Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina jealous thinking about kiss in the play

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone reading the script of play. They read about kiss and says Sameer have to kiss Naina. Swati tells Naina that she can’t kiss Sameer. Naina says but what if you have to? Naina goes to Sameer. Her voiceover tells that she was going to tell Sameer that she don’t like him kissing anyone, and laughs. She stops him and says thanks for Pooja’s alliance. Sameer says he can do anything for his friends. Aaya Mausam song plays as they look at each other while riding bike and cycle respectively. Naina hits Munna. Sameer asks her to be careful. She says sorry and goes. Munna asks him to fulfill the bet first. Sameer says his magic is working.

Naina comes home and tells Preeti that romeo will kiss Juliet on her hand. Preeti says kiss…? Bela comes there

and gives them kishmish. Naina thinks to concentrate on her studies and sees kisme chocolates. She thinks who kept it here.. Later Naina and Sameer are restless in their houses. Yeh Un dinon ki baat hai plays……..Pooja gets up and tells that she can’t get sleep as she is not getting married and asks why she is awake. Naina says I am sleeping, but you thought I am awake. Munna is sitting as Devdas and thinks if Sameer will kiss Swati’s hand or not. Sameer tells that he will not kiss his friend’s love and tells that he will tell Lochan sir that he will not act in play if he is asked to kiss Swati. Munna gets happy and hugs him. Pandit and Munna go. Seniors come and asks Sameer to make Naina say I love you else he has to lose hairs. Naina comes there, but couldn’t hear anything. Sameer says he will win. Naina comes to Sameer. Sameer is tensed. Naina’s classmate tell her that Komal is calling her. classmate asks Swati not to let Sameer kiss on her hand in play, else she will call her parents and stop the play.

Naina comes there. Swati says what I can do? Classmate says all students will laugh on you. Sameer comes to Lochan sir and tells that he can’t play romeo or take part in drama. Swati asks Naina, how to leave main role and says nothing is in her hand. Naina asks her to think what people or her parents will think if gets to know. She says we are Indian girls, how can we let strangers get kiss on her hand. She says if your to be husband comes to know this, then everything will be over. Swati gets tensed. Lochan Sir says you are Romeo and will do best. Sameer says he is unwell. Lochan Sir asks what happened to him. Swati says she will marry Sameer if he kisses on her hand and says you don’t understand love feelings. Naina gets upset and says only she was getting that feeling and couldn’t bear that Sameer will kiss some one else. Lochan Sir says as Raj Kapoor’s said show must go on. He asks Munna and Pandit to take him to doctor, and says you will only play romeo.

Some guys are playing in the class and teases Swati and Sameer. Girls in the class teases Swati. Naina asks Swati to think. Swati says she thought enough, but when she sees Sameer, her fear is gone. Munna hears her and hits his head. Sameer comes there. Teacher comes there. Naina shouts recalling Swati telling that she will marry Sameer. Teacher asks what happened? Naina says nothing. Teacher asks her to check the books and see if everyone have done the homework. Munna and Sameer ask Naina to save them and says they have not done homework. Peon comes and says Lochan sir are calling the drama participants. Teacher asks Naina to tell who didn’t do the homework. Naina takes others’ names and also Swati name. Swati is shocked. Sameer, Munna and Pandit relaxes. Naina’s voiceover tells that this way she has stopped Swati from going to rehearsals, she tried to saved her love and says sorry to Swati.

Sameer tells the dialogues and is about to kiss Swati’s hand. Naina feels bad and lowers her eyes. Sameer looks at Naina.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hai hip hip hurry nice episode.Yaar if they r going to show such a nice episode on monday then why did they break our hearts on friday. ???????.
    Wah what an episode.
    We know our sameer is a bit egoistic and stubborn but never fallen. Yes nobody should do such a thing to his friends.
    Sameer aaj dil jeet liya??????
    Excellent but i didn’t understand why sameer is not able to sleep. In nainas case i understood.
    Munna munna what a actor u r
    Munna crying first in front of sameer.Then calling swati as pandit and sunna na. What a scene????.
    Then when swati is not listening to him banging his head to bag. God it was sooo funny.
    But plz don’t break our hearts by making sameer kiss swati and confusr us again

    1. I too was wondering, y Sameer was unable to sleep…. what was he thinking about…. loved today’s episode…. especially Munna ????soooo cute….. indirectly addressing Swati as pandit….????? phir sar peettna…. soooo hilarious….. also loved the eye lock btwn SAINA.?????.. when humari heroine went & banged into munna

      1. RichieRich

        Sameer is also getting attached to Naina in reality without realising. Remember the temple scene where he was feeding the cow. He was not pretending at that time. I feel so that he will realise it late

      2. Aarti32

        Haan..bhaisaab ko neend Kyu nhi aa rhi!! Ab Kya Naina ko lullaby sunani pdegi Kya phone pe ?

