sammer maheshwari. then who is this aravind.

    1. Naina arvind.. ??….. I didn’t find anything like that…. Have to watch 1st episode again….

      1. i actually heard in 1st episode or promo

    2. mmay be u hear Naina Agarwal

  8. Great episode!!
    Finally Arjun speaks out the truth…..
    But!!!!! That precap
    Why this steam engine never ever smiles!!
    Always shouting at Sameer and his friends

  9. She said naina agarwal not naina arvind

  10. i’m pretty sure that they will join in future best all their first meetings like bubblegum and shawl will be coincidence. they are made for each other

  11. guys, don’t worry, I heard that after out naina’s house sameer will share his worry with his nanaji, the groom father work in nanaji’s company, he will be invited from the groom side, nanaji will inform sameer about the same, so sameer decided to attend the wedding from the groom side, ,, naina who will be sad because of sameer’s absence will be get happy after seeing him dancing in the baraat….

    1. Hey That’s great news , Sameer gets to attend the wedding and even better news is that Naina is happy to see Sameer at the wedding

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