Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Mixed feelings over the wedding

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina finds Tai ji staring at her. She closes the door from inside and reprimands Juhi for blocking the landline. Juhi ends the call hurriedly. Tai ji sends her to bring water.

Munna and Pundit are looking after the decor and urge the vendors to hurry up. Sameer looks at the house. He says I have been out of a house since I grew up. I spent my childhood in hostel and then I spent some years with Nanu. I later spent some years with my step dad. Nanu’s house turned out to be Mamu’s. Now this is our house. After three days, Naina will come here and it will be our house – mine and Naina’s. They share a group hug. Sameer smiles looking at the house.

Anand, Bela and Phula Bua are also checking on the final preps before leaving the house. Naina is in the house temple. Preeti

informs that the taxi is here. Anand has got a tempo to shift everything. Rinki asks Phula Bua if Naina will not return here. Bua denies. She will directly go to her new home after the wedding. She will come here as Sameer’s bride for Pag Phera. This house is her second home after today. Naina gets emotional.

Sameer realises that he hasn’t thought how to welcome Naina in the new house. He thinks of an idea.

Naina looks at her family members and the house emotionally. Phula Bua hits Rinki with a pillow for not helping anyone. Rinki calls herself a guest but Phula Bua tells her to do as she says.

Sameer keeps a rice kalash on the door. I welcome you in your new house, Mrs. Maheshwari. He practises grahpravesh ritual by hitting the kalash. It wasn’t fun. I should do something else.

Naina looks at Bela emotionally. An emotional song plays in the background as her past moments flash before her eyes.

Sameer imagines Naina in her after marriage attire. He looks at her sweetly as she looks at the house. He lifts her in his arms. They both smile as he takes her inside the house holding her in his arms.

Naina touches everything with a sad smile. She smiles thinking about the past moments. She cries sadly.

Sameer imagines reading newspaper in the balcony and Naina brings breakfast for him. He jumps in pain as he touches a hot paratha. She gets concerned and blows on his hand sweetly. He teases her more.

The screen keeps shifting between Naina and Sameer. He imagines spending happy, romantic moments with Naina whereas she recalls the moments spent in Agarwal House with her family and Sameer. She cries looking at every corner of the house. Neighbours bid adieu to Naina once she is downstairs.

Tai ji tells Rakesh to stick to his decision for one more day. Anand will surely come running to you then. If you bend your head once then you will have to stay that way forever!

Voiceover – Naina:
I lost all excitement that day. While dreaming of my wedding I had never thought that I will have to leave behind everyone. I had never thought that I will have to turn a stranger for everyone to make Sameer mine. I felt like shouting for once that I don’t want to leave any of you; that I don’t wish to marry!

Voiceover – Sameer:
I wanted to just jump in excitement and shout! I was going crazy because of happiness.

Voiceover – Naina (As Naina looks at her house from downstairs):
I was all shaky when I stepped out of the house recalling that this house wont be mine anymore after my wedding. Why does this happen with a woman? The house, where I had spent 20 years, was going to become stranger for me in a second.

Naina sits in the taxi after looking emotionally at her house for one last time. Rakesh looks at the taxi as it drives away.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I couldn’t figure out if it was a dream or reality. It was as if someone had given me every happiness of the world. I forgot everything and was waiting for my Naina!

Sameer and his friends dance and laugh happily.

Naina is welcomed warmly by her friends at the venue.

Tai ji tries to fuel Rakesh’s ears against Anand. He dint even ask once and left the house without Naina’s father. Rakesh angrily retorts that he does not care what happens now. I don’t care. Let them do whatever they wish to. I will also see how this wedding will happen now. Saying so, he walks away. Tau ji tells his wife that he is sure Anand will pacify Rakesh at any cost. Tai ji refuses to let it happen. Anand will be blown out of his mind after what is going to happen!

Precap: Sameer and Naina’s haldi ceremony is going on at their respective venues.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Loved todays episode it waa too good lovely

    1. @Sweta i got a video of mehndi ceremony of naina

      here is video link , enjoy

    This link is of Naina’s haldi ceremony in which I completely agree with every word said by Ashi about Naina’s feeling and situation it is a must watch.
    This link is Haldi promo from Sameer’s side do watch ASAP as last time my Link’s video was deleted due copyright issue or other issue.

