Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s name initial on Naina’s hand

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer seeing Arjun standing on his feet and goes out to inform Naina. He tells her that Arjun is fine now. Naina goes to Arjun and asks him to stand up. Sameer also asks him to get up. Arjun asks him not to take advantage of his helplessness. Naina says he said that…Arjun asks will you agree to his saying and says Sameer wants to go home fast and then his Nana ji don’t have to give money. Sameer says I saw him standing on his feet and says Arjun is lying. Naina asks him not to lie and says if Papa comes to know about your lie then his hope will break. Sameer tries to speak. Naina asks him to shut up and tells Arjun that she trusts him and not Sameer. Sameer gets sad and goes from there. Anand asks Preeti to keep envelopes safe. Preeti says she didn’t go to

apply mehendi on her hand. Anand gets emotional thinking she will also marry.

Bela comes there and asks Anand to search his name in her mehendi else she will get upset with him, will not dance on Bobby song and then he will come to her and say I love you. Preeti hears and is surprised. Anand tells Bela that Preeti helped her leaving mehendi. Bela says she don’t like its smell and asks her to go and apply mehendi on her hand. Preeti teases Bela and asks if the love strengthens if name is written. Bela says yes. Preeti thinks she will strengthens Jija ji’s love. Bela goes after Anand searches his name in her mehendi design. Sameer walks out angrily. Munna and Pandit try to stop him. Shefali asks what happened to him. Sameer makes cycles falls. Munna tells Shefali that Sameer’s mood changes since he started loving Naina. Sameer tells them that Naina don’t trust him. Shefali asks him to tell everything. Sameer tells her that he saw Arjun standing on his feet. He says two things is bothering him, one why he is sitting on wheel chair and why he is feigning to be unwell.

Shefali recalls Rakesh pressurizing him and tells Sameer that Arjun might be acting so that he don’t get to play the match. Sameer says if Arjun is doing this because of Rakesh sir then he is risking his own career. Shefali says only Naina can help us and shares her plan to bring out truth. Preeti collides with Munna. Munna gets angry on her. Sameer asks him to calm down and asks did you find anyone. Preeti says my luck is not like you. She tells Sameer that she is thinking to get his name initial written on Naina’s hand. Sameer says she will never do this. Preeti challenges Sameer and says this is a promise of your saali.

Naina thinks about Sameer and Arjun. Preeti comes to her and asks her to get her design complete.. She shows her mehendi design. Naina says I will not go. Preeti thinks if she don’t go then how she will fulfill promise made to Sameer. She tells that she will complete the design and says she will remember it always. Naina says why this happens that sometimes someone do good and sometimes not. Preeti writes S on her hand and asks her to come, says Tai ji is calling us. Later Preeti asks Naina if she saw mehendi. Naina says yes. Preeti asks her to see it carefully and says someone’s name is written on your hand. Naina sees ‘S’ on her hand. She scolds Preeti. Preeti says she has promised Sameer. Naina says she is searching sketch pen to write on it. Preeti says how you will change destiny. Naina gets knife. Preeti says if you cut your hand. Naina says no and searches for sketch pen. Preeti dances with Naina and plays the song. Tai ji scolds them. Preeti says she is dancing on this song from Pooja’s side. Tai ji asks her not to cut their nose by dancing on this song.

Sameer asks Munna and Pandit if they understood what to do. They ask if you are friend and enemy. They say if things go wrong then..they will change party. Sameer says I can do anything for Naina’s happiness.

Taya ji asks someone to check the fuse. Sameer and Shefali shout that Naina is electrocuted so that Arjun hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Y today no comments ?

  2. what happened to others? y no comments? nice episode ,but am sad coz naina did’nt trust sameer

  3. Nice episode
    And I like that song played by Preeti
    Aap jaisa koi meri Zindagi mein aae…

  4. The episode was wonderful. But I’m also shocked to see that there are no comments for this episode.

  5. It seems each episode is so good that people are not finding new words to praise it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sahi hai… ???

  6. Preeti’s character is very well written.. ???…she is hilarious.. ???

  7. Hiii…..sameer u looks amazing in hungry young man!!!!!

  8. Whoever does Nainas costumes gas the worst ever dress sense never seen such horrible clothes every episode

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