Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina gets upset with Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mama ji introducing Sameer to Parikh Saheb. Parikh Saheb says when he will join business. Mama ji says he is young, and tells that Devang and he is there to take care of business. Preeti, Naina and Swati see Kamya applying lipstick in the canteen. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was trying to extend her feathers in college and getting excited seeing the lipstick. Preeti and Swati try lipstick on their lips. Naina laughs. They see the lipstick on his face and wipe it. They hear some girls talking about threading the eyebrows and check their own. Parikh Bhai tells Sameer until when he will stay away from business. Mama ji says he worked for radio when he was in Delhi. Mr. Parikh talks about his daughter and says she became Ms. Fresher in her college. Sunaina comes

there and calls him and tells that Sameer is Mr. Fresher. Mami and Mama asks Sameer why he didn’t tell them. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he didn’t tell anything at home, but Sunaina told that he became Mr. Fresher, which made Mama and Mami think of something which brought storm in his life. Sunaina asks her father to come and tells that she will come often. Mami tells Mama that Parikh Bhai have to spend 25 lakhs in marriage. Mama says he will call Parikh and fix the alliance. Sameer takes receiver from his hand and tells that he has to concentrate on studies now. They tease Sameer. Bittu tells Sameer that it seems he likes Sunaina. Sameer says no.

Next day, Sunaina comes to the canteen. Preeti looks at her feet and says it is clean like milk. Naina says her sandal is good. Sunaina tells her friend that yesterday she went to her father’s friend house and it turns out to be Sameer’s house. She tells that she met him there. Mitali says now you can go on a ride with him. Sunaina is excited. Kamya tells Naina that Sameer is gone from her hand. Preeti says Karthik is freed now. In the class, Sameer tries to look at Naina while JBR gives a lecture. Sunaina waves hi to Sameer. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was upset. Munna gets up and tells that he can’t understand what is his lecture. JBR says how you will understand as I have to teach you in Hindi. Everyone laugh.

JBR tells about Sameer and Naina’s love. He says Sameer went to Delhi and then love got less with Dadi’s words. And now Sunaina came in between them. It was Naina’s imagination. JBR gives his usual lecture. Sameer throws paper on her. Naina gives him an angry look and throws paper on Sameer asking him about Sunaina coming to his house and if she comes again. Sameer writes that Sunaina’s Papa was Mama ji’s friend and he didn’t call her and didn’t know about anything. Naina writes that she heard Sunaina talking about him and is staring at him. Sameer turns back and looks at Sunaina who is staring him. Karthik gives her chocolates and says he bought it especially for him. Friends pass the book with Sameer’s message in it. Naina reads it and replies to his message. Sameer’s voiceover tells that it was that time WhatsApp and there was no emojis. He tells that the chat which they had was very spicy and says today’s chat can’t compete with their notebook chat. Sameer gets stressed.

Sameer tells Munna and Pandit that he likes Frank and courageous girl and says Sunaina is very courageous. He says on my bike….Munna and Pandit say Sunaina will sit. Sameer says whose hand comes fast, this samosa is hers. Sameer and Sunaina are riding on a bike.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Prevdha

    Wow so Naina is a bit jealous and Sameer is also making Naina jealous it was a good epi

  2. Yesterday’s episode was okay okay type for me, i am getting bored of seeing naina jealously, please makers should think in neither way……………………………..

    frequent request from audience not to underestimate Naina…………….

  3. I want to see sameer jealous now. I am bored of seeing naina jealous. I can’t say anything more about this episode.
    By the way only 2 comments till now!!!
    Lokesh deb san ghvpriya samaina sid please do comment yaar.
    It is good to read your comments

  4. I enjoyed today’s episode cute cute antics by preeti pandit munna was so hilarious n note passing too it reminded me of my college days…..n yeah nainas jealousy n sameer handles it tactfully, he wants her to open up about her insecurities to him……sameer understood something is wrong with her by looking into her face even though separated by distances n naina without holding back her doubts n emotions she expressed it with sameer, that’s good enough bcos keeping such questions within ourselves would definitely create major problems,this is what love n trust is……yeah guys you need to see sameers jealous side na wait guys we have karthick n senior boy, we got a clue right when sameer asked to senior boy to give some time to prepare their casette he denied but once naina said he accepted it n the shock look he gave when sunaina was announced as Ms.Fresher so definitely there will be some scenes for sameer jealous side too guys ……let’s wait n watch

  5. Lokesh

    Hey guys, little busy, let me tell u I read in government homeopathic medical college and hospital, so very bsy, epi was nice , like that letter passing scenes , enjoying written updates only, keep watching guys, and missing others comments too.

  6. Hi San,

    Good to read your comments, i repeatedly watched that episode and noticed the reaction of that senior boy yeah may be senior boy will propose Naina instead of Karthik and i wish this should happen becoz if makers shows that Karthik propose Naina ( he will take revenge against Sameer for being friendly with Sunaina) then it also ends with underestimating Naina, i want someone who really likes and love Naina to make Sameer jealous.

    1. Yea devi hope our thinkings should come true ?fingers crossed……

  7. Dont know why I feel these Mama Mami want to control Sameer’s wealth ……..what all of u think abt this

    Makers shd not bring this negative aspect in this cute serial

  8. Yes devi, I too hope it happens. I liked the way of passing messages instead of texting.

  9. Hi Sai,

    yeah very true, passing the message is really a good one, i personally experienced it during my college days we (my friends) pass message during class hours.

    Aside RV, even i heared that Mami is a negative character where mama will support sameer………..

    and that senior boys is also a negative character but his character last only for few episode…may be he is in final year………….

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