Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina gears up to meet Vishaka

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Juhi thanking Naina and Preeti for their help. Naina says I will accept your thanks when you take me to flight. Preeti jokes. Juhi says flight is above the clouds. Bela hears her and asks if she saw the God. Juhi says no and says it I don’t see him in this age. Bela asks Preeti to sweep the floor. Preeti says she is very tired. Anand comes home and says Diwali Mubarak. He shows the big box and asks them to close their eyes. Naina says it seems like it is big mixer. Anand shows the music system. Naina and Preeti get happy. Naina says now we can record songs at home. Juhi says I will give you English song CD. Preeti says she will sing song. Bela asks if it is costly. Anand says not costly infront of happiness of you all.

Vishaka asks Naina? Sameer says we

used to study in the same school and Nanu awarded her once. Vishaka says her Papa had slapped you. Sameer says his behavior is changed. Vishaka says a human’s behavior can never change. Sameer says I love her very much and she also loves me and supported me in good and bad times. He says Naina is the girl who has taught me to face the trouble and not to hide his face from it. She has taught me to be happy in every situation. He says when Dadi told me that I am inauspicious, I stayed away from everyone, but Naina made me believe that I am not inauspicious and handled me. He says Naina taught me that I am not alone. He says Naina’s Chacha liked me also. He says even Nanu used to like her. Vishaka says did you tell him? Sameer says no and tells that Nanu understood. He says you will like her too. Vishaka asks him to call Naina to meet her tomorrow. Sameer says tomorrow is Diwali and asks how the meeting is possible. He says his family is strict. Vishaka says I can understand that my son has become hers and asks him to call her.

Prabha Mami comes and tells that they are going to her friend’s house to play cards. Vishaka says I don’t know how to play cards. Prabha Mami says I will teach you.

Naina plays the song on music system. Sameer calls her and hears the song. He tells that he told his mummy about her and she asked her to come. Naina asks if he is mad and asks why did she call me? Sameer says she called you to talk. Naina asks him to make excuse and says I will faint. Sameer asks her to relax and take a long breath. He asks her to think what she told him, that his mom will not get bahu like her. Naina says she told just like that and says what I will tell her. Sameer says I said that I love Naina, so you tell her that I love Sameer. Naina says I will not come. Sameer says I will not talk to you, you don’t care about me, I gathered courage and told my mum, but you don’t want to come. Naina thinks it is not easy to meet her. Later in the night, Sameer is restless and thinks of his conversation with Naina. Vishaka brings kurta for him and asks what happened? Vishaka asks did Naina refuse for coming. Sameer says she will come. Vishaka says it is okay if she doesn’t want to come. Sameer says she will come. Vishaka asks him to try the kurta. Sameer is sad though. He gets Naina’s call and picks it. She makes him hear sorry song…Naina tells him that she is going tomorrow to meet her would be sasumaa. Sameer smiles.

Munna and Pandit come to the crackers shop and bargain to get it at lesser price. Sameer comes there and says I need to talk to you both. Munna and Pandit bargain again. Sameer says mummy wants to meet Naina. Munna and Pandit are surprised and get happy for him. They say you will become groom now. Naina says we both are in tension. Pandit scolds Munna for asking Sameer to tell her. Sameer says I had to tell her, now or later. He says if mummy doesn’t like her then. He says Mothers see face and not qualities. Munna says she is not Raveena tandon by face. Pandit asks Sameer to praise Naina. Munna says tell that she is topper in class and now GS and asks Naina to bring her certificates and awards. Sameer says my Naina is not less than anyone and praises her. He says there is no girl like Naina, problem is that how mummy will understand her in one hour. Pandit asks him to praise her. Sameer says mummy’s hope will increase then. He says everything is in Naina’s hand.

Naina asks Preeti not to irritate her. Preeti says she made uptan for her. Naina says I am not getting married today. Preeti says she will enjoy the most during her marriage. Naina asks her to stop day dreaming. Preeti says you have to just go and meet her. even jijaji came to meet Papa. Naina says what will I tell her? Preeti says mothers like face and says Sameer is hero, and his mum will be surprised to see you. Naina says I am not that beautiful. Preeti says I said that. She says I made uptan for you so that your face glow. She applies uptan on her face and asks how will you go? Naina says I didn’t think about it. She asks if Chachi ji will let me go if I ask her. Juhi comes and asks if there is something special. Preeti says yes. Juhi asks what is she going to wear? Naina says the dress which Chacha ji gifted her. Naina thinks of wearing ghunghat and going. She imagines Sameer and her engagement. Song plays main palki mein….plays….She thinks Sameer telling her that he told his mum about his love and she called her.

Naina asks Anand if they can go to Kamya’s house for burning crackers. Preeti says we will come soon. Tai ji says no need to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hpy Diwali frdz.. coming to the Episode simply awesome😍.. even they reflect 90’s Ka Diwali.. shopping for new things, crackers.. preparation for Diwali.. reminds my Childhood… The meeting between Naina& Vishaka will definitely make a turning point in serial.. Lets Hope Vishaka will accept Naina as her Bahu & Mamiji & Mr.Somani will not make any troubles to Samaina..
    Precap- Makes littlebit tension.. but tomorrow is Thursday… so maybe Their meeting will be seen nextweek.. Now the track is interesting to watch😀 keep watching frdz..

  2. Please let this be a nice meeting. Vishakha is a sweet woman actually. So I hope she sees beyond the one hour that she’ll spend with Naina. It’s hard, Naina would obviously be scared. But I don’t like one thing, Naina is so weird. She has double standards somewhere. Like how she forced Sameer to come and meet chachaji, but she freaked out about meeting Sameer’s mom. I understand it’s harder for a girl, a lot of judgement will be happening. But this girl confuses me sometimes. In the recent past, I’ve hardly seen her do any kind of hardwork, in college, or as a girlfriend, and even this. Sometimes I feel she just wants an easy way out. She freaked out about Arjun seflai, so she broke up with Sameer . I feel she’s getting too used to Sameer being with her. And the thought of she not having his support or she being alone or managing things on her own, scares her.

    1. I don’t think Naina being scared of meeting Vishaka is strange,it would have been unrealistic,if she would not been scared ,even Sameer was scared to meet Naina’s chacha ,its obvious they will be scared to meet respective family member’s

  3. Eager to see Naina-Vishakha meeting…Want to see how Naina will impress Vishakha… Vishakha was convinced for Naina only when she came to know that even Nanu wanted that…So that will be a positive point for Naina..
    I like Juhi’s character very much…I think she will help Naina to escape from taiji’s prison…as she saved Naina from the pendent issue…
    Relieved that there is no Naina-Sunaina confusion for Vishakha…

  4. Hi guys,

    I believe that Naina will wear Sameer nani’s sari while meeting Vishakha, thus make a good(first) impression on Naina in Vishakha’s mind and she feels happy seeing Naina in Nani’s sari, which will be a positive point for Samaina….

    very true there is no Naina- Sunaina’s confusion for Vishakha.

    as Sid said the meeting will happen in next week only so sad and i am very much eager to see their meeting and how Naina impression Vishakha……

    1. I too thought d same about d sari thing but unfortunately it didn’t happen

  5. Sorry Impress**

  6. Fida18

    YUDKBH today episode start on 10.37PM on Sony Channel Don’t Forget to Watch On TV🙏

  7. Its hard to wait till monday for new episode
    luv u samaina

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