Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja and Bittu’s fight to hinder Sameer and Naina’s love story

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti teasing Naina and says she will sit with jija ji on his bike. Naina scolds her and thinks of her imaginary ride with Sameer in her sleep. Chandi cycle sone ki seat plays……Preeti also imagines. Naina wakes up and sees Preeti holding her hand up. Preeti asks did you sit on the bike? Naina says yes with Sameer and asks with whom she was riding a bike in the dream. Preeti says with Karthik. Naina says he is not a good guy. Preeti says he is a handsome guy. Naina tells her that she was thinking how to tell Sameer that she wants to sit with him on the bike. Preeti shares her idea which she dislikes. Naina’s voiceover tells that she wants to sit with Sameer on the bike and it was a big matter then.

Varun stops his bike and tells Pooja that he wants her

to apologize to Bittu. He asks her to go to Bittu’s house and apologize to her. He says then we can stay together. Pooja agrees and goes inside. Naina’s voiceover tells that Pooja was going to put breaks on her love story. Munna tells that Pandit started weaving dream between Mitali and him. Pandit regrets to trust Mitali and says she was a chor. Pooja comes inside the house. Poonam asks are you Pooja? Did you come to apologize to Didi? She calls her. Bittu comes and asks what is she doing here? Poonam says she came by herself. Bittu asks her to go and tells that she is here because of her. Pooja says she came to talk to her. Just then Prabha comes and says my daughter is superior to you in every way and that’s why you are jealous of her. Pooja says I came here to apologize to you so that I can stay with my husband, says he is standing out. Prabha tells that Bittu thought you as her friend and gave you saree, diamond jewelry etc and you have ruined her life. She blames Pooja to fill her saas’s ears and asks how dare you to come here.

Pandit reminds Sameer of their chutki style and tells that he will make Mitali fall in love with her. Pooja tells Mami that Bittu have instigated her mum in law and fill her ears against her. Mami scolds her and says it seems your mum didn’t teach you values and says rich girls can’t do this, it is your work. Pooja says don’t tell anything about my mother and says she gave me good values. Sameer hears Mami shouting. Munna and Pandit ask him to bring something to eat and they Mami is scolding Poonam. He comes out and asks Poonam with whom Mami is talking to? Poonam says she is the one with whom Bitti fought. Sameer says ok. Prabha Mami scolds Pooja. Pooja says now I know why your daughter is arrogant and tells that she is your carbon copy. Poonam smiles.

Sameer’s voiceover tells that he didn’t see Pooja that day and she also didn’t see me. If I had seen her then our love story wouldn’t have thorns and so many problems. Bittu asks how dare you to tell my mum and calls her illiterate. Pooja says you are illiterate. Naina’s voiceover tells that Pooja had halted her chance to become Mrs. Maheshwari. Prabha Mami asks Servant not to let her come again. Pooja says even animals will not come to your house. She goes out. Varun asks her if she apologize to Bittu. Pooja says she went to apologize to her, but both Bittu and her mother insulted her. Varun asks her to apologize. Pooja refuses. He asks her to sit at home now. He goes to drop her home. Prabha Mami asks Bittu not to worry and tells that her husband will come surely as he is her weakness. Later Poonam serves food to everyone. Bittu refuses to have more food. Mami says your saas will taunt us. Bittu says my saas talk much. Poonam says all saas do this. Mami gets upset. Mama introduces Sameer to his friend. Sameer’s voiceover tells that his smile was soon going to vanish and Tsunami was going to come in their love story and asks viewers to think the connection between Mama’s friend and his love story.

Precap: Sunaina tells Mitali that she went to her father’s friend house and there she met Sameer. Mitali says maybe Sameer will take you on his bike very soon. Kamya tells Naina that Sameer slipped from her hand. Naina gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Since we didn’t get samaina scenes, episode was pakka okay okay types…… But I’m really scared about the voice overs hint about future ?we could witness samaina scenes only for just two weeks but again started family drama ?we still didn’t get proper samaina scenes, all were with the group na, we need some lonely samaina scenes where they could speak about nainas insecurities jealous feeling ……..but still don’t know how many problems samaina had to face but this phase had to be the toughest phase in their love story ………..since its nearing 200 episodes could have started this family track after 200 episodes still that we could enjoy seeing samaina scenes n so the trp also would gets increased …….guys tune in Sony TV at 10.15pm itself because they starter earlier today because of dus ka dum n 10 to 10.30 slot is empty ,but Sony TV didn’t promote about the new show timing’s don’t know y …………keep watching YUDKBH

  2. Boring Episode?..
    Don’t like this family drama… Hope Samaina will be manage it soon….
    Precap-? I wish, Now Sunaina should know about Samaina’s love… No rift will come between Samaina… Let’s hope & Waiting for Upcomings…

  3. Hi Sid and San,

    Still confused about the voice over of Naina- she said that because of pooja didi her desire of becoming Mrs. Maheswari is ruined or what? means they will not get married ———-or what else

    please confirm what actually she meant ?????

    1. Me too still confused devi but voiceover said that pooja bittu problem was a obstacle to become Mrs Maheswari……so sameer had to convince mama n màami for their love story n definitely this phase would affect their love story ……. But on a lighter note both voiceovers sounded happy they didn’t even sounded sad as they were in judaai track ,so they might end up together in future n would think about this hurdle n convey their love story to us happily…..but still not cent percent sure whether they will end up together in future…….

  4. Dont want to say Bad episode but it cant be called good …………why they showing bachkani ladai of two sisters and giving so much run time to it, they can give this much time to Arjun and Shaifali’s love story

    makers please dont spoil

  5. Hi San,

    Thanks for the reponse,letz keep our fingers crossed……………………Hope they should become MR & MRS Maheswari in future…………………………….

  6. Don’t worry devi, they’ll definitely become Mr and Mrs maheshwari. Coming to todays episode okay types because of lack of samaina scenes. Liked the part of sisters dream ride.
    Pata nahi iss bittu aur puja ki chakkar mein hamari samaina ki luv story mein kya museebat padne wala hai.

  7. In spoilers, I saw that in the upcoming episodes we will be able to see samaina’s bike ride. But it will be a failure as Sameer will loose his balance and naina fill fall and get injured.

  8. hi sai,

    thanks for response, even everyone hope for the same,Makers should not create any mess, it should be align with real life incidence.

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