Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina goes against Sameer for truth

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer getting disheartened as he is not chosen as head boy of school. Vishaka comes to him. Sameer says I know what you want to say that I can’t become head boy and lowered your head. Vishaka gives him gift and says she is very happy with his hardwork and says he is become responsible now. Munna says if you wanted then you would have gotten full marks and become head boy. Sameer says he don’t want to become head boy by cheating. He would have stolen papers from Rakesh’s locker, but he don’t want to cheat his Nanu. He says my step father is the villain of my story and I dislike him. Mr. Sumani hears him. Munna says we shall throw the keys. Sameer says I will throw this out. Mr. Sumani calls Principal from public booth and tells him that exam papers were

leaked and someone made duplicate keys. Sameer called him villain rightly, as Mr. Sumani tells Principal that head boy nomination were just two. Naina comes to Sameer and falls in muddy water. She thinks he might be very angry with her.

Sameer gives his handkerchief to Naina. Naina says thanks. Sameer says if you had taught me more then I would have got 70 marks, but then also Arjun would have won. Vishaka tells Sumani that they shall leave. Sumani says they shall wait. Principal tells everyone that someone leaked question papers and made duplicate keys. Rakesh argues that he is honest. Principal says Arjun might have stolen keys. Rakesh says Arjun can’t do this. Principal says whoever have the duplicate keys is guilty. Sameer gets tensed, but Arjun is guilty. He asks Teacher to check their pockets. Sameer panics. Rakesh asks them to search Sameer too. He checks and says there is nothing. Mr. Sumani gets upset as his plan fails. Naina recalls hearing Munna and Pandit talking about stealing keys from Rakesh’s house, and recalls finding keys when Sameer gives hand kerchief to Naina.

Principal tells that one of them is guilty. Naina thinks about Anand’s words that they shall not lie or hide the truth. She looks at the keys in her hand.

Principal says keys were stolen from Rakesh’s house and that’s why he is suspended. Naina thinks she shall not be quiet as the matter is about her father’s respect. She shows the keys to Principal. Principal says key is with you, this means Arjun gave this key to you. Naina says no and tells that she saw this key falling out from Sameer’s pocket. Mr. Sumani gets a chance to lower Sameer infront of Vishaka and says it is so embarrassing. Rakesh slaps Sameer hard and says you had stolen exam papers and the blame came on me. He asks from where did you do the stealing. Munna and Pandit tells that even though they had stolen the keys, but Sameer refused to steal the papers. Rakesh says you couldn’t become head boy even after stealing the exam papers. Sameer says Munna and Pandit haven’t done anything. He asks Naina if she is lying? Naina says no, I saw it falling down from his pocket.

Sameer says did you see me stealing the papers. He says you were teaching me two days back and now I became thief. Rakesh asks him to mind his tongue. Vishaka asks him to leave him and says he is a kid. Rakesh questions on her upbringing and is about to slap him. Sameer holds his hand and says Naina is lying. Rakesh tells that Naina never lies and scolds her for teaching him. She says Munna and pandit had stolen the papers and he is the paper thief, but is not punished. Vishaka says what you are saying? Sumani says Sameer did a mistake and asks Vishaka to come. Vishaka says nothing is proved, I have to speak to papa right away. Sameer looks at Naina.

Naina asks Sameer why he tried to prove her wrong. Sameer says what did you do, you made me thief infront of everyone, I wish you would have asked me the truth and says you have ruined me fully.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a misunderstanding!!….oh god..when will there love story begin fully and nicely…
    And the precap also is so sad!!?

  2. Things aren’t going to be easy henceforth. Its all so complicated right now. Nevertheless I am waiting for the story to unfold. Lets see how they shape this love story.
    This serial has got me hooked. It will be so wonderful to see naina and sameer’s journey. Its kinda refreshing and adorable to see a girl going all crazy about the guy when its usually otherwise.
    Hoping the misunderstandings will soon be cleared.
    Btw thanks for updating.

