Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun becomes head boy of school, Sameer is disheartened

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina coming and sees keys on floor. Munna and pandit tells that it might be library keys. Naina says papa keeps it there. They asks Naina to give water. Naina says ok and asks him to give Prasad to Sameer also. They take impression of the keys and gives to Sameer. Sameer thinks about Mr. Sumani silent threat. Later Someone comes to the school and opens the locker. Naina thinks about Sameer. Preeti comes and asks what she is doing. Naina says still 4 more chapters to read. She tells what might be happening to him. Arjun comes there. Naina asks him to tell about the question. Arjun says questions will not be repeated so soon. Preeti says lets have kulfi.

Naina keeps her lucky pen on Sameer’s desk. Sameer understands seeing her and keeps the pen back. Naina

looks at the question papers and thinks what Sameer might be knowing. Teacher catches Munna and gets chits from him. Sameer writes the exam. Naina also finishes her exams. Sameer tells his friends that he wrote his exams well. Pandit says even he cheated and show back side of the writing pad.

The teachers keep the answer papers for checking. Naina looks at Sameer. Swati signs Naina to come. The teachers check the papers and give marks. Arjun asks Rakesh not to get stressed as he wrote his exam well. Naina is hopeful that Sameer will become head boy. Sameer plays music on his guitar. Vishaka and her husband come there. Voiceover tells that she made two cards ready for Arjun and Sameer. Arjun sees the card and thinks she made card for him. Naina plays inspiration song for Sameer on the phone which she has been doing frequently. She has chilli thinking about Sameer and drinks water.

Everyone gather for the announcement of head boy. Principal says lets see who becomes head boy and says Arjun Agarwal has topped in his class and gets 84 marks from 100. Sameer asks what is the number. Naina thinks Sameer can’t get 85 marks. Principal is about to announce Sameer’s marks….and says he got…50 out of 100, and that’s why Arjun Agarwal becomes head boy again. Naina gets sad. Sameer also gets sad and recalls Mr. Sumani’s words. Naina thinks she could have helped Sameer more.

Precap: Principal tells that someone leaked the papers by making duplicate keys. Naina gives the keys. Rakesh slaps Sameer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. A very nice episode. Butam not able to guess that whether the narrator is married to sameer. It is a happy ending love story only na. In the first the narrator clearly said it is her love story and how she met her husband. But in recent episodes she is talking like it was my first love and today she saying i thought that sameers mom is my sasu mom at that time. Is it used just like that as we checked the wiki also i saw its a love story of sameer and naina now a happily married couple.
    I request the cvs show only this . It should be just sameer and naina. No sameer no yudkbh

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Haan yaar…I too thought Naina and Sameer are now a couple happily living somewhere, the vibe of happy ending gave me pleasure but narrator is making it complex now a days…No Sameer, No Naina, No Yeh unn dino ki baat hai…
      Herd boy Arjun…Go and feed grass to your sheep Steam engine..Herd boy suits him better then head boy…No one wanted him as head boy except for steam engine. He can’t even take a stand for himself in front of others, I wonder how will he lead whole school!!?? Waste fellow…

    2. I too got some doubt. It should be sameer and naina. No third person.

    3. I too agree its only sameer and naina.

  2. Mansi

    Hello YUDKBH family☺how are u all peeps???

    Yesterday’s episode is nice but felt really bad for Sameer????all this because of that Arjun????precap is sad???

    I am sure that the person who leaked the paper is Arjun only but whom do u all think must be???

    1. I too think its arjun sameer cannot do like that if so why will he get 50 marks and arjun will get. 84 marks

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I too doubt Arjun…Yeh banda hai bahut sadoo type ka chup saitan.

      2. Astha what u said is correct the one who is very is always dangerous. Plp like sameer speak high but generally dont dare to do anything. But plp like arjun na chuppa rustoms they can do anything and nobody will get smell of it

    2. Harshaa

      Hello mansi.I too feel it is arjun. First he secured high marks when in early episodes it was shown he is not good at studies. Second is his assurance to naina that this questions will not come in exams.Third his fear for his father

    3. Ravi.r

      I too say it is arjun or anyone of his friends. But not sameer. As someone said sameer may be a bad boy but not fallen. May be arjun under pressure or any of his friends who just wanted to pass exams might have leaked it feeling that it might not come out or if it comes out arjun will be fixed

