Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer saves Nana ji’s life, Naina misses him

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina worrying for Sameer. Pandit says may be he left to come here. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, there was no mobile phones. Rakesh comes there and asks Preeti, Naina and Arjun to come, and says we have to go to bus station directly. She says we can’t meet for 2 days now. Preeti says we have to go but. Naina asks Munna and Pandit to ask Sameer to come to bus station. Rakesh asks them to come. Sameer is on the way to take Nana ji to hospital. Arjun asks Naina why she is sad. Preeti says they have to left party soon. Arjun says he is staying at home due to his studies. They sit in car.

Sameer and Naina’s cars cross each other, but they don’t see each other. Sameer takes Nana ji to hospital. Munna and Pandit come home and asks about Sameer.

Servant says he came just now and tells that Nana ji got heart attack. Doctor tells sameer that Nana ji got severe heart attack and asks him to call his family. Sameer calls Mr. Sumani and informs him about Nana ji. Vishaka takes the call and asks him not to cry, says they will come there. Sameer is shattered and looks at Nana ji in ICU. Nurse asks him to get medicine.

Munna and Pandit come there. Sameer hugs them and cries. He says Nanu can’t leave me, he knew that I want to stay with him all life. Munna goes to bring medicine. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was feeling helpless. Tai ji and Bela along with others come to village. Tai ji asks Naina and Preeti to wear ghunghat and cover their faces. They are greeted by villagers. Preeti teases Naina. Naina misses Sameer and says he must have slept. Tai ji asks them to freshen up. Naina says she don’t want to have food. Tai ji teases Bela. Bela also gives her fitting reply. Woman asks about walkman. Bela says it is walking man. Woman says if man walks in ear.

Preeti asks Naina if she is practicing for karwachauth. Naina says she is feeling bad and restless. Preeti says it happens in love. Naina says when two persons are in love, their heart unites and says even Sameer might be sad. Preeti says she will find where is phone and says after your marriage, I will come here to get bhog. Nurse asks Sameer to sign on the papers. Vishaka comes there and cries hugging Sameer. She asks how is Nana ji? Sumani says you would have told us on time. Doctor comes and says Sameer has handled well and brought him to hospital at right time. He asks to bring medicine. Munna and Pandit go. Doctor says now you can meet Maheshwari ji. Vishaka says I will meet Papa.

Sameer faints and falls down. Munna and Pandit hold him. Naina gets up restless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ohh.. so sad episode… And gud bonding of love btwn sameer nd naina..

  2. Thanks Hassan and Mahi for a quick update.

    1. welcome.. but really the episode was very heart touching..

  3. Lokesh

    Really cried today, touchy emotional.

  4. I didn’t understand one part did nanaji fir or no??
    But anyways except that I understood everything and so the episode was emotional but nice❤

    1. Not fir it’s die

  5. Sameer’s new munna.pandit.swathi.old friends hogaya…New friends new relationship…..without nana munna and pandit . I couldn’t see. So sad…….school life is always unforgettable .jolly.never be returned….college life is different. We did the mistaks unknowingly but in college we did mistakes knowingly……munna, pandit,and swathi super friends. They live in their roles suuuuuuper

  6. in the last scene the doctor tells that sameer bought nana ji at the right time which means nana ji is safe. then will sameer and naina get seperated. will there be a 2 year leap.

    what’s gonna happen

  7. Rinkoo

    Excellent episode. this is called love. “Chot tujhe lage par dard mujhe hota hai , aankh teri nam ho magar dard mujhko hota hai”
    Story is very well written, can’t wait to see tonight’s episode

  8. Hi San and Saz
    I am not watching the sad episodes. Just reading the written updates. what’s fir? I hope he does not die. I wrote in my post on India Forums.
    it might not be viewed by other viewers too, perhaps. I read somewhere that Sameer will take Naina to meet his Nanu and together they pull a prank …. did not see that happen
    Mehandi track.. sameer searching/seeing his name….did not happen

    I wonder why certain tracks are deleted, unnecessary village track and death track is being introduced.
    The show was so cute and nice.. I hope they don’t lose the viewers.
    I wish:
    Nanaji does not die, but is very sick and is moved to Delhi to stay with his daughter
    Sameer also has to go . The story line will not have to change.
    But Nanu is alive, which means Sameer’s love story is alive.
    Nanu can convince his daughter or let his daughter into the secret of their love.
    Munna and Pandit are in touch with Sameer. Sameer will send messages for Naina.
    they will not see each other and hence will not recognise each other in the college (so story line does not have to change)
    Rohan will fall in love, but Naina will not ……………

  9. Deb ….Who is Rohan , and when is repeat telecast of yeh un dino ki baat hain

    1. Rohan is sameer’s step brother

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