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Neha i was also thinking d same that y sameer was restless…nd may be we know the answer sumwhere???

      1. Aarti32

        Ye banda bada confusing h yaar!! ?

      2. Of course v all know the answer ??????????….. Sameer kab realize karega , ki he too loves Naina?????.. can’t wait for that day yaar……….. Aayushi, U R a ISHQBAAZ fan…..??????????

    3. Aarti32

      Haan..Friday ko itta gussa dilaya humein aur Monday ko phir humein Sameer se pyaar krwa diya..CVS bohot bure h?

    4. May be sameer iz getting attracted to naina or may be thinking how this thing will help him. Really i am still not able to trust sameers character completely.

    5. Thats true sameer is very confusing. What he do we don’t know. Only want to see him changing . And more insults to naina

  2. Harshaa

    Nice episode. Better compared to friday. Happy that sameer atleast cares for his friends and gives value to them.
    But i won’t comment till i see tomorrow’s episode.
    Overall a bettet episode than friday.But from here on if the makers do not show samerr as sur phira aadmi then its good
    I say yes there will be mood swings and withering mentality in teenage but after 16 or 17 plp will be a little wise with a bit stable mind set.

    1. I found Swati very irritating today????? acting very Naive & innocent…?………. if script demands, What can I do.., mere haath mein kuch nai hai ….stupid…….sooooo irritating.. ggggrrrrrrrrr

      1. Aarti32

        Yes..she was acting so innocent.. arey sharm kr le behen ? apne to be jiju ko kiss krne chali h

      2. Aarti….. u r the most active member here…. ??????………. where’s Aastha????

      3. Aarti32

        Thanx Nimi..I just want our show to become more n more popular..just like everyone here wants?

        Even I’m missing Aastha

    2. Aayushi_kul

      I hope so…they better wont show sameer as a ‘sur phira’??

    3. Aarti32

      Haan Bhai..faaaaar better than Friday’s episode.. Sameer aur Munna ki baat sun kr dil garden garden ho gya

    4. Yes i too think sameer will not do such thing to munna. Lets see☺☺☺
      Also that swatis overacting. Irritating. Really kamya is far better than swati ????.

  3. I too was wondering, y Sameer was unable to sleep…. what was he thinking about…. loved today’s episode…. especially Munna ????soooo cute….. indirectly addressing Swati as pandit….????? phir sar peettna…. soooo hilarious….. also loved the eye lock btwn SAINA.?????.. when humari heroine went & banged into munnam

    1. Aarti32

      Munna is always at his best..sar peet liya lekin uske “Pandit” ne uski ek nhi suni?
      N d way Pandit said manungi was hilarious ???

    2. Yes that eye lock was very nice.loved it ???

  4. Whoa!!! Better episode as compared to Friday..
    Good to see that Sameer also don’t want to do such cheap act with swathi….and……he cares for his friends
    Now let’s see what he will do in tomorrow’s episode
    Can’t type more so
    Bbye tata
    Good night

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Ansa…m also happy that sameer cares fr his frnds…nd that swati was so irritating???

      1. Yeah same here ayushi ? swathi is suchi shameless creature?

    2. Aarti32 k liye chahe kuch bhi kre..but dost ko dhoka nhi dega apna Sammy ?

      1. Hehehehehe arrti HiFi ✋ same thinking ?

    3. Hai ansa accepted. Sameer was not atleast ready to do a cheap act. This swati is totally shameless???

      1. Swathi is now just urghhhh munna k pas rehna chahyeeee is ko ?

  5. Shagun25

    Hey to YUDKBH family but js love the show..its high time the SAINA love story should start…three cheers to munna and pandit,.

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Welcum shagun…keep commenting

    2. Aarti32

      Welcome ?
      Munna n Pandit r ?

    3. Hai nice welcome here

    4. Mansi

      Welcome Shagun??? Munna n Pandit are shows life??☺☺

    5. Yup…. 3 cheers to munna & pandit ??????????

  6. Shagun25

    I read all the comments everyday..n js love the fact Ki mere jese aur bhi hain yahan who are addicted to the show?