  3. Loved today’s episode. Sameer’s imagination was too cute and awestruck. God just wishing that Makers this dream true very soon and also Safari Suit participate in Naina’s wedding rituals as Vishakha is participating in Sameer’s ritual. This o bai is too much still plotting against Naina & Sameer’s wedding, don’t know what is her problem with Naina.
    Can understand Naina’s mixed feeling every girl have same feelings. And whenever they were showing Naina emotionally seeing in her house my eyes were also were, it was so emotional moment for every girl. Voiceover was so right that in one second we become “Paraye” to the house and family where we lived for so many years (20 years in Naina’s case).

    1. @vidha i told you nobody will notice about sameer rash ,

      omg i seriously watched the episode 3 times on the loop on sony liv app , because humare tv pe sony ko chodke sub channel ate hai ,

      loved pandit comedy timing “oh mohra bhai ,tu cheez badi hai mast mast ”

      even in sameer imagination when he lifted naina in his arms ,that was aww moment for me ,too much adorable ,

      and i am happy with the, cheek pe na sahi , naina ke forehead pe kiss de dia sameer ne , sameer is gentle man and he knows how to treat his naina ,

      also haldi function will happen this week only

    2. @Vidha i got a video of mehndi of naina ,naina is dancing with his sister and friends,and all are looking great ,raat main subne night dress pehni hui hai ,naina is looking gorgeous in purple suit with matching earrings

      above is the video link

      also i take my words back , sameer rash will be noticed in today episode ,i saw in another video ,but that video quality is so poor ,so i didn’t share it

  4. today I will keep my comments really short
    , first of all i loved munna and pandit comedy timing , pandit saying ” oh mohra ,tu cheez badi hai mast mast ”

    sameer imagination main hi sahi lifted naina in his arms ,that was adorable moment for me,
    naina bringing aloo ka paratha for sameer , while he is reading newspaper is so cute , sameer accidentally touches hot paratha ,naina takes his finger and blows air and gently kissing on his fingers , sameer gestures for lip kiss ,naina gets shy and runs away ,

    sameer got a chance to kiss on naina forehead
    , because sameer is a gentleman and he knows how to treat his naina

    lastly I knew haldi ceremony episodes will come this week only

  5. Just saw some accident or serious incident prior to wedding which may separate Samaina. Any idea? What it could be and why? Is it obai’s or mamajis ploy to stop the wedding?

    1. @deb you don’t check the date or what, that video is of 20 jan ,now is 6 feb

      1. Tarun, you may be right. I did not check the date. Thanks for the right direction. Anyways its good if nothing happens. Vidha, Devi and Tarun, I have been reading your comments. Devi, missed yours and Sunshine and other regular commentators comments. Hope everyone turns up now. For now I am glad that there are so many comments. Like most of you said, I enjoyed Sameers imagination after marriage. Keep commenting. By the way the Bizindia (Tarun, you may know the right website) voting is open. I tried to login and vote, but came up with error. Or perhaps I am outside India, it is not working, not sure. But those of you who can, please vote for Ashi and Randeep.

    2. plus this type of videos are utter bull shit , please check the date of video and then post it ,

      1. Hi Tarun, I will not post any links, as I am too old to see the dates or understand how these links work. I will leave these to you all young ones to do so. I shall address it to people I interacted earlier such as Devi, Sunshine and all the previous earlier commentators, if I need to ask any such questions. I request you, to please ignore my direct queries to people. I request all the earlier commentators to please come back. Miss all our conversations, reflections, and discussions and comments you used to make.

    3. @deb mistake happens with human being , please don’t stop posting links ,we don’t get link which you get ,as a younger generation i am requesting you to not stop commenting
      sorry if i am rude to you .

  6. Naina is looking very pretty in green dress. And upcoming episodes are going to be very fun. Just waiting for these episode to come on our TV screen

    1. ya right @vidha naina is indeed looking beautiful in beautiful in green dress , sorry I purple by mistake ,mere dimag main kuch aur chal rha tha ,the mehndi episode will come this Friday or next week maybe , sameer mom will found out sameer rash in today haldi episode

  7. Hi All, they revealed the Honeymoon spot and it is darjeeling and the team is moving for shooting – it is true any one knows…..