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    I missed it ..will catch on hotstar later. Munna aww…small small chit for big big exams!! Arjun!! Does he really looks like scoring 84% marks!!?? No way…he doesn’t deserve 48% too looking at his sadoo face. Huh!!! Our Sameer can’t became head boy ??…Because he is a heart boy. Waise bhi wo school hi paagal hai, but I wish he could teach a lesson to Steam engine and Hitler anyway. 50% is good better for Sameer…Suru toh 1% se hota hai. He is using steps rather then lifts for his promotion in career…Solid steps towards success…best is yet to come for him.
    Poor Naina…Chilli by mistake(hiccup hiccup) She is thinking too much about Sameer…Teenage infatuation that too like a cutie pie Sameer Maheswari…Jab pehla pehla pyaar hua tha Naina ko…I love you Naina…

    1. Astha what did u missed and want to watch in hotstar. Well really arjun is a herd boy because as u said he don’t have that guts to talki in front of his father. Yes this girl naina is thinking too much these days

    2. Ravi.r

      Hai astha nice new name for arjun herd boy son of steam engine

  4. Yesterday’s episode was good but more emotional. The funny scenes of pandit and munna are really enjoyable as always.I strongly believe it is arjun. The boy is under tremendous pressure from steam engine dad that he did this. Also they say na the one who is very calm is most dangerous.Also when naina is studying he came and said this questions are not going to come in exams.And when she asked why he invented some reason.
    Our sameer may be a bad boy but not fallen. Felt really pity ???for him.
    The way sameers step father smirked at him when results are announced made me feel to give him???.
    In coming episodes will be more sad especially for sameer

    1. Harshaa

      Yes yes i saw the spoiler. But it will be more tough for naina

    2. Anita i think naina is responsible for all this mess thats going to happen in her and sameers life. The girl will always hasty in complaining rather than thinking twice about the situation and the consequences. If u see the first episodes some boys cat called sameer mom and he bet them this girl witnessed this. When principal called her and asked she did not cross check with sameer or anybody but just said he beat them an sameer was rusticated from school. Because of his nanaji he was again in school. Now again after talking to sameer those many days and learning that he wants to learn and pass how could she jump to such conclusions

      1. Ravi.r

        Neha i also agree this girl is always hasty and easily jumps to conclusions. But its ok as it is teenage and such things are common.When older people are doing many mistakes knowingly like naina and sameers father. Then why not naina

  5. Sameer is not head boy? I have a strong feeling that Arjun leaked the paper and not Sameer. I think that if Sameer had leaked the papers then the precap wouldn’t show Rakesh slapping Sameer, it would be a suspense but now that we’ve seen Rakesh slapping Sameer, I really think ki Arjun ne papers leak kiya he. Rakesh ne Arjun par bahot pressure dala tha. Rakesh really wanted Arjun to become head boy so there’s a huge chance ki dabav mein aake Arjun ne aisa kiya. Agar Sameer ne papers leak kiye hote to use 50 se kahi zyada marks milte. I totally agree with you Aastha jo ladka apne liye stand nahi le sakta, apni behen ke like stand nahi le sakta, vo kya head boy banega. I hope Sameer becomes head boy! I hate Mr. Sumani to the core!

  6. Mujhe ek baat samajh me nahi aaya. Jab Naina padh rahi thi tab Arjun ne aakar kaha tha ki vo particular question nahi aayega. Use kaise pata? Agar meine maan liya ki Arjun ne paper dekh liya tha to fir bhi confusion hein. Naina Arjun ko bhaiya bulati hain, iska matlab ye hein ki vo Naina se umar mein badha hain, to agar usne apne papers dekh bhi liye the, to fir vo Naina se kaise kehta ki vo question nahi aa raha hain? Naina aur Sameer same class mein hein aur Arjun Naina she badha hein, iska matlab ki Arjun Sameer se bhi badha hai. To fir head boy ki competition Sameer aur Arjun ke beech mein kaise hein?

    1. I think its like this arjun went to library and got the paper because sameer will not do it as if he wanted to cheat then he might have done it long back by putting chits or by copying formulas and all that but he did not want to cheat thats why even he didn’t let his friends post a letter to shefali in arjuns name.Coming to arjun he have the highest possibility as because his kadoos fathet who is talking about nothing but headboy. He even emotionally blackmailed arjun by getting a circket kit for him by breaking nainas fd. The boy is in absolute pressure.May be arjun in that darkness took two sets of papers as we all know higher secondary school will be having separate wing and seperate exams and all that and also only two classes 11 and 12th. So by mistake he might have taken papers from two sets because he could not guess which set is for which class.So he might have checked it latter and might have answered naina when she asked a question. Or there might be a possibility that there is some third party involvement. May be some of arjuns classmates might have done it to pass exams.
      But it t will be good if sameer is cleared of all this.May be sameer munna and pandit may do something to get the truth out

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