    1. Am hooked , glued … to the ?… coz of this show ????????? SAINA .. ❤️ them

  7. Mansi

    Superbbbbbbbb episode???????? compared to Friday’s episode??Sameer??SaIna❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Precap is lovable???

    1. Aarti32

      Yes..Naina ko dekh k samajh nhi aya uski cuteness pe hasu ya uski helplessness pe rone lagu

      1. Mansi

        Yeah bechari Naina though….

      2. Naina soooo cute & innocent ……????naive………. I agree with u Aarti, hanse ki roye ??

    2. Hai mansi yes its a lovable episode as harshaa bhayya didn’t scold me again

      1. Mansi

        Yeah Neha far far better than Friday’s episode???

  8. Aayushi_kul

    Heyaaaa guyzzz….u all must be happy as the epi was gud compared to friday…i didn saw fridays epi???? i was so happy aftr watchng sameer munna’s scene…he cares fr his frnds…bt y was he restless like naina in night..hmm???kuch kuch hota h..lolzz
    Swati was so annoying in this epi…when she said m sameer se shadi krungi…ufff…itna irritating that vo scene

    Bt aftr that…the eyelock was so cuteee???
    Sorry every1….i didn replied on fridays page to any1 as i was really busy wid sum work….how r u all guyzzz

    1. Aarti32

      Swati k sapne bhi na?
      Sameer se shaadi kregi?
      Ab to I wish Munna Romeo ban Jaye aur phir Swati ko wo kiss kre hand pe..phir ayega majja??

      1. ????????????

    2. Happy if kuch kuch hota hai. Wating for that day????.If really thinks of naina i am one to be happy.
      No worries it happens we will be busy with work

  9. Nice episode compared to Friday….. the moment when saina drive together n their eyelock ????…. munna n pandit r just awesome….. also naina’s trick to stop Swati going f d rehearsal ?….. now hoping naina bcum Juliet

    1. Aarti32

      Yes..n moreover d song played while they were going together..I’m in luv wid MPK songs?

      Poor Munna ?
      Gira Munna..chot usko lagi..aur Sameer Naina ko puch rha h ki wo thik h ya nhi?

      1. Yes thats true munna gira but sameer naina ko pooch raha hai

      2. me too jst luv each n every songs being played………. n sameer instead of helping munna asking naina k “tum theek ho ” 😀

    2. Its the best trick and correct for a girl like swati???.

  10. Aarti32

    Guys, Kamya jo itta bol rhi thi ki Swati Sameer ko kiss nhi kr sakti..koi Sameer ko kiss nhi kr sakti..usko Kya lagta h..Sameer usko kiss krega ??

    1. Yes she was not angry becoz of kiss but she was jealous that sameer is kissing swatis hand

    2. Thats true she is more worried that sameer is going to kiss .If its munna in place of sameer she will say once more???

  11. Aarti32

    Aaj to Naina ko har jagah kiss hi kiss nazar aa rhi thi..pehle kismis..phir kiss me toffee..phir usne khudne hi kitti baar kiss bola??
    N Preeti’s reaction on hearing abt d kiss..cheecheecheechee??

  12. Aarti32

    Pooja ki har chiz shaadi se related Kyu hoti h!!
    Neend nhi aye usme bhi shaadi??

  13. Hai all sorry to come late. But these two months are crucial for me. Exams in dec.
    Nice episode.
    Yaar preeti naina se bee buddhu hai.Very clever ??. When naina said sameer is going to do that !!!.in one attempt she was saying he will pinch her.oh my god if preeti and pandits luv story starts then god save pandit. He will have to strive twice ???.
    I too felt why sameer is restless. Is it the values his grandfather taught or is he thinking about how it is useful if he kisses swati and how will naina react to it or is he restless because of some other reason.
    Munna is excellent once again. He is banging his head with his bag and pandit speaking like swati “nahi karungi”
    But may unintentionally but naina did a good thing for swati???. She is acting soo innocent as if she don’t know anything selfish fellow. She is not fit to be a friend to anybody.

    1. Yes anita so true preeti is more buddu than naina.
      I also laughed at her presumptions????.Akar mein hero chimti kataga.
      Then i thought naina ka romantic baato mein buddu hona kandani hai

  14. Also lets see if really sameer wil give value to his friendship for munna . Or just he was saying so and make munna a fool

  15. Aarti32

    Sab chup kyu h?!
    100 comments cross nhi krne kya!?

  16. Thats true sameer is very confusing. What he do we don’t know. Only want to see him changing . And no more insults to naina

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