  8. It seems they revealed the Honeymoon spot, it is Darjeeling and the team is moving there for shooting

    1. don’t know devi,no idea, where do you got the news ,that honeymoon will be shot in Darjeeling ,pehle to aaj ke episode main haldi ki excitement hi control hi nai ho rhi ,aur parson ke main mehndi ,then Shaadi,
      loved today episode,one of the best

    2. not right now as all marriage functions shooting is still left sangeet, tilak,marriage, vidai, pagphere , then will be out door shooting

  9. Ya Sweta u r right shooting of rituals r going on but they have decided that Honeymoon will get shoot on Darjeeling even I read the article of tellychakkar .

    1. and do you know why PH chose this destination because Shashi mam Sumit Sir went to Darjeeling for their honey moon

  10. Such a sweet episode. Loved how Sameer dreamt about naina and him after marriage. Loved his bunglow. Can someone fill me in on how did he buy it? Where did he find the money from? I’ve missed a few scenes and episodes here and there and the serial is tooooo much of songs to watch again.
    The flashback was so nostalgic. Despite the serial being only 1.5years old, there’s so much difference in how Naina and preeti looked during their school days.
    All was fine except taiji and tauji. They’re always there to add negativity in Naina’s life and ruin the episode for us. Arey what exact do they want? Now the wedding is happening so let it na. Are they jealous that Naina is marrying into a rich family? Or jealous that Rakesh might get rich? Or are they generally jealous of the girls of their house? Or they are egoistic that their younger brother is doing the wedidng without their permission? Or they are just worried about samaaj and community? Because if it’s the last, then as such nainas name is maligned according to regressive thinking. Who’ll marry her now after knowing about her broken roka and her “love affair”. How will it benefit the family anyway? People will still keep talking that their daughter loved a maheshwari but got forcefully married to some other guy. It won’t protect their reputation in any way. Then why? Why so much hatered for a girl who is almost like their daughter.

    1. @ sunshine Sameer got money as his nanaji has kept in his name, he asaked his mama who said take it from factory and sign a receipt , only this much was show n later post marriage may be this track will continue about his career and factory,
      yes tauji taiji’ main problem is no one is giving them any importance , they think if Samaina marriage happens they wont have any hold on the family , before whatever they used to say anything that would be final ,now after this Rakesh would get more importance as he is Naina’s dad and chachaji as both Samaina treat them as high regards

      1. @sweta that not right mamaji told tu check le sakta hai magar vishakha ko btana padega na ,then naina asks sameer tum ghar se alag ho rhe ho ,then naina says tumhe yaad haina ,no tumhara ,no mera only humara ,in fact sameer booked the bungalow first himself ,then took token and later paid with installments ,thats why show timeline is skipped by 8 months , their engagement was on 4 feb ,and now it’s 20 November ,ie two days for wedding

        ya one more thing I forgot to mention earlier sameer mentioned uske nana ne uske lie itna paisa choda hai uski 7 generations aram se kha sakti hai ,but then munna father also avoided helping sameer except let him stay in munna house ,one more theory prooves that vishakha is no longer angry with sameer

        in recent live interaction with munna and pandit on YouTube ,they told sameer bought the house by doing downpayment ie installment

      2. Oh okay Sweta 🙂

    2. welcome back Sunshine.

    3. @sunshine the show has timeline skipped by 8 months,in recent live interaction by munna and pandit ,they said sameer bought bungalow by doing downpayment ie installment s

  11. Sunshine Sameer has not bought the house he has just paid the down payment of the house. There was a live video on YouTube where Munna and Pundit said that Down Payment of the house has been paid & they are from both ladkewale and ladkiwali side and how the card fiasco was created because the card on which he told the Card Wala to do correction so in that sample card the girls father was swargwasi so card Wala misunderstood it and printed Swargwasi Rakesh Aggrawal.

    Naina is playing antrakshri with her friends and family and dancing on the song “Maye Ni Maye”.

  13. @deb mistake happens with human being , please don’t stop posting links ,we don’t get link which you get ,as a younger generation i am requesting you to not stop commenting
    sorry if i am rude to you .

  14. @vidha @sweta @devi @sunshine @deb

    here is full naina dancing and playing antakshri and mehndi video

    trust me you will love it

    here is the video link

  15. Aww thank you Deb 🙂
    Missed all of you 🙂

  16. Oh okay. Thanks for filling me in guys. Actually the show is sweet, but I do miss watching some parts so haven’t been able to keep track. Thanks again 🙂

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