Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer confesses to Vishaka about his love for Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer asking Naina if she is worried about Diwali holidays. Naina says how will we meet? Sameer says we will find some way. Naina says Tai ji must have thought of many work for us. Sameer asks her to ask Chacha ji to bring her to meet him. Naina says I will tell him and he will bring me here. Sameer says then I will ask him to sit. Naina says no. She asks if he will bring Poonam bhabhi. Sameer says I can bring mummy to meet you. Naina calls her aunty. Sameer says mummy ji. Naina says mummy ji after marriage. Sameer says I will tell her today. Naina asks him to say and says she shall know that she is getting bahu like Naina. She says she is thinking to talk to Principal and cut down on the holidays. Sameer says you are GS. She says she will rule on him always. Sameer

tries to woo her and gives her rose. Song plays…hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liye. Naina gives him letters and asks him to read one daily. Sameer takes out letters for her and says you too. Naina smiles and gives her voice recording. Sameer also gives his voice recording and says you too can hear me. He asks her to come for a surprise. They cut the cake together and make each other eat it. Her voiceover tells that there was no trend to cut the cake without any occasion, but Sameer was always ahead of the times. She tells about Juhi bringing imported chocolates who was ahead of times too. Juhi brings imported chocolates for Naina and Preeti and says that they get it free in aeroplane. Arjun asks Naina and Preeti to study in holidays. Juhi gives wet wipes to Bela. Bela wipes her face and says it is cold.

Tai ji comes and asks Juhi to show her what Juhi brought. She asks Juhi to give her next time. She takes wet wipes, and chocolates from Naina and Preeti. Preeti says what will you do with it? Tai ji says she will make Pralay eat it. Naina and Preeti get upset.

Juhi gives them chocolates, gift to Anand, Bela and Arjun. Naina’s voiceover tells that those memory is special and she is remembering the times. They all gift each other for Diwali. Sameer’s family also celebrate Diwali and give gifts to each other. Arjun burns the crackers with family. Naina calls Sameer. Vishaka picks the call. Naina disconnects the call. Sameer calls Naina. Bela picks the call. Sameer disconnects the call. Naina is looking at Sameer’s pic keeping in her book. Tai ji comes and asks her to get Pralay’s homework done. Sameer also sees Naina’s pic in his wallet. Naina and Sameer hug each other pics. Her voiceover tells that they didn’t meet for 5 days, and they were excited to meet each other again. Phone rings. Naina is about to pick the call, but Rakesh stops her and picks the call. He says hello. Sameer disconnects the call.

Rakesh asks Naina to make him drink water. Naina says ok and gives water to him. Rakesh is still sitting there. Naina opens her book. Rakesh asks her to study well. Sameer calls again. Rakesh asks her to pick the call, and goes. Naina is about to pick the call, but Anand picks the call and says hello. He understands that Sameer is on line and gives call to Naina and smiles. Naina smiles and talks to Sameer.

Later Tai ji takes Naina to market. Munna and Pandit make the reflection of mirror fall on her. Naina signs where is Sameer? They sign her that he is here. Sameer comes. Naina smiles seeing him. Tai ji asks Arjun to bring puja lotha as they do puja. Arjun brings it. They do puja. Sameer calls Naina and make her hear song on call. Vishaka comes and asks to whom he is making song heard. Sameer drops the phone and tells that Munna. He says he don’t have light so he made him listen to song. Vishaka asks what is the matter? Sameer tells her that he got good marks in 1st year and everyone is happy with him here. Vishaka says I know that you will change with Kamlesh Bhai saheb. Sameer says this change is because of someone else. He says when I was in Delhi, you had told that I have become responsible. He says she taught me responsibility, love, etc. Vishaka says I know who is she? She says I am your mum and says I like the girl whose pic you see secretly. She says she talks to her daily, but she never hinted her. Sameer asks how do you talk to her. Vishaka says I talk to her face to face and takes Amrita’s name. Sameer says not Amrita, and says that girl was Naina and I love her very much. Vishaka looks tensed.

Sameer tells Vishaka that they were together in school also. Vishaka says his Papa…Sameer says everything is changed now. Vishaka says a human’s behavior can’t change. Sameer says he might change his behavior or not, but I love her a lot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Waiting for today.

  2. Amazing Episode.. the distance makes them more closer.. today Chachaji also supports for Samaina’s phone conversation…Sameer’s love for Naina is Unmeasurable, the way he confess his love to his Mom.. great😍 hope Vishaka also accepts his love.. but some spoilers said, Sameer’s stepfather makes a trouble to accept Naina… Let’s wait & Watch.. Precap- 😍😍 can’t wait

  3. Yes Sid, even i am really worried and eager to know whether Vishakha accept their relationship. letz hope for the best and really want to see
    1.How sameer convince his mother…..
    2. Vishakha and Naina meeting…
    3. How Naina impress Vishakha…

    Letz see how makers plan for the same…… to happen

  4. Fida18

    Yudkbh today episode start on 10.48pm. don’t forget to watch on TV

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