  3. Firstly thanks hasan. Today am totally with sameer even if he takes revenge on naina naa i will accept it. She is such a stupid girl.When it comes to meeting sameer secretly she wil be ready to tell lies to everyone but when it comes fixing him she will be ready with half truth. Yes what sameer said in precap is correct. It is such a big issue if something happens it ruins anybodies lives. Instead of keeping calm and finding out truth she just jumped to conclusions and again angry with him fir calling her a liar.
    Yes she is worried about her father but sameers life is also equally important for him know. Will he get a seat in any school if he is marked under malpractice. No naa.
    And the culprit of this total scene is that bl***y step father of sameer.That is why sameer is always gives a cold shoulder for him.
    Someday sombody said there is something fishy about this man. That is he can ruine anybodies lifes.
    Nainas father is stupid and gets angry very soon but he is not fishy.
    Really feel very said for sameer??? and angry on naina???

    1. Ravi.r

      Neha yes someone said the other day that samerr father is a shallow character he proved today. It is really said to see sameer in pain but naina is also in a fix. She wanted to keep quite but her fathers reputation came in the middle for her. But what u said is true it ruines sameers life and future know especially his education

  4. Really feel very said for sameer??? and angry on naina???. How can she do that. Ok she need to save her fathers respect but it dont mean to ruin sameers future na. What sameer said is correct she ruined him completely with her half truths and again fighting with him that he called her a liar. Woh balkul apni baap pe gaye hai naina . just like steam engine fights with others with half knowledge she accuse others with her half knowledge ???

  5. Harshaa

    Today i don’t accept what naina did to sameer. It is not at all correct and dangerous too

  6. Wow this show is so lovely, i read the written update plus later watch too….

  7. Jaldi shuru karo love ya phir sameer ko liplock karne ko bolo yaarrr

  8. Mansi

    Poor Sameer????Naina did totally wrong with him?????how could she do that for the sake of her Dad who in the first place doesn’t give her importance????precap is sad????

    1. Yes even i too think like that her father never gave importance to her but she always supports her father and brother its ok if she support them but in that she unknowingly ruined sameers life. She put a dark mark on him know when in real didn’t do anything wrong

      1. Mansi

        Yes Neha her father n brother both have not given her any importance but still she supports them….One day both will realize what she meant to them????but by giving support to them she unknowingly ruined Sameer’s life????

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Well hitler played his trick to trap Sameer..Idiot kahin ka. Vishkha was little more worried. How dare you steam engine slap our Cuteneer…Naina and her experiments with truth huh!! You fell in mud, I will throw your family in a pond of mud one day Agrawal.
    Arjun’s face was screaming his guilt bit no…Being family of a staff is perhaps more saat khoon maaf then being grandson of trustee…according to steam engine. Slap!!! Second slap!!!stop in middle..there Sameer became head boy in my eyes..He have potential to stand for himself against rusted old steam engine …which Arjun lacks.
    Poor Sameer…

    1. Ravi.r

      Excellent astha u proved it once again really seriously i appreciate u ???for this wonderful review in just few words. So sameer is now “cuteeneer”nice name. Yes in yesterday episode it was evident that arjun is guilty. If we see again he is not able to raise his eyes and meet anybodies. Whereas sameer had the guts to even stop the slap of steam engine mid way. That is what we call strength of truth.
      Then coming to naina.her experiments with truth???. Really her behavior yesterday deserves that title

    2. Asthadi nice name “cuteeneer”suits him very well??? and naina and her experiments with truth. I think gandhijis autobiography na my experiments with truth if i am not wrong. But this naina also thinks high of her ideals

    3. Astha di cuteeneer yes he is really a cutee pie????.Once again nice name after steam engine to rakpie????and naina with her experiments with truth???

  10. Ravi.r

    Neha yes someone said the other day that samerr father is a shallow character he proved today. It is really said to see sameer in pain but naina is also in a fix. She wanted to keep quite but her fathers reputation came in the middle for her. But what u said is true it ruines sameers life and future know especially his education

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