Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina and Sameer to enjoy bike ride

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Munna and Pandit to sit quietly. Munna asks why she is venting out her anger on him. Preeti says then why your friend upset her. Swati asks why did Sameer hide from Naina that Sunaina came. Sameer says I didn’t tell you as I know you will get upset. Naina asks them to tell what she said? Preeti says she will come to your house often and that she said that she will come with you on your bike. Sameer realizes she is jealous and tells that Sunaina wants to sit with me on my bike. He asks if someone else want to sit on my bike and smiles looking at Naina. Pandit says no. Munna says why anyone would want to sit? Sameer says if someone wants then can tell me. He says Sunaina is a courageous and frank and I like such girls. Munna asks who has more courage, Sunaina

or our Bhabhi Naina. Preeti says Naina and tells that she has broken Taya ji’s scooter. Swati says she came to your house on that day as Kammo. Sameer says you also came. Naina gets upset. Preeti challenges Sameer that Naina will sit on your bike tomorrow. Sameer says no chance, as everyone is at home. He says Sunaina will only sit. Naina gets upset. Sameer says whoever forward their hand first, this samosa is hers and eats the samosa which he has taken.

Shefali teaches tables to Pralay. Arjun looks at Shefali and signs him to see watch. Pralay sees Arjun and Shefali signing each other. Shefali asks him to read. Arjun is about to come to Shefali, but Tai ji calls pralay and asks him to read nicely. Pralay goes. Arjun asks her to come for the car drive. Shefali says they can’t go and tells that she has a problem. She asks him to call any Bela, Naina or someone else. Arjun doesn’t understand her. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was embarrassing to talk about periods that time. Preeti comes. Shefali signs her. Preeti understands and asks him to go as Taya ji is calling him. Arjun goes. Preeti gives clothes to Shefali and asks her to change. Everyone is watching chitrahaar. Pooja says Rakesh Khanna is looking good on bike. Naina gets upset and switches off TV. Tai ji comes and says Naina did right and asks Bela to lock the TV. Rakesh comes and says Bhai Saheb said that tomorrow we will watch match here. Tai ji says we will have food. Bela says she will order me to bring many things. Just then Tai ji tells that her tongue gets bitten and tells that somebody might have cursed her. Bela says I will bring juice for you. Anand and Rakesh tell that they will watch the match. Naina recalls Preeti challenging Sameer. Naina’s voiceover tells that she thought to meet Sameer with Preeti’s help.

Tai ji asks Pooja when she will go home. Pooja hesitates. Tai ji tells bela that Pooja has done something wrong in sasural. Anand asks her not to doubt and says Pooja would have told us if there is something wrong. Rakesh says someone don’t like peace at all. Tayi ji scolds Rakesh and says you always walk with burning coal face. Rakesh says even I saw you with burning face since you got married. Tayi ji calls him mannerless and asks her to be in limits. Rakesh asks her to be in limits. Preeti plays the TV. Main teri dushman song plays….Tai ji says I will bite you like Naagin. Rakesh goes. Bela brings sherbet. Tai ji asks Bela not to spoil the kids.

Sameer looks at Naina’s pic in his wallet. Naina calls him. He says hello. Naina says I am speaking. Sameer asks if she is upset even now? Naina says yes. Sameer laughs and says if you would have been infront of me then I would have seen your angry face. Naina says she will end the call. Sameer asks if her nose is getting red. Naina says she will only sit on his bike and tells that everyone must be busy watching match and they can have a ride on bike. Sameer says you are lady Jeetendra, himmat wala. He says our love story new chapter will begin tomorrow. Dheere Dheere song plays….Both of them choose dress for themselves. Naina dances with Preeti happily while the song still plays…..

In the morning, Arjun says hi to shefali and asks if she was upset yesterday. Arjun takes her sanitary napkin packet as it is wrapped in the newspaper. He asks her to tell. Shefali asks did you read biology and tells that it is having the thing which girl uses every month for 4 days. Arjun leaves the packet on ground and says girls don’t speak about it.. Shefali says even we don’t say, but I have to make you understand everything. Munna and Pandit ask Sameer to watch match. Sameer says he is going to meet Naina and can leave anything for Naina. He shows them radio and says he will hear the match.

Rakesh and Anand are watching match in their house. Naina;s voiceover tells about the match craze in those days and says Sameer and I were unique, as bike ride was important for us. Preeti gives kachori to Tai ji. Tai ji asks her to make it spicy. Bela gets upset. Rakesh is about to go seeing Sachin out, but just then pakistan’s player gets out. Anand asks Rakesh to sit back. Naina comes and asks Rakesh if she can go out and buy college stuff. Rakesh gives her money. Naina asks him to come with her. he refuses saying he is not mad to leave the match. Preeti and Naina smiles. Tai ji stops Naina and says Preeti would have to buy the same stuff.

Sameer and Naina are having a bike ride, while her face is half covered. Sameer stops the bike seeing Rakesh infront of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Great! I think this is the first time they are talking about periods on any hindi t.v. serial. I appreciate 🙂

  2. Such a great episode enjoyed each n every scene…….but really appreciate the initiative to talk about mensturation……our show is unique n ultimate…….cricket scenes still we have the same scenario in all our houses during India Pakistan match……loved samaina conversation in canteen n also in phone…..the way sameer leaned towards her in canteen with both hands on table so cute……….Sony TV don’t maintain punctuality they started the show at 9.50 itself then how would they get the trp ……..guys tune in Sony TV @9.30 itself n enjoy the rest two days maha episodes without missing a single moment……

  3. I agree .. i appreciate your efforts and courage in talking about periods on the show. We have never talked about it on any other daily soap which just shows that the makers of other daily soaps just focus on the saas bahu content and not on some good content which might have a good impact on the audience. Talking about Periods has always been considered a tabboo..but we are aheading to a time where it might not be considered a tabboo. Its natural and there’s nothing to hide. MAkers? we r proud of you?

  4. Tanishq

    i loved the initiative taken to openly talk about periods……it was goodd….
    ….kya sameer aur naina ko naina k ghar k saamne hi bike ride leni thii …waaaaaaoowww…..
    kya precap haii…!!!!….dekhte hai kya hota haii

  5. Good Episode… Samaina’s Canteen & Phone Conversation?… And also Shejun’s is back… Talking about periods in TV Serials, is healthy one.. I totally appreciate them…
    Precap- Sasurji aur Sameer ka Milan?..
    Waiting for Upcomings..

  6. Super duper …….as they have started before time i could see half episode only n now seen on Soniliv

    but totally enjoyed after so many days both college and home scenes are great

    Keep it up

  7. Yesterday’s epi was LIT !! I and whole fandom want to appreciate the effort and courage of makers to talk about Menstruation …
    Shejun scenes were very nyc ..!!!
    The way sam was looking & smiling at his girl’s photo… TAKE MY HEART ALREADY YRR !!!
    Precap – Damad-Sasur milan !! ghar ke saamne aane ki zaroorat kya thi ?? lol…
    its gonna be so fun !!

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