Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Swati joins hands with Sunaina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Swati tells Sunaina that she was right. No one cares about her. They all care about Naina only. Sunaina says she cares about her. She is with her. She makes friends with difficulty, but once she makes someone her friend, she fulfils her friendship. She hugs Swati. Swati pulls herself back and says neither she is her friend, nor Naina or anyone else. No one loves her. Since childhood she supported Naina in her good and bad time. She loved Sameer and told Naina about it, but she didn’t say that she also loved him. When they two got together.. that time she learned about it. She cried a lot, but she forgave Naina thinking they are childhood friends. She just can’t break friendship like that. She did everything for Naina.. she even erased “Su” from “Sunaina”

on board. Swati realizes she revealed her secret and walks to leave from there. Sunaina tells her it’s not her fault. Naina has just used her all this time like a toy, but she is not like that. She will prove that she’s her best friend. She further tells Swati that she should fight election and win it as well. They will show that Naina is just an ordinary girl, she can also lose in life. They will have to show to her friends that she (Swati) is not a loser. Swati stays quiet. Sunaina asks her to think about her self-respect. She is giving her a chance and tells her not to miss. Swati recalls Sameer and Naina taking off posters of her name and joins hands with Sunaina.

Female narrator says she agrees she made a mistake, but if she was present there, she wouldn’t have let Swati done that. She forgot that they are a group now and even 1 person missing is not good for whole group.

Sameer and gang are making posters. Swati is also with them. Everyone is tired and says they want to rest. Sameer says no first, but then gives them 5 minutes. Swati looks at Munna and smiles. He asks what’s the matter she’s giving him a smile. Preeti says not to mess with Naina and Swati. They are champion in game of keeping eyes open for longest time. Munna says he would love to play. Swati says no. Everyone insists. She plays it. Munna says Naina will win. Swati is unmoved. He then says Sunaina and Swati gets shaken. She says she doesn’t want to play and leaves. Naina was going behind her. Sameer asks whether she’s afraid to lose and that is why she’s leaving? Naina says she is not afraid of anyone. She challenges him that he will lose. Sameer and Naina play now.

Female narrator says back then they used to do romance by looking each other in eyes for hours. Today’s generation wouldn’t even know about that game.

Both Naina and Sameer are not ready to lose. Sameer says since first day, she has been staring at him, so she must be an expert. Naina says as if he doesn’t stare her. He looks at her secretly all the time. Sameer reminds her about lice in her head. Naina gets distracted and loses. She leaves saying cheater. Munna says time to go home, but Sameer says they must complete posters. His friends say it’s very late. Sameer invites them to his home in evening. Preeti says her family wouldn’t allow. Kamya’s friend says she’ll say she called them to her house. Sameer tells them to keep this secret from Naina. He wants to surprise her.

All boys are waiting for girls. Munna calls Swati and asks why she didn’t come. Swati says he should remember her mom doesn’t allow her to leave house that late. Munna says it’s important for them to make Naina win and she’s making excuses. Swati asks what’s this way to talk to his girlfriend? One day he will also forget that she’s his girlfriend. Munna asks her to stop her nonsense and hangs. Kamya comes and tells Sameer such a beautiful house and teases him saying Had he proposed her, then this could have been in-laws house.

Chachaji reads Naina’s speech and says it’s very good. He asks her to make some improvements. Naina likes his suggestions. Chachiji says election is one thing, but studies are important. She asks whether her studies are going well. She says yes. Chachaji quietly asks and his? She blushes.

Pralay comes and turns on the radio. He starts dancing. Everyone smiles. Naina goes and turns off the radio. Pralay asks why she turned off. Chachiji says she’s studying. Pralay says he likes that song. Chachiji says when Taiji comes, sing in front of her. He says Taiji will say “Oh bai, what kind of song my Pralay babu is singing”. Everyone laughs. Taiji comes. He starts studying. Taiji praises him. Chachaji says they found out today that Pralay sings too. Chachiji asks him to sing. Pralay sings some different song on “maa”. Taiji hugs him in happiness. Chachaji tells Naina to make some more improvements in speech. Taiji asks what speech? Chachaji reminds her that he told her. Taiji says her marriage broke and is now going to give speech? She asks them to control Naina else Preeti will also have hard time finding a guy for her. She takes Pralay and leaves.

Mamaji and Mami come to Sameer’s room. They check posters. Mamaji says he made mistake in name. He forgot “Su” in front of “Naina”. Munna changes topic. Sameer says they have to work, can they talk later. Mamaji says he’s just like his Nanu. Work first. Mama-Mami leave.

Male narrator says life was playing hide and seek with them. One side, Sunaina had become their enemy and other side, Taiji was taunting Naina for breaking marriage with Sharad. Only good thing was they had positive and supportive people around them during that time.

Preeti tells Naina if she doesn’t find any guy, then she will ask Sameer. He must have some cousin or so. That brings smile on Naina’s face. Chachaji also motivates her by singing song that people will keep saying things. She should concentrate on election. Naina hugs him. Preeti hugs them both.

Precap: It’s night. Munna keeps guard busy and Sameer and Pandit try to sneak in college.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Fan of YUDKBH

    Has Munna gone mad? Why is he misbehaving with Swati all the time?
    Conversation between Naina and Chachaji about Sameer was so cute

  2. First of all I want to congratulate YUDKBH for completing one year…πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜€
    Second I am very disappointed with change in show timings…Even they upload show on internet too late…πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
    Doesn’t want to comment about Munna’s behavior for Swati😟
    And as Naina’s voiceover said Swati should have talked to Naina…Swati tried but Naina has no time to listen to her…Yes No doubt Naina cares for Swati but not above Sameer…As when Sameer stopped her when she was going behind Swati…then she didn’t go…
    And one thing…Kamya’s parents are so liberal yrr…They allowed their daughter to go to a boy’s place that too in the evening…This much liberty in 90’s is not digestible….
    And finally some Happy moments in Naina’s family… Chachaji teasing Naina about Sameer and then Naina feeling shy was so cute…
    I am waiting to see a new love Story between Rohan and Preeti …If possible….As they are giving hints on hints πŸ˜‰
    Precap:Munna as Munni…Munni ki izzat khatre me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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