Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rakesh blurts his anger on Sameer, Naina feels bad

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer, Munna and Pandit holding table fan for girls. Sameer holds it for Naina. He asks the lady to get her husband’s name written on her hand and says it will increase the love. Lady says you talks so nicely. Sameer says he is nice too and bachelor. He says he wants to marry with all rituals. Bua says she will search girl for him. Sameer asks her to see near. Bua asks if he likes someone here. Tai ji tells that she is worried for Naina and says she is not good looking, his father can’t give dowry also, who will marry her. Sameer tells Tai ji that Naina is a brilliant student and knows good teacher. He says may be the groom’s family give dowry to marry her.

Naina’s voiceover tells that her heart was melting for sameer hears his words. Swati says

our Naina is good and she shall get guy like you. Tai ji scolds Swati and says there is no comparison between Sameer and Naina. There is no match between them. He says even angels will fight for marrying Sameer. She says I will get him married to her mayka girl. Bua taunts her and says your mayka have beautiful girls except you, and we are unfortunate to get you. The girls begin dancing. Sameer smiles.

Anand gets call from cricket selection board. He gives to Rakesh. Rakesh tells him that Arjun is fine and will play the match. He goes out. Sameer tells Munna and Pandit that Arjun is not talking to him and holds himself responsible for his condition. He says he wants Arjun to play cricket again. Rakesh comes there and scolds Sameer badly. He says you are our Servant. He asks Munna and Pandit who called you both here. Tai ji says he can’t be silent. Rakesh blames him for Arjun’s condition. Munna says he is busy in marriage arrangements. Rakesh scolds them. He grabs Sameer’s collar and says if Arjun don’t get fine in a week then nobody is bad than him.

Bua and Tai ji ask him to calm down. Rakesh says if Arjun don’t recover within a week then he will break their feet. Naina feels bad for Sameer. Sameer tries to stop Munna and pandit. Pandit asks him to come with them. Munna says they will not agree even if you take out your heart. Sameer says it is about his heart. Pandit gives him friendship promise and says we will go from there. Sameer stands still and reminds their promise. He says today I will come with you, but my love will lose and my friendship will win. Munna and Pandit hug him. Sameer’s voiceover tells that they were like auto rickshaw and can be never inseparable and hopes nobody gets to choose between friendship and love.

Sameer comes to Arjun and asks him to take his support and stands up. Arjun says it is better to be on wheel chair rather than taking your help. Sameer says you have to get up. Arjun asks him not to pressurize him. Sameer says ok and gives him ball.

Naina tells Sameer that her father shall not have insulted him. Sameer says you are feeling my pain and have changed my insult to prize. He says his destination is near and tells that he is going to Arjun. Naina says she will bring food for him. Arjun recalls Rakesh’s words asking him to work hard and win car. Arjun stands up and asks how did this happen. He thinks how did this happen and thinks if anyone saw him standing then Rakesh will pressurize him to win the match. Sameer comes there and sees Arjun trying to sit on wheel chair.

Sameer informs Naina that Arjun is fine. Naina happily asks Arjun. Arjun tells her that Sameer is lying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Samaira_khan

    Omg! Finally this naina is melting sooo happy!! Sameer maheshwari u rock!! Mr arjun I hope that steam engine does very bad to u and u cry the tears of blood!!!

  2. ✋ The episode was nice . 👏

  3. The best part of this episode is the way sameer defended naina from that irritating tai ji ???aww so cute… girl should be really lucky to have sameer like boy in her life……. Waiting for Feb 11……..

    1. Sorry……. ? waiting for 13th Feb

  4. yea I loved the episode , was just wondering they shud have had a dance sequence for the wedding all the copules impromptu Naina and Sameer, Preetin Pandit, Munna Swati and Arjun Shefali would be super fun yeaa… San why waiting for 11th Feb I thot the special episode is on 13th Feb

  5. Hi guys

    India forums indicate that yudkbh is current no 2 show amongst all the serials of all the channels. (clap)
    Ashi Singh ranking amongst all other stars is currently 40.
    Randeep is currently 29th
    We need to see more of her videos in Yudkbh to rank her higher. I have no idea how we can get her and Randeep higher in that list. May be others might know.
    Show is ranking high. Well done, viewers. More comments more rewatch and real time watch may help.

  6. Ghvpriya

    Wonderful episode…. Sameer talking about his bride, naina melting for his words…. So cute ????. This steam engine ????. He won’t change forever. Always insulting sameer and his friends. Munna and pandit – they totally rocked today’s episode ????. They stood by sameer. I am really so happy for sameer ????. Naina is slowing melting and she started feeling for him…. Waiting for feb 13 ???

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