Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer unites Bela and Anand

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer asking Bela to help Rakesh and give this box when he comes to you, but ask him to forgive her first. Bela says if Rakesh gets angry then the functions will be spoiled. Sameer asks her to have trust on him. Bela says it is good and asks why you are doing this. Sameer says your smile is good and even Anand also. He says hero and heroine can’t stay far. Bela smiles. Sameer says Preeti, Pooja and Naina wants Rakesh and Anand to forgive her. He says he understands her pain, and wants forgiveness from Arjun. Naina hears him.

Munna and Pandit massage Rakesh’s legs. Taya ji scolds Rakesh and asks him to become responsible. Rakesh says he is taking care of important stuff. Taya ji asks what is that important stuff and asks Munna and Pandit to go and help

Maharaj. He asks Rakesh to become responsible and goes. Preeti comes to Rakesh and asks did you keep the box safely. Rakesh gets angry and says you are saying as if I have lost it. He says I kept it safely as it is my responsibility. Preeti, Munna and Pandit smiles. Rakesh checks and asks where is the box.

Preeti asks if it is not there. Rakesh checks under the table. Preeti asks if box is found. Rakesh says he is searching his 25 paise. Preeti asks him to give box. Rakesh says I will give and asks her to wait. Preeti says why I am sensing that you have lost it. Rakesh asks her to stop it. Munna and Pandit asks what happened? Rakesh says did you see the box. Munna says that Bhandi wala came, may be she took it.

Preeti says Tai ji takes utensils from her. Rakesh says no. Preeti says we can take Bela’s help to get Bhandi wali’s address. Naina hears them. Sameer comes to balcony and says Bua is asking to give the box. Preeti says it is lost. Rakesh asks them not to shout. Sameer says everyone will know if they don’t get. Preeti asks him to talk to Bela and get Bhandi wali’s address. Rakesh asks her to keep quiet. Sameer says I will tell Bua that Rakesh sir lost the box. Rakesh scolds him and asks him not to interfere in family matter. He asks Munna to search the box. Naina looks on surprised. Sameer laughs. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was very surprised seeing the drama as Sameer was related to it. Rakesh holds his head tensedly.

Bua asks Anand if all work is done properly. Anand says Rakesh is doing the work properly. Bua says that’ why I am asking as Rakesh is always angry and upset. Sameer comes and says he is doing all work nicely and made list of work to be done. Bua says it is right. Rakesh comes inside. Preeti says Bua is looking at you. Rakesh says I will handle. Bua calls him. Naina asks Preeti not to do any gadbad. Preeti says there will be no gadbad. Sameer tells Rakesh that Bua is asking for list. Anand asks Rakesh to give (list).

Rakesh thinks he is asking box and says I will give. Sameer asks Rakesh to talk to Bela forgetting the difference. Bua calls Rakesh. Rakesh goes to kitchen and tells Bela that he has some work with her. Bela says I know. Preeti tells naina that Anand and Bela will start talking again. Rakesh asks her to say how did she know? Bela says I know as you are upset with me and will not talk without any reason. Rakesh tells her that the tilak box is lost, may be Bhandi wali took it and asks her to call her and get it back. Bela says ok, but I have a condition. Rakesh is upset and asks her to tell. Bela asks him to forgive her infront of Anand. She apologizes to him for telling those things to him and says if Anand is upset with her then her life will be upset.

She says she didn’t have food properly from many days, and if Anand don’t talk to her infront of relatives then what they will say. She apologizes to him and says your forgiveness can make my life better again. Anand comes there and asks Rakesh if Bela said something. Rakesh says I can’t be angry with her for long, as she apologized from heart. He asks him to forgive her and says what will relatives think if you don’t talk in daughter’s wedding. He says Bela will give you what you wants. Anand hugs him and says your heart is big, as you forgave your insult for family’s prestige. Preeti and Naina hug each other. Anand applies haldi on bela’s cheeks and forgive her. Sameer smiles looking at Naina. Bela cries. Anand asks her not to cry, but smile. He says I hate tears Bela. Bela hugs him.

Sameer tells Naina that he is feeling good seeing her tears today as it is of happiness. Bela comes to Sameer and gives him sweets. She says she thought him as spoilt guy, but you are a diamond. She asks how to lower the favour. Sameer says it is a son’s gesture and asks her to bless him.

Sameer showers flowers on Naina during the haldi function.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Samaira_khan

    Hi guys! Amazing episode today!! I’m madly in love with randeep and ashi acting!! Uff that’s so amazing! Sameer boy u rocked it today!! Love u yaar.. Naina u hope now u at least respect Sameer for what u did! Loved preeti s acting today haha munna pandit guys rocks!!

  2. Worst episode.

  3. sameer ur just amazing……….Naina you also too good keep rocking……

  4. Wow cute episode though did not have samaina moments that last part was really touching…… happy to say YUDKBH tops the second place in online trp rating n they also changed the time slot to 7.00pm that is the retelecast timing ??

  5. This is such a lovely show. Everything , the story the cast the theme everything is so beautiful and refreshing. It makes me feel I’m myself in the 90’s .Wonderful show.

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